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Star Parodier review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs & gear! *******www.CGRstore**** Amazing parody version of Hudson's Star Soldier series with three playable characters including the Paro-Ceaser, Bomberman and a flying PC-Engine!! Hilarious enemies like a giant snowman, robo-birds and laser firing walruses confront you as you'll power up with Hu Cards and other nonsense. Incredible!!
20 Dec 2013
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This fall, Karen Clarke-Whistler, TD's Chief Environment Officer, was invited to participate in the Walrus Talks series on sustainability. One of eight speakers, Karen explored the importance of forests to the sustainability of the planet.
27 Nov 2013
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Welcome to the wonderful world of these amazing sea creatures - WALRUSES. Did you ever wanted to know why they have such long tusks or so many whiskers? There are so many interesting things and amazing facts to learn about walruses. Find the answers to your questions. Visit us today and grab your own copy of Walruses - For Kids Only at *******tinyurl****/n6wml2m
7 Jun 2013
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This walrus is definitely the king of walruses.
3 Aug 2012
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24 Mar 2012
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23 Aug 2011
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Walrus Situp
4 Jan 2011
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Behold the Epic Sax Walrus! The song used in the video is a part of the song "Run Away" by Sunstroke Project. It was Moldova's song for Eurovision Song Contest. Epic Sax Guy is on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/epicsaxguy
31 Dec 2010
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The World's Cutest Video! All of the cutest puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, walrus's, bears, and more team together to sing and choreograph a dance to rock band Joe and the Jungle hit "How Long Shall We Dance" from the "Broken Amps and Fuzz Boxes Album." Support true Independent music! Download the song from the video "How Long Shall We Dance" on CDBaby for only 50 cents! cdbaby****/​cd/​joeandthejungle1****/​us/​album/​broken-amps-and-fuzz-boxes/​id405109376 amazon****/​gp/​product/​B004CYN11A/​ref=dm_dp_trk12?ie=UTF8&qid=1290248006&sr=301-1 ___________________________________ joeandthejungle**** Fair Use Notice: This video may contain some material whose use has not been authorized by the owners. We believe that this is not-for-profit use and solely for entertainment purposes. The Web constitutes a fair use of the material (as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.)
15 Dec 2010
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*******www.drawingnow****/videos/id_21327-how-to-draw-a-walrus.html Learn how to draw step by step in this simple video tutorial that teaches how to draw a Walrus. Visit *******www.drawingnow****/ for more easy free video tutorials. You can change the play speed for a closer look and try it yourself too.
3 Dec 2010
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The Lost Tapes. Sarah Palin and Katie Couric interview. See who shoots the moose...was it Sarah? Sarah talks with Katie about moose, the Bush doctrine, the Dirty Sanchez, the bp oil spill, Mama Grizzly, Big Macs, her OB/GYN and more......Will Katie lose it? We hope we made you laugh, more importantly made you think about Americas future. Please visit our site for more info on peak oil and the corporate takeover of our country. Please visit our store and see our Sarah Palin, George Bush, Bill Clinton, and bp Shirts. We are honored to make a 25% Donation for each shirt we sell to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund to help those affected by the Gulf oil spill. Additional proceeds will help fund future videos on important issues. Please check back soon for our “The Walrus and The Eggmen” video. *******gulfwalrus**** *******shop.gulfwalrus****
13 Nov 2010
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*******www.foodandcashforlife**** This is a fun video about an aerobic workout with a trained Walrus Check out the last trick. The Walrus dose 4 or 5 REAL SITUPS. Enjoy the Video!!
29 Oct 2010
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This is a fun video about an aerobic workout with a trained Walrus Check out the last trick. The Walrus dose 4 or 5 REAL SITUPS. Enjoy the Video!!
29 Oct 2010
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DorianSol - 3D origami swan bird cage flower peacock vase rooster duck giraffe butterfly parrot turtle carriage hansom fox walrus penguin dog lion owl gazelle rabbit egg Art paper A4 craft japan japanese דורון סלומון אוריגמי אמנות
12 Jun 2010
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30 Apr 2010
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Cruise North Expeditions provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the Arctic, and study its wildlife -- which includes polar bears, belugas, walruses and caribou. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit *******
11 Feb 2010
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