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I'm not asking for you to vote fro me at all! Don't even waste your time. Just keep in mind, that you people out there there are going absolutely insane out there, uploading videos...F - I mean it's crazy what people will do to get on the show. I'm getting tired of seeing "I'll vote for you if you vote for me..." This is not a damn episode of Deal or No Deal. Give me a break dude! Let's keep it truly real...The Real World? The Real World SHOULD be classified as a college student trying to move up in the world with their given major/degree...getting their first apartment...hell even getting a new car because the other car caught fire...Folks...let's keep it real. Keep in mind that you will never EVERRRRRR forget the name of Dave...Thomas...THOMAS!!!
13 May 2007
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This is just here to distract you visually and waste your time while you attempt to watch the video and try to figure out why you're reading this and "listening" to the video in the background, so if you miss something, you'll probably have to watch it again and make the count go up one higher. Not because I'm sneaky but because I'm clever like that. Unless you're able to do both, in which case, I'd probably want to party/hit in the head with a iron/cook for you. Enjoy
21 Jun 2007
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This is just a useless description of what my video is so you can read about it and watch it at the same time... which is kind of impossible, so I think I'd rather just waste your time and have you read all of this so you might miss something in the video you think you could possibly take in and enjoy, but when that happens you might have to hit the "replay" button again because I'm just the cat's pajamas when it comes to it. Enjoy.
21 Jun 2007
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PC Troubles? Computer Not turning on? Use this tutorial to diagnose your own PC or a friends without having to goto the Computer repair shop wasting your time & money!
21 Jul 2007
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every woman in this world really want have natural beauty, beauty without any make-up. now you all no need to waste your money to buy any products on the market just want to have natural beauty. now you can have natural beauty with your i show you all how to have natural beauty
27 Jul 2007
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This movie wont waste your time like other movies do.
24 Aug 2007
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Stop wasting your money on those rechargeable batteries. i found this great guide on how to recharge batteries for free
29 Aug 2007
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Don't waste yours.
6 Sep 2007
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Discover how You can increase by 89% your Sales by simply implementing this eye-catching new video software into your page within minutes! If you don't have Video Pop In Genius, then you aren't marketing online! You aren't making money right and you're wasting your time on the Net!
10 Sep 2007
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A remake of the 2006 movie "When a Stranger Calls" using the Sims 2. This version takes all the "good parts" (there aren't many, so it's rather short) of the movie and condenses it to an animated form that is at once both spookier and funnier than the real thing. Don't waste your money renting the actual movie, this is much better. ALL of the audio in this video is from the movie itself. *director's note: temporary lapses in quality or continuity are INTENTIONAL. These symbolize the theatrical production, which in itself is one large lapse in quality. Enjoy, and make sure to watch Part II as well!
23 Sep 2007
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before you waste your this
25 Sep 2007
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I am so sorry I've been wasting your time with long videos. I resolve to work harder to not exceed two minutes. Heck I'll even make the descriptions shor
4 Oct 2007
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You shouldn't waste your time watching this nonsense!
14 Nov 2007
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Enjoy this beautiful video. Don't waste your life. Please the ones you love, without forgetting yourself. And don't think it all sucks, you are alive, and that's what's important. Relax with this wonderful music
21 Dec 2007
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25 Dec 2007
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Need MLM/Multilevel/Network Marketing Leads? Looking for a competitive edge in Internet/Online Marketing, Business and Lead Generation? Want to stop wasting your money and time on weak leads and advertising that is too expensive and time consuming? NetBiz****: Making Online Network Marketing Easy! Call John Scevola Toll-Free 1-888-847-2226 X1141 (M-F 9AM-4PM PST)
3 Jan 2008
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