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Info From Licensor: "Going from 0-130mph in less than a second... The Human Catapult! BASE jumpers are launched into the air, at times taking on over 6 G's, making even the scariest of roller-costers and theme park rides look tame. Two world-renonewed BASE jumpers and daredevils, Chris "Douggs" McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert traveled to Dubai to set up the human catapult, a device inspired by none of than Leonardo DaVinci. Eric Straub, the engineer behind this modern-day catapult, took DaVinci's design and modernized it and built the custom pulleys and board that Chris and Jimmy used to be launched 300+ feet into the air. Along with the help of Go Fast Energy Drink and Skydive Dubai, Chris and Jimmy were able to make every BASE jumper's dream of being launched into the air a realty. Jimmy quoted the experience before liftoff as, "When you are lying on that board and there is 50,000 pounds waiting to drop, the tension is palpable. If anything goes wrong, there is literally nothing you could do to stop it. You are lying there, looking at the crane tips 200 feet away, knowing that once you are released, it will take one second to get to (the top of) them - 200 feet in one second. We didn't have a g force meter, but we assume it is a moment of possibly 7g's and then it immediately starts to slack off once you are traveling." Chris McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert are two of the world's most respected BASE jumpers, both inside the BASE community and in popular culture. Both men combined have thousands of skydives, BASE jumps, and wingsuit jumps. They are highly skilled and talented jumpers, and having been in the sport for almost 20 years, are both dedicated to teaching the next generation of inspired athletes how to endure and prosper in the extremely dangerous and deadly, yet rewarding sport of BASE jumping." - Jimmy Pouchert & Chris Douggs Location: Dubai, United Arab Eremites Occurrence Date: 2013 Credit: Jimmy Pouch
19 Oct 2017
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Occurred on August 10, 2017 / Hollywood, California, USA Info from Licensor: "I spent a month fooling my girlfriend, Hannah, into thinking she was getting an exciting job from a Saudi Arabian film company. I made up an email address and a character named 'Jarta al-Kor.' 'Jarta' scheduled Hannah for a live interview. At this interview, he introduced his assistant, Neena. Neena was actually me, dressed up in a full coverage burqa. Jarta had Hannah draw Neena from memory 3 times in 3 different poses. During the final pose, I removed the burqa and brought out an engagement ring. Jarta informed her, sadly, that she would not get the job. She turned around, expecting to see a lady in a burqa, but saw me. I proposed, but she seemed confused. She began to politely reject me, saying this is not what she wanted. Flabbergasted, I began to think this was a rejection. Suddenly, she busted out a ring of her own and proposed to me. It turned out she was expecting me to mess with her, so had been carrying a ring around for 2 months in her purse, waiting for the moment to strike. This happened in Hollywood, CA."
18 Oct 2017
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Occurred on May 9, 2017 / Istanbul, Turkey Info from Licensor: "He was asleep while eating chips, so I removed the bowl out of his hand."
17 Oct 2017
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16 Oct 2017
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off-road 4WD failure
14 Oct 2017
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This is exactly why should not leave your dog alone waiting in the car, otherwise, it would go on banging the horn and probably making everyone laugh.
13 Oct 2017
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This cute old keeps on waiting and goes on barking and waits for the moon to fall as it thinks the moon is a ball which is yet to fall and probably he dreams to catch it.
12 Oct 2017
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its a funny video in which dog follows traffic rules.
11 Oct 2017
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MIT gives you singing platform in India, Don't wait for showcase your talent just upload your music tracks, videos, and create your own online bands too & get tips from professional Singers and Musicians to build your professional career
11 Oct 2017
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While waiting for your delayed flight at the airport and all of a sudden somebody decides to give this man the mic, then what he just does is the best thing entertainment you can ever get in an airport.
10 Oct 2017
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Imagine of using electricity with zero bill, which is possible by generating own electricity using solar energy from sun. Get solar installation done with the help of Off Grid solar pv system and have no power cut in your life. But, wait before taking decision, watch out this video to understand what is Off Grid Solar System.
10 Oct 2017
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How To Get Aadhar Cards For NRIs After aadhaar card became a mandatory proof for all Indian citizens; there has also been a provision that allows the non residents of india to avail aadhaar card. Aadhar card for NRIs can be obtained only if one has been residing in the Indian Territory for a minimum of 182 days, and wishes to be enrolled under the Aadhaar act 2016. This act allows one to avail a majority of benefits and schemes that have been launched by the Indian government for the Indian population. Aadhar card for NRIs can be obtained only if one already has a few government of India certified ID proofs like the voter id card, PAN Card, driving license, Passport, etc. once these proofs are available with the NRI, and they can certify their dual nationality as well as other crucial details, they can very much obtain aadhar card for NRIs. The process of getting aadhar card for nris is however mostly offline than online. The first thing that needs to be taken care of by nris is to come to India and go to their nearest aadhaar enrollment centre and get an appointment, this can also be done by calling to the nearest enrollment center, and getting an appointment. Once you get an appointment, you will only have to go, give your details, and wait for your aadhaar card to be ready for download. You can check your aadhar card status online, and download aadhar card when it is ready for download. With this simple procedure aadhar card for NRIs can be obtained.
10 Oct 2017
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