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In President Bush's defense, he may not have known that Peter Wallsten is legally blind. And Wallsten said he was not offended by the President's remarks. But the President still looks pretty silly when he chuckles at the end of this video.
4 Jul 2006
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The song was written by Daniel Jackzin and Andreas Dimmuea in May 2012 in southern Sweden! It is one of our new songs for a possibly upcoming album, but as a study project The song has several messages and is very deep! You can form your own opinion and take it to you personally. It is dedicated to you ... It's about people who had or have a hard time in life, there is, physical abuse, infidelity, disappointment, child abuse and other things that actually destroys instead of building up! but there is always an angel of the human person that can save you Thanks to everyone who made it possible to make the song and video Black angels dont cry: Written by Andreas Dimmuea and Daniel Jackzin Produced by Ken Kängström Parameter Studio Hultsfred Maj 2012 Producer: Daniel Jackzin Andreas Fransson (Dimmuea) Ken Kängström Film and Photo: Olga Nilsson, Måns Håkansson Musicvideo produced in Bergkvara July 2012 by: Mattias wallsten and Daniel Nordin Thanx to: Johnny Roxxy Felicia Åström Kicki Delgado Persson Mikael Jonsson Marie Åström Pierre Tina Jonsson Malin Henke Öberg Audiosystem Kalmar Ken Kängström Olga Nilsson Thanks to Benitha Wallsten supporting Sweden July 2012
21 Oct 2012
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During a Rose Garden media briefing George Bush accidentally took a shot at a blind reporter for wearing shades while addressing the President. Bush has since called Peter Wallsten and appolgized for the incident.
9 May 2013
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