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After a long hiatus, we are back with a ton of news and contributions from MIX, plus we're announcing our licensing partnership with the good folks at Revision3! This week's FU is served by Jonathan Coulton, the ultimate geek rock star. We've also got music stars afraid of the Internet, music stars using video games to sell records, we take a look at music-sharing tools like Muxtape and Mixwit, and we hear your thoughts about the problems with global communication. The FU is back! For all the show links and everything EPIC FU, go to *******epicfu****!
7 Jun 2008
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Acer's $99 Netbook has arrived - we show you the pros and the catch to this very cheap netbook. Also, iPhone 3G can now be bought online and home activated. We tell you why AT&T changed their minds. TV is battling with iTunes on exclusives to movies and the IT sector lost 100k jobs in 3 months! Is this why reports say the iPhone is still too expensive? We tell you why.
20 Dec 2008
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My father passed away on Easter night (April 12, 2009) and this is the first podcast I've done since I returned home to be with my Mom and family on this tragic period of our lives. Thank you for all your well wishes and for supporting the Moxie Mo Show - it means the world. As my Dad would say, let the show continue... Best Buy may join the likes of Blockbuster, Netflix and even iTunes by selling web-serviced downloads for movies and TV shows, according to several reports and we tell you why we think it may not work. Also, the Moxie Mo Show has covered the Nintendo DSi coming to America in episode 70 and we're now happy to say that Nintendo broke records by selling over 430,000 units in one single week. Bravo Nintendo. Lastly, Hulu (the world's most popular site for TV/Movie watching) may actually be in works with Apple making an iPhone app that would allow iPhone users to stream (3G and/or Wi-Fi) TV shows and movies directly to their iPhones. This could be monumental in how the world watches TV. More details to come as we know them. As always, you can visit our sponsors via Mevio Offers, our awesome podcasting network provider. When you click here, you will see all the Moxie Mo Show promo codes to use so you can save money on Brookstone, Finish Line and Square Space. Every time you use OUR code, you help support me and the show.
21 Apr 2009
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Google Play is Google's new effort to "synergize" all of their entertainment like Apple does with iTunes!
7 Mar 2012
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