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Pashto Song Bakhtiar Khatak Kaga Waga Da(HD)
7 Feb 2010
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waga waga world cup 2010 Original.
20 Jun 2010
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Music video
13 Aug 2006
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india us pakistan
3 Mar 2009
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Wagas sung by: Piolo Pascaul LOBO OST Credits; video by : DAVE (thanks kuya hehe) lycris provided by Skywalker Lyrics subtitiled by: draconix Video edited by: draconix wagas ost, with vows enjoy, please comment and rate thanks again :)
21 Jun 2008
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Mariusz Wach: waga + Artur Szpilka
19 Nov 2008
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Directed by Magee McIlvaine www.mageefilms**** www.nomadicwax**** www.wagahiphop****
21 Jan 2010
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Urodzony 7.11.2008 o godz. 17.55 Waga 2930 gram Wzrost 50 cm
14 Nov 2008
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Song about friends for friends. I love this song I think it's very beautiful. -Xel English Translation: I promise you, I'll never forget it, my precious ones, who laugh with me, support me, and keep me going. I spend all my days here the same way, chilling out, relaxed and unconcerned. There are so many things to do, a lot of them impossible for me. It's totally overwhelming, but I'm always ready to do what I can because everyone has a smile on their face. I may not say it very often, but I really am grateful for my family and friends. The time we spend together is so special, I could never replace any of them. We've got this moment, we've got each other, stopping, standing and laughing together. I'm so thankful, I could cry. This feeling is so wonderful, it makes today seem like a wild dream. I promise you, I'll never forget it, my precious ones, who laugh with me, support me, and keep me going. I just want everyone to be friendly in front of others The loss of sadness makes everyone smile Once in awhile, I use my own style which is left in the junk Like when you watched me when I wrapped I'm too embarrassed to say anymore, but thank you When I'm alone in a tunnel, the light spills to you You call me, when you're busy and tired to say "Good night" There is always kindness and happiness This feeling is so wonderful, it makes today seem like a wild dream. I promise you, I'll never forget it, my precious ones, who laugh with me, support me, and keep me going. Sometimes,things are tense but things always end up good Eventually, it comes from important and heartfelt wishes But I am always thankful to be alive now I'll tell you, I'm always happy. This feeling is so wonderful, it makes today seem like a wild dream. I promise you, I'll never forget it, my precious ones, who laugh with me, support me, and keep me going. Today, and even tomorrow and the day after, we'll keep laughing together We're all tied to the same fate Today, and even tomorrow and the day after, we'll walk together Whatever happens now, is meant to be. Thank you, Thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you Japanese Katakana: Waratte kureru sasaete kureru hagemashite kureru daiji na hito e nani ge nai hibi kono mainichi ima koushite koko ni iki yaranakya naranai koto mo naka naka dekinai koto mo sorya takusan aru kedo itsu demo ganbattekou sore mo mawari no egao ni hagemasareta okage da yo nanda kanda itta tte yappa HONTO kansha sore ga ANSAA kakegae nai tomodachi kazoku tomo ni kokochi yoku sugosu ima ga atte mina ga atte bad day datte waratterareru tamarazu ni namida wo nagasu hodo ni arigatou waratte kureru sasaete kureru hagemashite kureru daiji na hito e ima okuru kono kimochi wo wasurezu ni itsumo hito no mae de wa ijiwaru bakkari demo futari nara itsu demo yasashii kuchi GENKA wa makete bakkari maikai saigo wa assari warattari tama ni wa OSHARE shite dekaketari kedo WAGA MAMA de meiwaku kaketari donna toki mo mi mamotte kureru anata ni tsutsumareteru dakara anata ni mo arigatou ima sara terekusai kedo hitori de mayoi konda TONNERU mo issho nara hikari no koboreru hou e isogashikute mo tsukarete ite mo "oyasumi" to denwa wo shite kureru sono chiisa na yasashisa ga itsumo ureshii kara waratte kureru sasaete kureru hagemashite kureru daiji na hito e ima okuru kono kimochi wo wasurezu ni itsumo tama ni surechigattari iji wo hariattari sunao ni narehen kedo kekkyoku yappa meccha daiji yakara kore kara mo yoroshiku ne to kokoro kara atari mae demo atari mae ja nai ikite iru ima ni kansha shitetai itsu made mo shiawase da to anata ni tsutaetai waratte kureru sasaete kureru hagemashite kureru daiji na hito e ima okuru kono kimochi wo wasurezu ni itsumo kyou asu mo asatte mo sou minna de waratteyou donna toki mo kawaranai kizuna wo shinjiyou kyou asu mo asatte mo sou issho ni aruitekou mou nani ga okotte mo nan to ka nari sou arigatou arigatou arigatou arigatou arigatou arigatou arigatou arigatou
21 Oct 2009
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Sklep internetowy www.zotodiamenty**** oferuje tanie brylanty i diamenty. Oferujemy wyroby jubilerskie z brylantami i diamentami takie jak pierścionek z brylantem kolczyki pierścionki zaręczynowe bransoletki obraczki slubne u nas najtanie Obrączki ślubne z diamentami cena 780zl Pierścionek zaręczynowy z diamentem waga diamentu 0,50ctw cena 1450zl sprawdź a się przekonasz
4 Mar 2010
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER Anchor: Alex Holley You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy After trying every other punishment in the book, one Florida mother is resorting to a rather unconventional tactic in an attempt to get her son to get serious about his education: public humiliation. Mom Ronda Holder makes her son James stand on a street holding a sign about his poor academic performance -- for up to four hours a day. CBS affiliate KFMB explains: “It mentions the teen not wanting to take a test called the FCAT, it also points out his 1.22 GPA and asks drivers to honk if they think he needs an education. The 33-year-old mom knows it's embarrassing, but says she's tried everything including taking away James' cell phone.” The FCAT is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, a standardized exam for primary and secondary schools in the state -- and students must pass the test to graduate high school. The sign says James answered four of the questions, then gave up. (Video: WAGA) The tactic has sparked mixed reactions, with some calling it too much and others somewhat agreeing. A blogger for the Miami New Times was in the latter boat, arguing Holder is honestly trying to help her son. “It's kind of sad, actually... Think about it like this: If the school can't help a student who has parents who are overly concerned, how are they going to help kids who have parents that may not even care?” And a columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is also supportive. Holder just ran out of options. “Instead of blaming everyone else, she put the blame on her son. That’s right. She didn’t blame teachers, the system, poverty, gangs or his environment... This form of punishment is unconventional, but she’s doing it out of love and she’s doing this because she doesn’t want him to be a statistic.” But a psychologist disagrees, telling Tampa’s WTVT, public humiliation is likely to do more harm than good. Dr. STACY SCHECKNER: “Embarrassment and shame is not really healthy for a young person’s mind growing up.” KRISTIN WRIGHT: “Dr. Scheckner says humiliating your own children hurts their self-esteem and makes them angry, resulting in them acting out.” Dr. STACY SCHECKNER: “The amygdala is the emotion center and frontal lobe is where your IQ is. So if it’s affecting him emotionally, how is he really figuring out 2 plus 2 equals 4?” Ronda Holder says she’s planning on making James stand on the street with his sign for one week. So what do you think? Overzealous parenting, or just some tough love? 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Feb 2011
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BY: SAMANTHA MCCLENDON ANCHOR: CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy First it said yes -- then no -- now maybe. The Arab League says it fully supports the no-fly zone over Libya after first expressing uncertainty on Sunday. That -- after the League made the first call for a no-fly zone -- back on March 12th. “Today, the head of the Arab League criticized the international mission saying the strikes have gone beyond what the league had supported.” AMR MOUSSA: “What happened differs from the no-fly zone objectives. What we want is protection of civilians’ protection, not shelling more civilians.” info: WAGA FOX Now, Amr Moussa is clearing things up. He tells the Los Angeles Times he believes civilian protection is a unanimous goal for the U.N. and The Arab League. “‘‘[The Arab League] respects the U.N. Security Council resolution, and there is no contradiction.’” The confusion might be understandable says The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg. After all, the Arab League represents a pretty disparate crowd -- and not one that traditionally aligns with the West. “Does anyone believe that the Arab League, whose members include Bashar al-Assad, the Saud family, Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh, Muammar Qaddafi ...and until a few weeks ago Tunisia's Ben Ali and Egypt's Mubarak, is a force for progressive politics and humanitarianism? That it would ever stand with the West when it was uncomfortable to stand with the West?” A reporter for NBC’s Today Show says that might explain why Moussa’s opinion appears to differ depending on which reporter you ask. JIM MACEDA: “Amr Moussa’s negative comments by the way were made in Arabic to an Egyptian journalist, but he sounded much more supportive when asked the same question and replied to the same question in English.” But a writer for Yahoo! News argues- the Arab League wants to have its cake and eat it too. “The Arab League can't have it both ways; it can't ask for help and then decry the deaths of civilians when Western air forces implement the no-fly zone.” And a blogger for American Thinker adds the Arab League is just being two-faced. “The Arab League has the staying power of a soap bubble. In 48 hours they will be calling themselves for a cease fire. And it should be noted, that nowhere in their statement urging a no fly zone did they mention regime change in Libya.” But hold on a second- writes Kevin Drum for Mother Jones- Moussa has a right to be hesitant about the no-fly zone. Operation Odyssey Dawn has turned out to be one heck of a military assault. “This may or may not be necessary to accomplish whatever it is that the coalition is trying to accomplish (that's less than clear at the moment), but it really does go pretty far beyond what the Arab League thought it was signing up for.” The Washington Post reports the Arab League may hold a meeting to discuss the no-fly zone. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
22 Mar 2011
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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy A little more than a week until D-Day - but lawmakers are hinting at a stalemate in the months-long federal budget battle. KUSA: “...there is still some talk of a shutdown if Congress can't come up with a plan by April 8th.” ABC: “...brewing debate over the U.S. debt, deficits, the possibility of a government shutdown.” More than halfway through this fiscal year and still no federal budget. Lawmakers have passed a series of short-term temporary funding measures -- SIX of them so far -- to keep the government going. But House Republicans -- led by Majority Leader Eric Cantor -- are playing hard ball this time -- and saying -- no more temporary measures. (VIDEO FROM WAGA) Both sides are busy blaming each other for the potential shutdown. In fact - New York Democrat Chuck Schumer is facing some heat -- caught on camera outlining the left’s line of attack. ANCHOR: “Schumer was supposed to be on a conference call with reporters after he made the remarks but he was apparently unaware those reporters were already on the line.... SCHUMER: “I always used word extreme. That's what the caucus instructed me to do the other week. Extreme cuts and all these riders. And Boehner is in a box but if he supports the Tea Party, there's going to inevitably be a shutdown.” ANCHOR: “Hmmmmmmm...” But Republicans also have a plan to try winning in the court of public opinion. Commentator Dick Morris lays out that strategy on Fox News. “....if the Republicans shut down specific agencies, whole government will operate. We just won't build new highways. We won't give out foreign aid. We just won't give out inner city infrastructure repair money. Cut those specific programs and leave the rest of the government fine, then the Democrats will be blamed correctly...” Spin doctors are out on both sides - and if it feels more like a message war than a budget battle - Politico’s Meredith Shiner says that’s because it is -- and she points specifically to Cantor from the right -- and Schumer from the left. “Nevermind that a government shutdown is looming. … [T]he approach of these press operations is an extension of the two politicians themselves — ambitious, brash and obsessed with winning the message war on the most important issue before Congress.” So who’s actually gonna make this happen? Political reporter Molly Ball tells C-SPAN - both sides are under a lot of pressure from their rank-and-file not to concede. “There’s also a lot of pessimism out there. Democrats especially are not convinced that they will be able to find a compromise... The question is whether there is enough patience, especially on the Republican side, to continue to do this on a temporary basis. There is a lot of demands out there to get this settled in the long term.” With potential divisions between House Republican leadership and their more conservative members - The Washington Post says they’re turning to moderate Democrats for a proposal that would cut $30 billion from the budget. That’s HALF the cuts Tea Party-backed Republicans are demanding. “Such a deal probably would be acceptable to Senate leaders and President Obama as long as the House didn’t impose funding restrictions on certain social and regulatory programs... Speaker John A. Boehner’s leadership team recognizes that legislation that meets with approval from his most conservative flank ... would be dead on arrival in the Democratic-controlled Senate.” 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Apr 2011
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BY ZHENG HWUANG CHIA ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource US news analysis from Newsy Not too sure which is more embarrassing: Pooping on someone’s lawn or getting caught in the act of pooping on someone’s lawn? Atlanta Fox-affiliate WAGA has the classy story. “An Oregon Postal Worker apparently left much more than just the mail behind at one home along this route. A neighbor says he saw the mailman pull down his pants squat and then defecate right on the lawn across the street. He even snapped a picture of the crude act and took it to the mailman’s superiors.” Not to worry. CBS reports -- government inspectors are on it. “Postal Service is investigating. It sent a clean-up crew to sanitize the area. The mail carrier has been suspended without pay - pending an investigation.” But FOX News is asking viewers on Facebook - Did the mailman get what he deserved? Or should he had been punished more? Opinion 1: “I don’t think he should be punished, If you gotta go, you gotta go.” Opinion 2: “I would be more worried about the nosy neighbor. It is gross, but hey, he could have done it in the front yard.” Opinion 3: “I think taking pictures of the mailman in the act is even more disgusting then what the mailman did.” Oh yeah, the guy with the gotcha moment. To that, an anchor from ABC says - Really? Man: “This is how they respect our property? That's not right. And it's also a bio hazard.” Anchor: “That's your opinion. Where's he supposed to go? In his pith helmet? That's for pith, not for anything else. Now going postal means a whole new thing I guess.” Glitarazzi chimes in... “As American citizens ... we shouldn't have to take that crap!” While Gawker raises the question... “But are we overreacting to the tale of Portland's pooping mailman? If (the man) had waited a little longer, maybe FedEx would have come by. They're always cleaning up the postal service's messes. Zing!” Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Get more US video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
23 Apr 2011
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BY ALISON SCHUTZ AND KELSEY ALUMBAUGH You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy A Georgia college student is safe from being thrown out of the place she calls home... for another year that is. It’s the debate on whether Kennesaw State student and illegal immigrant Jessica Colotl should be deported back to Mexico. Atlanta’s WAGA and WXIA have the backstory. “Jessica Colotl’s case fueled a debate on illegal immigration after she was arrested on charges of driving without a license last spring.” “Officials then discovered that she was in this country illegally and had been here since her family moved her to this country as she was a little girl.” Last year the courts allowed her to stay another year to finish her college education. Now, just days before her expected deportation, Colotl has been granted a second reprieve to stay in the U.S. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggests this decision marks a change in the U.S. deportation efforts. “...the decisions follow a political push to suspend deportation of these students and pushback from some groups, who argue students like Colotl occupy space in America's colleges that should go to legal citizens.” The Associated Press reports Colotl hopes to work during her remaining year in the United States and get a work permit before applying to law school. But that might not be enough. Colotl’s laywer Charles Kuck, says despite the reprieve, her chances of remaining in the country are still slim. He says it will be much harder for Colotl to get a third extension next year and she could potentially be barred from re-entering the United States for up to 20 years if she is deported. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
7 May 2011
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BY BRAD GALBREATH ANCHOR LAUREN GORES Stars of the Cards-Phillies series include - Albert Pujols, Cliff Lee, a squirrel, Ryan Howard. Wait…a squirrel!? Yes, a squirrel has gained national attention after running on the field on Tuesday. ESPN gets us acquainted with the squirrel. “Go back to Tuesday of this series, we had a squirrel sighting at the new Busch Stadium.” Just one time – total fluke right? How about an encore appearance – the very next night. “America saw him again, crossing the plate there, with Roy Oswalt pitching to Skiup Schumaker. One more look here. This is weird. It’s really weird, but everyone has such great focus in the Major Leagues, no one sees this until it’s too late.” And now, local TV stations across the country are talking about the squirrel. Here’s KMSP in Minneapolis. “Look at that. I’m running through here boys. I don’t care what you do. He did get the batter to fly out. St. Louis still managed to win the game, squirrel and all.” It appeared as though Oswalt threw a strike and the ump was so distracted by the squirrel he called it a ball. This - plus two Cardinal comebacks - are what prompted Atlanta’s WAGA to give the squirrel a new nickname. “Oswalt wanted the umps call of a ball overturned. Denied. And the Cards beat the Phillies to force a game 5 in the NLDS. The Rally Squirrel causing such a buzz it now has a Twitter.” So it has name. And a Twitter following of over 10,000. KMOX in St. Louis seems to think the Cardinals have a new mascot. “Move over Redbird, there’s a new mascot in town. Rally Squirrel!” It all prompted ESPN to go through the most famous times animals have interfered with sports. “How about this Kangaroo. Somehow he gets out of the track and gets to safety. This is a lot of Buffalo coming around the left side. This is a senior event in Colorado Springs. The Senior Open in fact. Foxes eating other animals right there on the golf course.”
10 Oct 2011
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