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Mexican border drug violence breaks out. Live report where Boom Brothers are called in.
30 Apr 2009
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The world is held in check-mate by a stuffed gorilla toy.... The new single from the band Porto Flamingo is out: Sotto vuoto spinto (in a vacuum) sotto vuoto spinto is also a video clip: a febrile, delirious sequence of images. The world debates, squabbles,fights , hits the streets over Fabrizio The Gorilla... urban guerrilla warfare and World Wars break out in His name until Humankind destroys itself and Fabrizio with it...Total destruction in the name of a furry toy...
28 Nov 2007
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Based on an essay by H.G. Wells, Things to Come is a visionary story of colossal scope, spanning seventy years and the destruction and creation of civilization. Beginning in the near future (the late 1930s, naturally), a second World War breaks out, laying waste to all that is civilized. Fortunately, visionary scientist John Cabal (Raymond Massey) proposes to the world a scientific and ordered existence that will deliver all from the misery and toil that war has wrought. The film then leaps ahead to 2036, and the world has stabalized into a leisurly place of order and comfort – not at all to the liking of everyone! This science fiction masterpiece encompasses lofty ideals as well as down to Earth human passions that are struggling to survive a technological onslaught. From the jaw dropping visuals to the stirring performances, Things to Come is a pillar of film making achievement, as visionary as its story.
4 Dec 2007
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14 Apr 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The United Nations World Refugee Day: “Real People, Real Needs”. Episode: 1740, Air Date: 20 June 2011. Greetings, kind viewers, and welcome to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms on Supreme Master Television. Today, June 20, is World Refugee Day, designated by the United Nations to affirm the solidarity of the international community to assist refugees in creating a bright future for all. This day also recognizes the significant contribution of refugees around the globe. In today’s program, we will take a closer look into the plight of our brethren who are unfortunately deprived of their homes. A refugee is someone who flees his or her hometown to seek safety elsewhere. Although refugees are more commonly understood as people who seek asylum outside of their country, internally displaced people, who have to evacuate from within their own native land, also share similar desperate situations. The term “boat people” came to the forefront during the exodus of Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees in the late 1970s. Many lives succumbed in the high sea to capsizing waves and boat damage, or endured food and water shortage, and pirate attacks. Boat people have also come from other parts of the world, such as Cuba, Haiti, Morocco, and Albania. Even when they stay in temporary camps, they could face forced repatriation and, in hopelessness, some have been known to end their precious lives. Empathizing with their deep suffering, several times in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Supreme Master Ching Hai visited refugee camps in Hong Kong and the Philippines to care for and comfort the Aulacese refugees. In addition, Supreme Master Ching Hai tirelessly traveled around the world, including to the United States, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Thailand, Formosa (Taiwan) among other countries as well as the United Nations, to speak with government officials and the media, offering her unconditional assistance to relocate the refugees and brought much needed attention to this urgent issue. Today still, millions of people around the world live as refugees. The combined population of both refugees and those displaced within their native lands is approximately 37 million in more than 150 countries. About half the refugee population are children. As of December 31, 2005, Sudan has the most number of internally displaced people, with over 5 million. Countries with the largest source of refugees are Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar (Burma), Sudan, and the Palestinian Territories. Some endure life in refugee camps for months, or even years. Oftentimes, members of families are separated, sometimes for long periods of time. They must live without knowing when they may see their loved ones again. The most common causes of refugees are wars, climate change, persecution, oppression, and economic hardship. Sometimes, multiple refugee issues affect an entire region. For example, Bangladesh hosts approximately 230,000 refugees from Myanmar (Burma), while concurrently coping with 6.5 million climate displaced persons within her land. The Democratic Republic of Congo provides residence for over 180,000 refugees from neighboring nations, yet it’s also the place of origin of approximately 450,000 refugees. Not only that, there are about 2 million internally displaced people in the country as well. While waiting for resettlement, refugees reside in camps set up by governments or non-governmental organizations for shelter, food, and medical aid. There are approximately 700 refugee camps around the world, each holding about 20,000 people on average. Although camps are meant for temporary stay, sometimes they become long-term residence because refugees have nowhere else to go. The majority of Palestinian refugees in Lebanese camps, for example, have stayed for generations since 1948. Wars are one of the biggest root causes of present-day worldwide refugee issues. The 2003 Iraq war rendered over 4.7 million people homeless, which is more than 16% of the Iraqi population. The war between the Pakistani government and Taliban in Pakistan’s northern territories has uprooted more than 3 million civilians since 2004. Beginning in 2003, one-third of Darfur residents, or over 2.5 million people, fled their homes during the Darfur conflict in Sudan. The Colombian conflict that lasted almost 50 years has led to an estimated 2.6 to 4.3 million internally displaced people. Refugees reportedly suffer from physical, emotional, and psychological traumas. Not only have they lost their homes, loved ones, and valuables, they may also lack food, clean water, and medicine. Some refugees suffer from the life-impairing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The symptoms include frequent flashbacks of traumatic events, anxiety, memory loss, insomnia, nightmares, and survivor guilt. PTSD has been diagnosed among 28.3% of Bosnian refugee women 3 to 4 years after they arrived in Sweden. In another study, 34% of Palestinian children, mostly refugees, were found to have PTSD. All refugees also have to cope with the stress of adapting to a new environment. Resettled refugees often find that they have less family time due to survival pressure, self isolation for fear of causing burden to others, and loss of their own cultural pride. Over the years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken compassionately on the dire predicament of war refugees. And these refugees or people, they are traumatized. They have also psychological need, very difficult. Their house has burned down, their pets die in the war, their husband’s gone, missing. Their children lost legs and arms and they have no money because they run away from home empty-handed. The term “environmental refugees” refers to people displaced by natural disasters and the effects of climate change such as rising sea level, persistent drought, and desertification. It is estimated that there will be as many as 50 million environmental refugees by 2020. Climate refugees face issues such as food security and medical challenges. For example, increased sea level has caused lands on coastal communities of Bangladesh to immerse in salty water and therefore turn uncultivable. Trees stop bearing fruits, and vegetables don’t grow. At the same time, diseases such as eczema and liver cancer due to the lack of clean fresh water become widespread. Because of this, numerous households have left the land where they have lived for generations. Many climate displaced households of Bangladesh have migrated to Dhaka, the capital of the nation, where they live in packed slums. Nurnahar’s family is one of them. Here, she and her husband collect discards from the streets and sell them to make a paltry amount of money for their survival. Her husband suffers from depression. Their son wants to go to school but they cannot afford it. Sometimes, Nurnahar has to go out to beg for money, pained daily by the loss of her dignity. In her own words, “there is nothing left to live for.” Unfortunately, Nurnahar’s story is not an isolated one. More and more people are becoming environmental refugees day by day. In the documentary “Does Anybody Care if Bangladesh Drowns?,” journalist and environmentalist Afsan Chowdhury concluded from his firsthand experience that climate refugees have become a regular part of life. According to the Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the humanitarian cost to respond to natural disasters has increased ten-fold from 1992 to 2008. Because of the massive illegal migration of environmental refugees from Bangladesh to India, the tension between the two nations has also increased as India started to fence its borders. In an interview with journalist Charles Norton of “The House Magazine,” a weekly British political publication relating to the House of Commons, Supreme Master Ching Hai further expounded on the issue of climate refugees. As a result, more and more countries may have to help cope with the swell of displaced people, hoping they can - if we even can cope with it. In this dire situation when all countries already have to cope with different problems – financial crisis, food crisis - and we have to cope with this sudden surge of immeasurable force of refugees. These situations will only worsen, not improve, until we stop the cause. The cost of assisting all refugees from wars, environmental degradation and other causes is substantial. In 2008 alone, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees spent US$1.6 billion, while the United States, the world’s largest refugee receiving country, spent US$900 million to 2 billion to help relocate refugees. Over the past two decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has donated more than US$28 million for humanitarian causes, with a significant amount going towards direct aid for asylum seekers around the world, from Aulacese (Vietnamese) refugees to people from Chechnya to Rwanda to East Timor and Afghanistan. Some of her contributions are also made quietly and anonymously. Whenever any war breaks out, it could be any of us who will become a refugee. Imagine if we have to go through all the suffering, all the hardship that they have to endure, being just a bystander of the war, being just an innocent citizen of the world. And we also thank groups of people or individuals who are so noble, who opened their heart and opened their home to welcome, to care for the desperate victims of war. In the whole world, we thank them all wherever they are. At this time, as our planet is facing the perils of wars and climate change, extending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in need, is not only a true act of kindness, but is a moral duty. We are specially grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her loving care of God’s children around the globe and for her profound guidance on how we may bring our world to a state of peace and abundance. May all refugees be graced with inner and outer peace on a sustainable Earth, with Heaven’s manifold blessings. Benevolent viewers, thank you for your company today on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Up next on Supreme Master Television is Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, right after Noteworthy News. May generous and sharing lives be an inspiration to us all.
7 Sep 2011
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The clip War breaks out from Duck Soup (1933) with Charles Middleton, Chico Marx I object. Even I object. Then I object too. You're on trial, you can't object. Your Excellency, general Cooper says that the Sylvanian troops are about to land on Freedonian soil. This means war! Something must be done. War would mean a prohibitive increase in our taxes. Hey, I got an uncle lives in Texas. No! I'm talking about taxes, money, dollars. Dallas! That's where my uncle lives, Dallas, Texas! More bad news. Didn't I tell you? Your Excellency. What's on your mind, babe? In behalf of the women of Freedonia, I have taken it upon myself to make one final effort to prevent war. No kidding? I've talked to Ambassador Trentino, and he says Sylvania doesn't want war either. "Either. " Doesn't want war "either. " Either. Skip it. I've taken the liberty of asking the ambassador to come over here. Because we both felt that a friendly conference would settle everything peacefully. He'll be here any moment. Mrs. Teasdale, you did a noble deed. I'd be unworthy of the high trust that's been placed in me if I didn't do everything within my power to keep our beloved Freedonia at peace with the world. I'd be only too happy to meet Ambassador Trentino and offer him on behalf of my country the right hand of good fellowship. And I feel sure he will accept this gesture in the spirit in which it is offered. But suppose he doesn't. A fine thing that'll be. I hold out my hand and he refuses to accept it. That'll add a lot to my prestige, won't it? Me, the head of a country, snubbed by a foreign ambassador! Who does he think he is that he can come here and make a sap out of me in front of my people? Think of it. I hold out my hand and that hyena refuses to accept it. Why, the cheap four-flushing swine! He'll never get away with it, I tell you! He'll never get away with it! Oh, please! So, you refuse to shake hands with me, eh? Mrs. Teasdale, this is the last straw! There's no turning back now! This means war!
27 Nov 2011
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Jeff Glor talks to David Unger, author of "The Emergency State: America's Pursuit of Absolute Security at All Costs," about the inevitability of the U.S. being drawn into a war if there is an Israeli strike against Iran.
10 Sep 2012
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January 16, 1947.The Indochinese conflict broke out in Haiphong after a conflict of interest in import duty at Haiphong port between the Viet Minh government and the French. On November 23, 1946 the French fleet began a naval bombardment of the city that killed over 6,000 Vietnamese civilians in an afternoon according to one source[10] or over 2000 according to another.[11] The Viet Minh quickly agreed to a cease-fire and left the cities. There was no intention among the Vietnamese to give up though, and General Vo Nguyen Giap soon brought up 30,000 men to attack the city. Although the French were outnumbered, their better weaponry and naval support made any Việt Minh's attack impossible. In December, hostilities broke out in Hanoi between the Viet Minh and the French and Ho Chi Minh was forced to evacuate the capital in favor of remote mountain areas. Guerrilla warfare ensued with the French in control of almost everything except very remote areas.
3 Sep 2013
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SPOILERSS HONGO KANATA STARS IN THIS MOVIE : ) as the "village boy" hmm.. sounds pathetic but whatever right? i mean its his first english lang film! sooo you guys gotta watch it. this film is aboutt... this married silk worm smuggler called Hervé (Michael pitt) who travels to japan during the 19thcentury. he then meets this concubine, hara jubei (koji yakusho). However, he seems to be happy with his wife Hélène (keira knightley). then war breaks out in japan and he is told that he must leave and return to france. he then recieves a letter from her written in japanese but then later after his wife dies it turns out that Hélène was the wone who sent the letter since she wanted him to be happy.
24 May 2009
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Texas Senator Dan Patrick announces that Texas has placed its National Guard on "High Alert" - The first time in Modern History, due to the Civil War breaking out in Mexico. Texas has received NO response from the Federal Government to its repeated requests for help. If the National Guard is forced to take defensive action against a Foreign Nation without the approval of the Federal Government, Texas will be breaking Federal Law. WHY DOESN'T THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MATCH ITS CLAIMS AND ...
4 Mar 2009
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Trailer for the first episode of the TOS fan film series Star Trek: Counter Worlds. War breaks out between the Federation and Klingon Empire! This is comprised of clips from 13 seperate episodes including effects from Star Trek New Voyages. Complete Opening Teaser and Act I now on youtube, be sure to check it out! Full length episode is nearing completion! Please be sure to comment on and rate this clip! I use Bingo DVD Ripper: *******www.bingodvdripper****/
14 Jul 2009
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In an exclusive interview with timesnow, Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor extensively speaks about the enhancement of Indian Troops in Ladeakh and Arunachal Pradesh, keeping the chinese threat into view. He has also stated clearly that Indian Army is fully prepared to take on the Chinese if a war breaks out this time, and that the result of 1962 war will not be repeated this time.The territorial integrity of India will be maintained at al costs and by all means
4 Nov 2009
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DISCLAIMER!!! I DO NOT OWN THE MOVIE!!! THE COPYRIGHTS ARE BY COLUMBIA PICTURES!!! Summary: In 1914, a German supply ship is en route to Africa with a cargo of work horses when one of the mares gives birth to a foal. The colt is soon separated from his mother when the ship docks in a mining community, and he has a hard time getting along, but an orphaned boy who works at a stable takes a liking to the little horse and looks after him. When war breaks out, the stable is abandoned and the pony escapes into a nearby desert, where an Oryx antelope and a native girl become his companions and teach him how to survive on his own. Movie Written by: Jean-Jacques Annaud and Jeanne Rosenberg.
30 Oct 2010
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A Mel Gibson film,one of my favourate films,and I love the music very much,so,I made this. The Patriot tells the story of Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), a widowed father of seven children, as he tries to keep his family together during the Revolutionary War. He had fought in the French and Indian War, since married and started a family. He has tried to put his actions in that war behind him, but still carries some guilt and regret from those actions. He fears that his past will come back to haunt him. When war breaks out, his eldest son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) joins the fight against his wishes. Benjamin soon ends up reluctantly joining the fight as well. His successfully leads a militia band against the British until Colonel William Tavington (Jason Isaacs) is ordered to do everything he can to capture or kill Martin and his South Carolina militia.
24 Jun 2011
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Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points War breaks out over war
9 Jul 2011
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The clip extremists taking over from Charlie Wilson's War (2007) with Philip Seymour Hoffman Well, I told you. Told me what? All we had to do was shoot down the helicopters. Listen, not for nothing, but do you know the story about the Zen master and the little boy? Oh, is this something from Nitsa, the Greek witch of Aquilippa, Pennsylvania? Yeah, as a matter of fact, it is. There was a little boy, and on his 14th birthday he gets a horse. And everybody in the village says, "How wonderful! The boy got a horse. " And the Zen master says, "We'll see. " Two years later, the boy falls off the horse, breaks his leg. And everybody in the village says, "How terrible!" And the Zen master says, "We'll see. " Then a war breaks out, and all the young men have to go off and fight, except the boy can't 'cause his leg's all messed up. And everybody in the village says, "How wonderful!" And the Zen master says, "We'll see. " So you get it. No. No, I don't 'cause I'm stupid. You're not stupid. You're just in Congress. Send them money. You can start with the roads. Move on to the schools, factories. Gus, now, it's a party. Restock the sheep herds. Hey. Give them jobs, give them hope. I'm trying. I'm trying. Yeah, well, try harder. I'm fighting for every dollar. Yeah, yeah. I took you from 5 million to a billion. I broke the ice on the Stinger and the MILAN. I got a Democratic Congress in lockstep behind a Republican President. Well, that's not good enough 'cause I'm gonna hand you a code word classified NIE right now, and it's gonna tell you that the crazies have started rolling into Kandahar like it's a fucking bathtub drain. Jesus, Gus, you could depress a bride on her wedding day. Hey. Listen to what I'm telling you.
10 Nov 2011
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