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My first youtube poop
17 Dec 2008
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Previosuly deleted by Youtube and didn't upload correctly in Webs****, so, it's here now. Original upload date: 02 - 07 - 2009
3 Mar 2009
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I deleted it from Youtube because Youtube warned me about the first part and deleted the first part. Then, I deleted all my YCPCritic vids. Original upload date: 02 - 08 - 09
15 Feb 2009
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TEH BATTLE OF TEH WORST SPAMMERS by YagoshiSeB (Youtube user). He deleted it because I told him that my MUGEN vid YouChewPoopCritic is a punching bag!!! (Part 1 only) was deleted by Youtube, and I didn't and still don't want YagoshiSeB to be banned.
1 Mar 2009
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26 Mar 2010
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23 Aug 2010
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Guest Star Conker the Squirrel
3 Jan 2009
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My second real youtube poop and the first using sony vegas. I would like to thank skyguy16 and nategora for inspiring me to make an arthur poop. I would also like to thank captpan6 for his comments and ratings. And I would like to thank juniorfan89 for the arthur clips. 10k views? Thanks guys! Honors: #28 - Top Favorites (Today) - Education #54 - Top Rated (Today) - Education
31 May 2009
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Please subscribe to wootsters and I. youtube****/wootsters Watch Mario and Luigi's misadventures as they try to film the cutscenes for the CD-I game, Hotel Mario.
12 Jul 2009
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This is the 16th video I have uploaded... I always wanted to do a themed poop of some kind, so I figured a disco kind of thing would be entertaining... It's a short video, but it still took quite some time to make... Some of the gags required many pictures and lots of tweaking. But in the end the struggled turned out to be worth it. I and I hope you too will agree... Oh and one more thing... The "PINGAS!" at the end got cut off for some reason (That bugs me)...
1 Aug 2009
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The King takes a long confusing trip to the hospital, and forgets to bring the spaghetti. My 19th Poop is something I mainly did just for the heck of it. I've been trying to do some kind of musical montage sort of thing in a Youtube Poop, this is my first real wack at it. This video isn't quite complete, but there wasnt really all that more to add, and I didnt want to keep you all waiting. So, if this video receives enough positive feedback I may later make a continuation of some kind. In fact, I might do that either way anyway, we'll see... Until then, please enjoy this while I get back to work on Ice Cream for Dinner.
1 Aug 2009
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I've decided to upload some scenes from my Hyrule Dating video that didn't make it in. Enjoy.
7 Sep 2009
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Mama Luigi regales a dying Yoshi with one last bedtime story.
2 Nov 2009
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He-man likes to win while i play unfitting music Ps. BTW I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OVER THE MUSIC USED OR HE-MAN . I HAVE HAD MULTIPLE MOVIES TAKEN DOWN BECAUSE OF ALL THIS COPYRIGHT BS GOING DOWN -.- I am NOT Rick Astley and i don't claim this song to be mine. Nor am i the person who was genius enough to creat he-man (not the most CREATIVE name thought up for the most powerful man in the universe but w.e lol)
30 Nov 2009
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Youchewedtubepoopshit manurecrap whatever
20 Dec 2009
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Filler: Ikki tousen
23 May 2010
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