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Halle Berry was on a British talk show with Hugh Jackman, promoting X-Men 3, and in the middle of a question, the interviewer got so distracted he couldn't even remember the topic of the conversation.
27 Aug 2006
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New Cool Custom Web Search *******www.shoppersmarketplace****/google.html In the morning she was drunk in the evening she was drunk. What is wrong with that girl?
1 Aug 2006
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It's 2010 and the government has erected concrete barriers around the hard-to-handle suburbs near Paris. As a public service, local lad Leito is busy destroying 20 kilos of heroin in the bathtub of his tower-block apartment when reps of local kingpin Taha come looking for him. Leito escapes, however in retaliation, Taha sends his baddies to kidnap Leito's sister, Lola. Soon, Lola is strung out on heroin and Leito finds himself doing sit-ups in prison. Meanwhile, undercover cop Damien captures a Latino crime boss and shuts down his illicit casino, against very stacked odds. As a reward, Damien is assigned to penetrate notorious Suburb 13 and stop the countdown on a deadly bomb that was hijacked by Taha.
9 Apr 2006
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My advice - Never grow up! This video is beautifully edited, connecting Ronaldinho as a child with his grown self. He was so adorable!,lmoib hbhbuik jjbnm
25 Apr 2006
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This ad for Lynx was only broadcast once on TV on June 20, 2006. Here's your chance to see what you missed.
3 Jul 2006
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WA-Marketing - The Solution Company. Wir bringen Lösungen! WA-Marketing ist eine Internet-Marketingagentur mit eigener Werbeagentur, Pressezentrum und Softwareentwicklungsabteilung.
A cop uses the camera in his cop car to tape girls in their short skirts and skimpy clothes, and even tapes a girl taking a shower. How rude! Good thing he was caught.
10 Sep 2006
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this is Manar, She was Born in Egypt with a Parasitic Twin that Cannot live without her Brain, I am very Happy to Report that a Successful Surgery was Perfomed on Manar and to the Doctor's disbelief she is Recovering
11 May 2006
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How to transform a multiplication into a simple counting of points through the drawing of a square shape (original analogy was with a stool). It works with any numbers if you keep the right partition. If you use a zero, use a dotted line. When a dotted line cross another dotted line or a plain line, count zero. You can verify with your calculator!It's only meant to be a funny trick to show to kids not to be an efficient way to do multiplication.An application of this trick can be seen at:*******www.metacafe****/watch/339625/easy_graphical_fractions_addition_subtraction_trick/check our new video: *******www.metacafe****/watch/410784/eating_fire/
15 Nov 2006
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View higher quality version at: *******stage6.divx****/user/paulaob/video/1505042/World-Trade-Center-September-11-2001-Attack-Video This video was downloaded for free from the web. This video does not have copyright and can be used free or charge anywhere you want. I did not record this video. I hate what happened those days.
30 Aug 2006
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What??? The goalkeeper gets the red card? What in the world was this ref thinking ?
3 Apr 2006
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Mr. Pervert here goes into stores and uses his cell phone to see what's going on up girls' skirts. Careful, ladies. At least he was caught.
2 Jul 2006
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Goodness, that kiss was so gross, even I wanted to make excuses for him. Good going, though.
3 Jul 2006
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