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According to the recapitulated military reports received from battlefronts troops had achieved several important victories over the LTTE terrorists...
9 Aug 2008
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According to the recapitulated military reports received from battlefronts troops had achieved several important victories over the LTTE terrorists...
11 Aug 2008
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the two boats were destroyed by war crafts
5 Feb 2009
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21 Nov 2008
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23 Jan 2009
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1 Mar 2010
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Wanniye Rana Hada 11.03
11 Mar 2009
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This is a video regarding World Largest hostage Rescue Operation launched by Sri Lanka Army and other Forces.
5 May 2009
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Artist, Sumith Mandanayaka Music, Saranga Wijethunge Lyrics, Somasiri Denagama Video Source, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation. Note, Original Video has been cropped
7 Dec 2009
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The fourth tunnel way in Sri Lanka will be constructed in Kaththankudy. The foundation was laid for this project under the patronage of Eastern Provincial Council Minister M.L.A.M. Hisbulla. The tunnel-way will be constructed at a busy place in the Kaththankudy town where several schools are located. It will be constructed at the expenditure of 10 million rupees. It is 22 feet in length and four feet in width.
5 Jan 2010
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2 kid wanny to "fight"?
3 Jul 2009
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******* Video Source, "Wanni Meheyuma" News Report From Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
6 Sep 2009
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Sri Lanka News / Wanni Rescue Operations / Farah 3 captured, May 14th, 2009 - Rupavahini
27 Jan 2010
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Innocent Tamil Civilians under Sri Lankan ARMY Fire at Wishvamadu Wanni....CNN reports
7 Jun 2010
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LTTE continues targeting Tamil civilians: suicide bomb attack at IDP rescue centre - Kilinochchi At least 23 people including 8 civilians were killed and 64 others including 40 civilians reported injured when an LTTE woman suicide bomber blew herself at an IDP rescue centre, North of Visuamadu in Mullaittivu this morning (Feb 9) at around 11.30 a.m. 3 woman soldiers were also among the military fatalities reported. According to defence observers, LTTE terrorists have perpetrated the attack targeting the civilians in reprisal, for defying LTTE's orders to take-up arms. Exact casualty figures are yet to be estimated as tension prevails in the area. Security forces immediately cordon off the area, while medical units were rushed to the site, the sources said. Women and children are said to be among the many reported killed and injured in the suicide bomb blast, security sources said. Ambulances carried the wounded to the Kilinochchi hospital. The female suicide bomber had arrived among the civilians who were seeking protection with security forces in guise. The bomber had blown herself before being screened, the reports further said. Earlier, LTTE terrorists used a 13 year old child suicide bomber against the advancing 55 Division troops in Chalai on 4th Feb. Observers of LTTE activity have expressed concerns over the likelihood of the LTTE increasing such attacks targeting civilians to enact a large scale carnage instilling fear among the people who are entrapped in the non-liberated regions in Mullaittivu. According to them, the LTTE in the face of an inevitable defeat is trying to score levels with the innocent civilians. On Sunday(8), a group of civilians escaping from the LTTE hellholes North of Visuamadu and Sugandirapuram have ramped an LTTE barricade assaulting a LTTE 'police' cadre and killing two female terrorists in the cause. Similarly civilians, who were forcibly armed and sent to the forefront by LTTE, have taken on the less numbered LTTE cadres beating the terrorists and tying them behind, on 7th February. The civilians had later managed to flee towards the security forces controlled area, the sources further said. LTTE is a ruthless terrorist outfit that has been fighting for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. During its 3 decades of existence the outfit has pioneered a large number of terror tactics particularly in the field of suicide bombing, that have been soon copied by the other terror organizations in the world. Fuelled by extremist tribal ideologies held by their megalomaniac leader, V. Prabhakaran, and largely foreign funds generated through its false propaganda, LTTE terrorists have killed tens and thousands of innocent civilians in many village massacres, bus bombings, train bombings, ethnic cleansing raids, and etc. The outfit is also included in the UN list of shame for using children for terror attacks.
29 Apr 2009
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3 May 2009
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