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13 Nov 2012
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Music Dictionary
9 Feb 2013
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Ín diesem Buch Spot stellt der Autor und der Wagner Verlag das Buch Im Land des Kondors vor.
3 Oct 2006
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Oratório de Natal - Coral Municipal de Alfredo Wagner - SC (adulto e infantil), Coral Evangélico de Alfredo Wagner - SC e Coral Municipal de Rancho Queimado - SC, apresentado no dia 25-11-2006 na Sociedade Recreativa União Club
20 Dec 2006
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Made by Evalidio Kreusch, Coquinho (litle coconut) the animated presepe is visited in the Adventum by a lot of people. Located in the city of Alfredo Wagner, State of Santa Catarina, Brasil, the place must be visited by you. It´s open all the year.
6 Dec 2006
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Itajai-açu River, in the city of Alfredo Wagner - State of Santa Catarina, Brasil, recives water from Adaga River, Caete River, Aguas Frias River. The city of Alfredo Wagner is the Capital Catarinense das Nascentes, becouse many great rivers begining there. This movie shows the Itajai-açu river in the place caled "Recanto da Arte do Coquinho".
6 Dec 2006
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A train tour in the city os Alfredo Wagner - SC. In Christmas the tradicional train tour for the children is promoted by the Secretaria Municipal da Educação.
22 Jan 2007
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O Governador Sérgio Cabral dá detalhes sobre a convocação dos APROVADOS da Polícia Civil no programa BALANÇO GERAL do Deputado WAGNER MONTES.
6 Mar 2007
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Rock n Roll Animals is a film about legendary Lou Reed/Alice Cooper guitarists Steve Hunter and Dock Wagner. The film includes interviews with and performances by Hunter, Wagner, Cooper, and a host of other music legends. It also contains never before seen photos by Neil Preston and a new Hunter/Wagner song written and recorded especially for the film.
3 Jul 2007
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Ein lustiges Lied mit Geistern und Gespenstern und Max Torrt. Musik: Produziert mit dem MAGIX music maker Text: Nils Wagner
6 Jul 2007
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“Human Capital – The Employment Trade“ portrays the fate of three people and their struggle through the global world of work: Chamila Alvis moves from Sri Lanka to Cyprus. She struggles with her separation from her children and her homeland and tries to deal with the foreign world she has entered... Dirk Wagner and Volker Nebelung try to escape from the construction recession in East Germany. They prepare themselves for a trip to Europe’s largest construction site, in London... Jay Gaines, a headhunter in New York, searches desperately on Wall Street for candidates for the position of head executive of a gigantic corporation. If he doesn’t find ’Mr Perfect’ soon, he will risk not only hunderds of thousands of dollars, but also his good reputation... www.oval-film****
27 Jul 2007
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Most not-for-profit organizations still rely (only) on face-to-face volunteers to help plan, organize and execute their special events. However, Canadian-based charitable organization, Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), has demonstrated that Internet-based volunteers can play a key role in the success of special events. To recognize and show appreciation for the significant contribution online volunteers made towards the success of MYS's anniversary events, Event Co-ordinator Julie Fine delivered a video thank you message to them. The 1.5 minute video, which was produced by MYS's New York based online volunteer Richard Wagner, speaks to the amazement Fine experienced in working with these highly-skilled online volunteers. The video is available for download in various formats (WMV, Flash SWF, FLV Flash, MPG4, MPG2 and DivX) at the following URL: ******* For Further Info: Randy Tyler ******* E: *******
3 Aug 2007
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Animated cartoon short; this film features Bugs Bunny being chased by Elmer Fudd through a seven minute operatic parody of Wagner's operas, particularly Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung). The short is also sometimes informally referred to as Kill the Wabbit after the line sung by Fudd to the tune of the Ride of the Valkyries. In 1994, What's Opera, Doc was voted #1 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by 1000 members of the animation field.
2 Nov 2007
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Daniel Wagner, William Craig and Peter Sage views. Dwayne also gets the digi-cam turned on him by Daniel Wagner at Basket Brigade 2007 in London by Dwayne Kerr
28 Dec 2007
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A little eerie gothic tale about love, fear and death. Cast: Igor Riffen (Asp) Mona de Lecontele (Nona) Iwan Spanasskow (Schwarzer Schmetterling) written by ASP line producer & story consult: Matthias Ambre film editing, wardrobe & digital matte painting: Jack Moik puppet fabrication & stop-motion animation: Juergen Kling puppet fabrication assistant: Susie Jones compositing & miniature props: Mark Dauth character design & concept art: Ingo Roemling 3D-modelling: Viktor Klassen & Sebastian Schminke wardrobe assistance: Christiane Roemer additional design: Miriam Wagner color grading; Frank Vogt directed by & cgi: Thomas Klieber [MAGNA MANA PRODUCTION] [SOLID GROUND ENTERTAINTMENT] [WEIRDOUGHMATIONFILMS] *******www.thetalesofasp****
25 Feb 2008
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On this most uniquely memorable day, when you want everything to be perfect... Your crystal bridal jewelry sparkles with your smile, and all eyes are upon you. Colours as deep and alive as the forever feelings you share. And a look that lingers with the warmth and ageless wisdom of Swarovski crystal... every time you wear it. It's your day... Be stunning. *******www.runwayjewel**** music: "Wagner Bridal Chorus" by Kevin MacLeod
11 Mar 2008
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