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First invented in 1823 and improved in the 1880s, pocket cigarette lighters were as common as keys or wallets by the early 20th century. The basic types of vintage lighters are manual (a spark from a flint striking a wheel ignites a wick or creates a flame above a gas valve), semi-automatic (the wheel also opens the fuel-source cover), and automatic (push-button). The first manual lighters were called strike lighters and worked like matches. Users would scratch a flint using a wand with a hard metal tip and an attached wick; the flint would create sparks to ignite the wick, which was soaked with flammable fluid. By the 1920s, lighters had become functional as well as artistic with the advent of the semiautomatic lighter, in which the user flips open the lid and a flint wheel simultaneously spins and ignites the wick. The automatic lighter was created by Louis Aronson, the founder of Ronson lighters, in 1926. It requires only the push of a button to create the flame, which stays lit as long as the button is held down. Early electric lighters were equally simple to use, and worked like the lighters in classic cars: The lighter was tipped with a metal coil and plugged into a larger housing element, which would heat the bottom enough to ignite a cigarette. Through World War II, most lighters ran on Naptha, a petroleum mixture—after the war, Naptha was replaced by compressed butane. To attract female customers in the 1930s, some companies created lighters that combined various accessories, such as cigarette cases and compacts, and added rhinestones or decorative enameled designs. In the '30s, '40s, and '50s, Ronson produced the Ronson Master Pack, combining a lighter, cigarette case, and watch. Vintage lighters vary from expensive, elegant objects made from precious metals to cheap novelty items, such as lighters that look like lipstick cases or little TV sets. Some lighters incorporated materials from notable manufacturers, such as Lalique glass or Lenox... Continue
4 Jan 2018
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A magic wand can be useful... or dangerous.
16 Feb 2007
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Produce as many wands you can from bare hands. It is a new concept appearing wand easily handled.
13 Jul 2007
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A touching story of a special magic wand and its comforting effect through the generations.
7 Oct 2007
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Scooter Michelle, the Princess of Barksalot, finds a magic wand and makes all her dreams come true
27 Jan 2008
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Breakaway Wand *******www.thaimagicshop****
15 Jul 2008
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Derma Wand video with Christina Boves inventor of the Derma Wand. Talks about wrinkles and skin care and how the derma wand works.
24 Jul 2008
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*******www.dermawand**** Derma Wand video with Christina Boves inventor of the Derma Wand. Talks about wrinkles and skin care and how the derma wand works.
28 Jul 2008
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Does your job search need a little magic? Looking for a job match, magic wand or silver bullet? Try *******www.PeopleAhead****, let TrueMatch work for you.
8 Feb 2010
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PS24 "Girlz Around My Way" 3 of Wands Records Director: Germal Woods
25 Nov 2008
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Great gift for all kinds of celebrations, including Christmas Day, Halloween, etc. This blinking Fiber Optic Wand with plastic handle can be used in the night for fairy/enchanted themes. Powered by 3 AG13 batteries which are included. Source:
13 Jan 2009
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How can you use Magic Wand Tool and Lasso Tool in Adobe Illustrator CS3.
24 Jan 2009
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An amazing trick where a burning piece of paper was magically transformed into a magic wand.
14 Apr 2009
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*******www.JasonHudy**** *******www.JasonHudyMagic**** Magician Jason Hudy and two volunteers from the audience make some magic happen onstage with the help of a bunch of magic wands!
20 Apr 2009
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