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How to Check tanning and skin cancer|melanoma treatment Early detection of skin cancer is important and can be lifesaving, especially for certain types of skin cancer such as melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It is estimated that 76,380 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in 2016 and over 13,000 will die from the skin cancer.[1] Given that timing is so crucial to diagnosing and treating skin cancer, you should follow a few simple steps to learn how to detect skin cancer on your skin 1 Perform a skin survey. The best way to check yourself for skin cancer is to do a self-examination, or survey. When performing your skin survey, choose a particular day during the month and note it on the calendar. Evaluate each area of your skin, leaving no part unseen. After you look at all the easily seen areas, use a mirror to evaluate the genitals, the anal area, between the toes, your back, and any other hard to see area. It may be helpful to have an image of a body chart and check off areas as you check them on yourself, as well as make note of any moles or markings you find. You can find one of these online, For examining your scalp, enlist the help of a friend, partner, or spouse. Part your hair in small sections looking and feeling for erosions, scales, or discolored lesions. With the advent of tanning booths and full-body tans, you can end up with skin cancer on the vulva and penis. Take your skin survey seriously and leave no surface unexamined. The best way to adequately perform this survey is to know what each different kind of skin cancer looks like 2 Watch out for basal cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer. It is most often found in the sun-exposed areas of the head, including the ears and neck. It is erosive in nature, which means the local skin invasion of the cancer eats into the tissue it affects. It metastasizes, or spreads, to other sites on the body. Risk factors for this include sun exposure, tanning bed use,
28 Sep 2017
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How to Recognize HPV in Women|Human Papillomavirus Human papillomavirus (HPV) represents more than 100 distinct viruses, many of which are sexually transmitted infections (STI) that pass through direct contact with mucous membranes in the genital area. It is the most common of sexually transmitted infections, with around 80% of women estimated to be infected at some point in their lifetime.[1] Some types of HPV may cause genital warts in both men and women. Other types may cause cervical cancer and other lesser known cancers in women, such as cancer of the vagina, anus, and vulva. HPV can also cause throat cancer in men and women. Recognizing HPV can be key in proper treatment or management. Some forms of HPV can be recognized on their own, while many require testing from a medical professional. 1 Look for warts as a symptom of low-risk HPV. The most evident symptom of a low-risk HPV infection is genital warts. These warts may appear as small raised bumps
24 Sep 2017
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For viewing full 64 minutes Sensual Stretch Massage EB10 E904A HD, visit to donate - *******roseraiecanada****/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=126&search=0068 Sensual Stretch Massage EB10 E904A Part 4 AMMT 101 Class 3, Class 25, Class 26, Class 27 Thigh Lying Stretch Lying Lotus Stretch Leg Vertical Lying Stretch The experiment has 10 parts. This is part 4. Massage techniques: Acupressure Effleurage Lymph Drainage Massage Deep Tissue Detox Massage Sensual Energizing Massage Thigh Lying Stretch Lying Lotus Stretch Leg Vertical Lying Stretch Complete Stretch Massage has 50 poses. Some procedures are: Back Stretch Child Pose Easy Lying Pose Buttock Thigh Stretch Semi Butt Pigeon Buttock Thigh Stretch Thoracic Extension Pose Waist Buttock Thigh Stretch Thigh Lying Stretch Lying Lotus Stretch Leg Vertical Lying Stretch Gluteal Lumnar Rotating Stretch Back Thigh Stretch Thigh Abductor Stretch Leg Vertical Stretch Leg Abductor Stretch Chest Support Easy Stretch Waist Support Pelvic Extensive Stretch Energizing Massage Mon Pubis Vulva Groins Uterus Ovaries
16 Feb 2015
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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/ellagica.html Yeast Infection Symptoms Itching and burning in the vagina This is one of the most common symptom. It may start as a very mild irritant, but increase gradually. Swelling, itching, and burning around the skin surrounding the vagina. The skin around the vagina, known the vulva has some swelling and may be itching and become very tender and sensitive to even the lightest of contact. Vaginal discharge You will experience vaginal discharge. This is typically white and thick and is odorless. Pain during sexual intercourse Another irritating symptom is the pain and discomfort felt during sexual intercourse. Burning sensation during urination The burning sensation on the skin in and around the vagina persists a while even after urination. Yeast Infection Causes Yeast Infection Symptoms, Causes, Remedy and Diet Reduced body immunity levels If your body has a low immunity levels, it is very easy to succumb to such conditions where the organisms grow faster causing the infection. Antibiotics Use of some antibiotics can also cause yeast infection. Stress Sometimes physical and mental stress also causes the yeast level to go up considerably Birth Control Pills Some reaction due to birth control pills also cause yeast infection Menstrual Periods In some cases, infection is caused during mestrual cycles. *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html
18 Nov 2012
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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/ellagica.html Prevention of Yeast Infections There are some things women can do when they have vaginitis or when they want to prevent future attacks: * Discontinue use of tampons while under treatment. Since underwear and pantyhose made from synthetic fibers often increase heat and moisture in the vulva area, switch to cotton underwear and pantyhose with cotton crotches. For the same reason, don't wear skintight pants. * Avoid sexual intercourse while undergoing treatment. Have your sex partner checked by the doctor if you have repeated infections. * Practice good feminine hygiene. Wash the vulva and anal areas with mild soap and water at least once daily and after each bowel movement, if possible. Always wipe from front to back, away from the vagina. The bowels harbor bacteria and fungi that can travel over to the vulva area. * Do not douche unless the doctor says to. By disturbing the normal acidity of vaginal secretions, douching may create more problems. * Make it a rule that anything that goes into the vagina - pessaries, diaphragms and other contraceptive devices, be scrupulously clean. * Take the medication for as long as the doctor prescribes. Some women stop the medication when they feel better, but this is an invitation to recurrent infections. Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Yeast Infections What treatment do you recommend? How long will it take for relief of symptoms? What can be done for immediate relief of itching or discomfort? If on antibiotics, what can be done to prevent infection? Are there any measures that can be taken to prevent recurring infections? Is it better to take an oral medication than to use vaginal creams or suppositories? *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html
18 Nov 2012
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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/ellagica.html Several factors increase susceptibility to yeast infections, particularly pregnancy, prolonged antibiotic use and perhaps birth control pills (still being debated). During pregnancy, vaginal yeasts increase because of decreased vaginal acidity and a higher output of female hormones (which raise glycogen [carbohydrate] levels) favoring candidal growth. Poor ventilation in the genital area may exacerbate or perpetuate (but not cause) yeast infections. Tight underwear or jeans may trap the infection against the vulva. Other predisposing factors include: menopausal thinning of the vaginal wall, diabetes, cuts or abrasions in the genital area, poor hygiene (soiled underwear and transfer of fecal yeasts) and douching. Dietary sugar and a defect in milk sugar (lactose) metabolism may predispose some women to yeast infections. For them, eliminating dairy products from the diet and cutting down on sugar may help to curb candidiasis. While there is no proof that diet alters susceptibility to vaginitis, abnormal carbohydrate metabolism (as in diabetes) can increase the sugar content of vaginal secretions. Since yeasts feed on sugar, conditions that raise vaginal glucose levels could promote their growth. *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html
17 Nov 2012
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*******balancedhealthtoday****/ellagica.html Common signs and symptoms of yeast infections may include: itching and irritation in the vagina redness, swelling, or itching of the vulva (the folds of skin outside the vagina) a thick, white discharge that can look like cottage cheese and is usually odorless, although it might smell like bread or yeast pain or burning when urinating or during sex If you have any of these symptoms, see your doctor or gynecologist. It's easy to confuse the symptoms of a yeast infection with those of some STDs and other vaginal infections. Your doctor can give you the right diagnosis so that you can be treated appropriately. *******balancedhealthtoday****/products.html
26 Sep 2012
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*******balancedhealthtoday****/ellagica.html Bacterial vaginosis (BV), formerly known as nonspecific vaginosis, is the most common vaginal infection for those of reproductive age. It should be thought of as a problem related to the balance of bacteria in the vagina which may cause symptoms on and off for months or years. It is caused by the overgrowth of several bacteria in the vagina. Bacteria that cause BV include Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus and Mycoplasma hominis. It is normal to have a small amount of these bacteria in the vagina so it is only when there is an overgrowth that it’s considered to be BV. These bacteria do not cause permanent damage. How is it spread? BV is not considered a sexually transmitted infection (STI). While BV is not an STI, having sex can sometimes create the conditions where BV can develop. What are the symptoms? Approximately 50 per cent of people who get BV do not have any symptoms. For those that do, they may include a watery, grey or yellow vaginal discharge as well as changes in odour which may include a fishy smell. BV can also cause itching, irritation and soreness on the vagina and vulva (the outside genitals). What are the complications While BV is not an STI, it can still, in some cases, cause some complications. If you are pregnant and have BV, you may be more likely to have a pre-term birth or have a miscarriage. If you are having an abortion or any other gynecological surgery, there is a possible risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) if you have BV. Like any vaginal infection, having BV can also make it more likely to get infected with HIV if you have unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive. BV has been linked with UTIs (urinary tract infections) and cervicitis (an infection of the cervix). *******balancedhealthtoday****/products.html
2 Jul 2012
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*******papilomahumano.bonuscb**** TRATAMIENTO PARA EL VPH La dermatología ha sido un elemento natural en mis investigaciones, ya que como seguramente sabrás muchas de éstas afecciones se manifiestan en la parte externa del tejido epidérmico como es el caso del Herpes Genital y del Herpes Zoster. El virus del Herpes Genital y el Herpes Labial por ejemplo, además de atacar tejido epidérmico, también destruye tejido mucoso (tejido como el de labios, vulva y glande) al igual que el HPV. El HPV es un virus -por el tejido que ataca- parecido al virus del Herpes. El Papiloma Humano o HPV ataca tejido epidérmico externo (piel) y también el tejido mucoso como el glande, cuello uterino y laringe.
21 Apr 2012
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Discover the Secrets of Weight Loss and Sexuality This article describes weight loss and sexuality, that being overweight directly affects our sexuality, particularly the obese. For all of us that are overweight, either a little or a lot, research shows, for example, that being overweight affects our sex drive. This is key to understanding the relationship between weight loss and sexuality. A key fact: less fat means more energy, and more energy means more interest in sex. Being overweight has its consequences for us all. It affects your sex drive. It can lead to depression for both sexes. Testosterone and weight loss and sexuality Overweight men show lower levels of testosterone, reducing sexual desire, and consequently, a lower interest in sexual activity. Understanding these points are the first steps towards reducing weight and your increased sexuality. In one study, after a weight loss regimen that reduced a body mass index by only 5%, the majority of men reported higher interest in sex. Again, less fat equals more energy and increased sexual desire. Start now with the attitude to lose weight by doing a little bit each day. But first, keep in mind the big picture: sex and sexual desire are a combination of physical ability, hormones, enzyme levels, emotional behavior and social learning. Being overweight reduces physical stamina, particularly with reduction of lung capacity. Also, the development of overweight-related diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome (when multiple risk factors occur together), increase the risk of coronary artery disease and stroke, effectively reducing sexual desire. These important points provide a better understanding of the relationship between weight loss and sexuality. And those high cholesterol levels that many of us have? They have consequences! Sexual performance and weight loss and sexuality For men, reduced blood flow to the penis reduces the ability to have and maintain an erection. For women, high cholesterol and diabetes show reduced blood flow to the clitoris and vulva. Lower blood flow to our genitalia contributes to the reduction of sexual desire and sexual performance, as well as the ability to reach orgasm. Keeping unnecessary weight down is a good health practice in general anyway, aside from the improvement in sexuality. So then, it’s never to late to cut, repeat, CUT that calorie intake. Watch the pounds drop as you push away from the table, just a little bit hungry. By-products of weight loss and sexuality It is that simple. Less fat equals more energy. More energy can mean a higher desire for sex as millions of dollars in research has proven. So, lose some weight. Have more energy. Feel sexier. Be healthier. Fat loss simply provides a higher quality of life, in or out of bed. For more information weight loss and sexuality and other Sexual Health topics, visit our blog at www.malibuerotica****.
18 Oct 2011
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*******partosindolor.virtual35**** - preparacion para el parto - como prepararse para el parto - etapas del trabajo de parto EL DOLOR DEL PARTO El nacimiento, en cuanto al dolor y terror que provoca, se puede calificar en un nivel semejante (como una de las experiencias humanas más difíciles) con el que produce la tortura. Tyler Smith escribió que ningún sufrimiento humano superaba la agonía dolorosa del parto. Los siguientes párrafos fueron escritos por obstetras, antes del descubrimiento de la anestesia: “Los dolores de parto atormentan a la mujer a tal grado que el cuerpo entero le tiembla de miedo. Llega alcanzar un punto en que ya no le importa lo que está haciendo, habla y actúa como una mujer desquiciada. En un momento dado suplica a la partera, luego al obstetra, bombardeándolos con demandas de ayuda, para que saquen al bebé, y así, ser liberada de la agonía del dolor. Si estas demandas no son satisfechas, los maltrata verbalmente y los cubre con amargos reproches, maldice su situación, salta de la cama o trata de huir en un fútil intento de encontrar alivio. A medida que el bebé llega a la vulva, trata de alcanzar su cabeza y jalar al niño ella misma. No importa si ella se lastima, siente que morirá si su tortura no termina. Cada dolor comienza con un temblor casi convulsivo de los miembros. La cara está ardiente, todo el cuerpo está cubierto de sudor, los ojos fijos y ella está descompuesta, con el rostro deformado. La mujer grita por ayuda de alguien o de algo que ponga fin de inmediato a su sufrimiento” preparacion para el parto - como prepararse para el parto - etapas del trabajo de parto
17 May 2011
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8 Jan 2011
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******* - The term vaginitis covers several different medical conditions, the common factor of which is the fact that all of these conditions cause inflammation of the vagina and vulva.
18 Dec 2010
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HPV'nin Sonuçları Nelerdir? HPV : - Genital Siğillere - Rahim ağzı kanserine - Vajina Kanserine - Vulva Kanserine - İlgili Kanser Öncesi Oluşumlara (CIN,VIN,VAIN) neden olabilir. • Tamamından HPV'nin sorumlu olduğu Rahim Ağzı Kanseri nedeniyle Türkiye'de hergün 2 kadın hayatını kaybetmektedir. Daha fazla bilgi için: facebook****/​HPVnedir twitter****/​HPVnedir
9 Nov 2010
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