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23 Aug 2010
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Proof that WMM is a peice of shit. As far as I know, this is the first poop using Barbie, but let me know if i'm mistaken. Video: Barbie Fairytopia Trailer Zelda CD-i wand of gamelon Link CD-i faces of evil Hotel Mario Jak X Ventrilo Harrasment WTF? BOOOOOM!!! Audio: Hotel Mario Ventrilo Harrasment (Leather Belt AAUUGGHHH!!) Super Mario World Ratatoing Hall of the Mountain King Link CD-i FoE Zelda CD-i WoG Jak X Herb Alpert - Spanish Flea A Tribute to Walrusguy. Rest in PEICES!!
7 Sep 2009
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The first poop i made, "mario the yoshi rapist" was terible. You can see it through the link at the bottom. I made it on my other account, way before i made this account. I got tired of people saying how bad it was, so i made a remake here. I think this is about 10 times better than the original. Video Sources: Super Mario World (Mama Luigi) Audio Sources: Hotel Mario Some song from audiosparx (used in WalrusGuy's "Rapunzel 2008" poop) Some of the sentince mixing is hard to understand because i rushed the video. Manily because i did not want to sit through the whole video to find the parts of words i could you to make a different word. Sigh... Under travel and events because they go to dinosaur world. Ho, hum... ***********/watch?v=2CJslbApXsA
12 Sep 2009
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The first scene in the game. Is that sum lipstick I see on Link? O: Also this game sucks (no really it does), but youtube poopers make it better. That is if they're good at it (like Walrusguy, Deepercut, etc). ENJOY!!
24 Jan 2011
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