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Articolo sul sito ******* in questo video rassumiamo quelli che sono i nostri pareri in merito a iOS e Android mettendo a confronto i due sistemi operativi evidenziandone pregi e difetti
21 Jan 2012
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Instagram has been the darling of iOS users for quite a while. Now, Android users can join in on the fun with Instagram for Android which released this morning. How does the Android version stack up to the iOS version? We take a side by side, filter by filter look at each version and answer the question: Is the Android version BETTER than the iOS version as touted by the Instagram CEO?
4 Apr 2012
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Miau miau...
3 Jun 2007
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The smartphone wars are heating up as Research In Motions BlackBerry faces a challenge from Apples iPhone while Googles Android looms on the horizon. For more information, visit *******blog.changewave****/
5 Nov 2009
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Dragon Ball en 3D. Este video puede ser visto con gafas 3D rojo y azul, para un mayor realismo se recomienda aumentar el brillo de tu monitor y observar el video en un lugar sin mucha iluminación, de preferencia ve el video en la noche de esta forma el efecto 3D se notara mejor.
23 Dec 2009
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The battle has begun.. Which side are you on?
30 Dec 2011
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The iPhone 5 is finally a reality! But how does it stack up against current Android devices? We're putting Apple and Android to the test with this comparison of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3!
15 Sep 2012
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Look at the three operating systems and see how well they perform i the various key of area. Apple, Windows, and Android are the three major players in the mobile market. The Competition is begun between all these three operation system, Android Jelly Bean vs. Windows OS 8 vs. iOS 6
18 Oct 2012
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Jon compares Microsoft's Windows Phone OS against the two reigning mobile OS giants - iOS and Android. And he also discusses the recently released Verizon Droid DNA phone...a borderline phablet perhaps? All this and more!
4 Dec 2012
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18 Mar 2013
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Android-based phones outsold the iPhone in the U.S. for the first time last quarter. Google's Android-based smartphones accounted for 28% of smartphone sales. The problem, though, is Android folk aren't as into apps as the Apple fanboys. Right now, Apple users and investors (Kevin) don't see much threat in Android... but it definitely has potential to in the future. Amen. Also, "smartphone" is a hard word to say.
31 May 2010
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I give my brutally honest opinion on tablets, from iPad to Android.
30 Mar 2012
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