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Filmed in San Francisco, first minute is darked out because the person wasn't pointing the camera in the right direction, can still hear it though
13 Mar 2007
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Professional fine art restorer Emily Greene is in no mood to see the devil-may-care Max Aries. She hasn't forgotten—or forgiven—the way Max dropped into her life a year ago, stole her heart, then vanished without a word. But her fury gives way to fear when Max reveals that his father's death was really murder... and Emily's life is now in danger. Like it or not, to stay alive, Emily must put herself in Max's hands. And once upon a time, that wasn't such a bad place to be. But who would target professional restorers of Renaissance artworks? www.cherryadair****
21 Mar 2007
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You don't see the start of all of this because the camera wasn't ready, but basically she always starts the tickling but knows that I will win.. and brutally win. Here is a demonstration :)
1 Apr 2007
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This actually wasn't the first time I met Caitlin Glass. Nor was it the last. Since I met her originally I've met her on 7 other occasions, and now she knows my name >_<. Her awesome level = max. She is best known for playing Winry on Full Metal Alchemist.
29 Mar 2007
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I was driving down the street to my apt and I saw this light reflecting on the street pole so I grabbed my camera and it turned out to be a ufo, I stop my car, film it, then drive 1 block to my apartment buildings you'll see ahead in the shot and this ufo was trolling the neighborhood. It saw me with the camera and then went around the neighbors house across the street, in their back yard and I got scared after I parked my car, and it came around I was fiddling with the camera because I was so freaked out, this thing at one point slow up and looked at me from behind a garage, this is not the best quality and I didn't have a lot of memory left and I was really in shock, so I tried to get everything but there was a moment where it actually peeped around the corner of the neighbors house looking at me, all things combined I started to panic so I went inside but this is what I caught on tape. For what it's worth. And no it wasn't a airplane, it was in my neighbors back yard and had lights like a airplane but different you can see them lighting up the street light pole and ground, this thing was small and it was WIERD looking, almost like it was trying to be disguised like a airplane but it looked like a footbal or something with bright colorful lights. Too many colors for a airplane though, I was scared, but at first I thought I was seeing things. Please just watch the
2 Apr 2007
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This is a short film I made mostly by myself for a 48 hour filmmaking competition my college held, with the promt of "Find a Penny..." and a maximum lenght of 5 Minutes. I didn't win (save for a special effects award, but there wasn't much in terms of Special FX anyways :P), but the crowd sure enjoyed it, and I guess that's what counts the most.
4 Apr 2007
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We LOVED your spoofs (okay, not ALL of them), so we thought we should do one of our own. Hope you like it! It took FOREVER to make one where Daniel wasn't laughing!!! Music was submitted by a fan! Yay! Mauf - The Truth
3 Apr 2007
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My bro and I were ridin motocross, his bike got a flat tire so he wasn't riding. He then decided that it was a good idea to moon the camera as i was jumping so i decided to flip it off.
4 Apr 2007
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this is some of my lighters,i have about 180+ lighters... some of the lighters wasn't working because they didnt had gas for safty purposes...
12 Apr 2007
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I wasn't sure I can make it. it was hard, but watch and see, everything is possible!
12 Apr 2007
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Some thieving chav tried stealing a pair of speakers that my friend had left outside his house for the bin men to take. But the speakers were VERY heavy... and that chav was determined he wasn't leaving without them :-p
11 Apr 2007
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I tried to enter a description but kept getting an error telling me it wasn't in English. So no description for you!
11 Apr 2007
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Another pseudo commercial. He was cleaning the pool, and he sat down thinking he was drinking water. However, it wasn't...
15 Apr 2007
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Hi everyone, We were quite disturbed on Thursday, as after 11,000 views in a week and 4 days, metacafe abruptly pulled our Anti-Smoking documentary. I received an e-mail, which cited "inappropriate content", but gave no explanation. Illegal content??? So, the millions of other stupid videos with f-bombs and bouncing boobs/butts is "appropriate", but the truth about smoking cigarettes is NOT?!? Yeah, that sure makes a lot of sense... We wondered if the metacafe site wasn't sponsored by big tobacco companies...hmm... So, the site you can be GUARANTEED to see it on and the site that we ask you to forward is: ***********/watch?v
14 Jun 2007
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Cenepedes and mice are old advesaries and most of the time the Cenepedes win the fight, but this little mother wasn't going to have her babies takes so she went out and kicked it's butt.
22 Apr 2007
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Travis wasn't going to give up until he did the double backflip or hurt himself too bad to try again.
22 Apr 2007
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