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Dr. Dwight Owens of AskDrO interviews Paula Ward, who is the National Coalition of 100 Black Women President and a breast cancer survivor. For more videos on relationship and health tips, visit www.AskDrO****!
16 Oct 2010
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In the battle between "the look" and personality, Couture took the win as Ann Ward was named "America's Next Top Model" for Cycle 15 on the CW. Carbonated.TV was live with the two finalists as they watched the finale and reacted to the results that they have been keeping secret for four months! This season graced photographer Nigel Barker, Creative Director Jay Manuel, Runway Trainer Miss J Alexander, fashion editor Andre Leon Talley, and of course Tyra Banks in the fashion capital of Italy and struck more than a pose. Tyra Banks faced media backlash as her prime time show was ostracized for promoting unhealthy body images, specifically Ann's... READ MORE AT: ******* *******
23 Dec 2010
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From the debut EP, Prelude to Shun Ward City, in stores now. This is a sexy single with rockets and beautiful girls. Filmed in Houston, Texas at NASA space center.
2 Feb 2011
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Houston RNB Star Shun Ward - Lift Off From Shun Ward's debut EP, Prelude to Shun Ward City available in stores. This video has rockets and beautiful women- a little something for everyone. This was filmed in Houston, Texas at NASA space center. follow on twitter shunward terrybwear and gruvsoul
8 Feb 2011
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The Jack Ward Project "More or Less Demo"
26 Mar 2011
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THE WARD, un thriller psicologico ambientato negli anni '60 che ha come protagonista una giovane donna rinchiusa in un misterioso ospedale psichiatrico, è il primo lungometraggio che il maestro icona del genere horror John Carpenter realizza in sette anni.Kristen (Amber Heard), una giovane donna bella e disturbata, si ritrova coperta di lividi e di tagli, imbottita di sedativi e rinchiusa contro la sua volontà in un inaccessibile reparto di un ospedale psichiatrico. È completamente disorientata e non ha idea di quale sia il motivo per cui è finita in quel posto, né alcuna memoria della sua vita prima del ricovero. La sola cosa che sa è che non è al sicuro.Le altre pazienti del reparto, quattro giovani donne altrettanto disturbate, non sono in grado di fornirle alcuna risposta e ben presto Kristen si rende conto che le cose non sono come sembrano. L'aria è densa di segreti e di notte, quando l'ospedale è buio e sinistro, sente dei suoni strani e terrificanti. A quanto pare non sono sole.Una ad una, le altre ragazze cominciano a scomparire e Kristen deve trovare il modo di fuggire da quel luogo infernale prima di diventare anch'essa una vittima. Mentre lotta per riuscire a scappare, scopre una verità di gran lunga più pericolosa e sconvolgente di quanto chiunque avrebbe potuto immaginare.
1 Apr 2011
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27 Apr 2011
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Scion Installation LA presents an exclusive interview with NOVA Artscapes artist: Rebecca Ward. For more information and content visit us at scionav****/​art/​installationlosangeles
26 May 2011
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Ward No. 6 is a bold update of the short story by Anton Chekhov, set in a provincial psychiatric institute. The lines between documentary and fiction are blurred as a doctor leads a film crew through the many wards, which are populated by real inmates and actors speaking lines from Chekhov’s text. Residing in a secure wing is a former doctor of the institution, his mind having finally succumb to the illness he once treated. A startling reminder of the frailty of sanity in the chaos of the world.
11 Jul 2011
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In The Ward wordt de jonge Kristen tegen haar wil in opgenomen in een psychiatrische instelling. Ze wordt mishandeld en gedrogeerd. Als ze wakker wordt zit ze onder de wonden. Ze heeft geen besef waar ze is en waarom. Ook de vier andere vrouwen die ze ontmoet, hebben problemen en geen antwoorden op Kristens vragen. Al snel komt ze er achter dat de instelling beheerst wordt door duistere geheimen…
1 Sep 2011
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JOHN CARPENTER'S THE WARD, ein psychologischer thriller über eine junge Frau eingesperrt, in eine geheimnisvolle geistige institution in den 60er Jahren, mark iconic horror meister John Carpenter's first feature film in über sieben Jahren. Kristen (Amber Heard), eine schöne, aber angeschlagene junge Frau, findet sich ein Bluterguss, cut, betäubten, und gegen ihren Willen in einer abgelegenen station einer psychiatrischen Klinik. Sie ist völlig verwirrt, keine Ahnung, warum sie war, diesen Ort und die Erinnerung an ihr Leben vor der Zulassung.
29 Sep 2011
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Jeff Ward Racing Welcomes Kyle Chisholm
29 Nov 2011
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