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Tankless water heater repair Los Angeles, CA. Need to get your tankless water heater repaired? Los Angeles tankless water heater specialist is a certified technician in tankless water heaters and repairs. Los Angeles licensed bonded and insured tankless water heater installation and repair company. Call Rush Plumbing at (323) 936-9393 for affordable repair service for your tankless water heater. Los Angeles plumbing contractor is local and arrives at your Los Angeles location quickly. Rinnai, Noritz and Takagi tankless water heater repair specialist for Los Angeles residential and commercial tankless water heater installations. For over 25 years we have been servicing Los Angeles with the best and friendliest water heater repair services. Tankless water heater repair Los Angeles residents trust.
10 Dec 2010
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1:01 - You Can Easily Build Your Own Solar Water Heater and Save up to 33% Off Your Electric Bill Every Month While Helping the Environment. Visit
29 Dec 2010
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1:09 - You Can Easily Build Your Own Solar Water Heater and Save up to 33% Off Your Electric Bill Every Month While Helping the Environment. Visit
1 Jan 2011
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2:02 Rheem 22V50F1 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater has the highest reviews and best pricing.
4 Jan 2011
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1:40 Bosch GL6 Ariston 6-Gallon Electric Water Heater is very reputable in the heater world.
20 Jan 2011
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3:55 This video shows the Eccotemp L5 water heater combined with the Flojet LF122202A Marine Automatic Demand Water Pump in action. This is a quick test that we did to be able to show on video what it looks like when the Eccotemp L5 and the Flojet LF122202A are hooked up together. A demand water pump is normally used in small boats and RVs to provide water pressure to the sink, toilet, etc. but a lot of people have discovered the usefulness of using these water pumps with the Eccotemp L5 to provide excellent water pressure when a garden faucet is not available so we decided to offer both products for sale at our store to save you the trouble of finding a water pump that works well with the Eccotemp L5. Why is the Flojet LF122202A perfect for the Eccotemp L5? - The Eccotemp L5's ideal water pressure is between 20-80 PSI and the Flojet LF122202A is rated at 35 PSI which fits perfectly. It pumps water fast enough for good water pressure but not too fast as to not waste too much water in case you've got a limited supply. - It measures less than 6'1/2" and weighs only 1.3 lbs so it's not cumbersome. - Built-in pressure switch starts and stops the pump automatically when soliciting water(Turning on shower head) - Able to run dry for an extended period of time so no risk of damaging the pump when you run out of water at the source. - Includes built-in thermal protector Where can you use it? The Eccotemp normally uses a garden faucet which provides the water pressure needed for a shower or washing dishes which limits its portability to your backyard. Equipped with the Flojet water pump, it can be taken anywhere where water is available such as water that you're carrying with you, from a bucket, a lake, a stream, you name it. Note that if you pump water from a water source that has little pebbles, for example, make sure to use an in-line water filter to prevent debris damage to the pump. Extra parts used: (Not included with Eccotemp L5 and Flojet water pump) - 1/2" PEX X 1/2" FPT coupling(brass crimp fitting) - Stainless steel hose connector clamp 7/32" O.D. to 5/8" O.D. - 12 AWG electrical wire - Battery testing clips - 7/16" X 5/16" vinyl tubing - Electrical tape How we set it up using the extra parts: 1- Screwed on brass coupling to Eccotemp L5 water inlet. 2- Connected a 3' vinyl tube from brass coupling used in step 1 to the pump water outlet. 3- Tightened 3' vinyl tube to brass coupling using Hose Connector Clamp to make sure it's nice and tight to prevent leaks. 4- Connected an 8' vinyl tube to the pump water inlet. The other end of the tube is submerged in the bucket of water. 5- Connected two 12 AWG wires of 10' each from the water pump's positive and ground wires to two 50 amps battery clips connected to the battery.(Use electrical tape to connect and cover exposed copper wires) All these extra parts can easily be found in any hardware store for under 25$.
17 Mar 2011
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1:43 -- The Advatages of Solar Water Heater One of alternative energy is solar energy. It can be used to reduce cost of living, for example it can be used to heat the water. Solar water heater is pure use sunlight to heat the water. Solar water heater is not using photovoltaic cell then convert to electricity. It is wrong if you think that solar water heater use sunlight then convert to electricity to power electric water heater. How it work? Place solar water heater on the place that most directly hit by sunlight. The collector from solar water heater will use the heat from sunlight to heat the water. When there are no sunlight how it can be used? The water tank is not usual like the other. But the tank can retrain the heat so the water still hot. When the collector is ineffective, the water still hot with that mechanism. We can use the hot water in night time. How about the cost? Solar water heater have variation, it depends on what you want and also depends on the size of the tank. You can build your own solar water heater by yourself with this guide and enjoy the benefit of a solar water heater like any other people. To learn more about solar water heater, please visit :
25 Mar 2011
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0:35 If you've had water damage due to a broken water heater in Roswell, Ga. call Right Way Restoration today at 678.528.7829.
30 Mar 2011
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1:44 Call 563-556-0666 to save money on your utilty bill now. No one wants to install a new water heater unless they have to. Here are a few tips to try first. If you need some extra help you can always call ServiceOne in Dubuque. As Iowa's leading provider of residential and commercial quality heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and major appliance service and repair no job is too small. Make sure to check out all the rebates and specials on our website today!
21 Apr 2011
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1:34 -- Whether you want to finance, rent or own a new gas or electric hot water tank, City Wide Water Heater Service Experts will help you find your way.
4 Jun 2011
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0:55 (336) 944-6909 The Best Greensboro Plumber Is your leaky faucet keeping you awake at 3am? Is your water heater leaking? Do you need help installing your new water heater? Did your sink clog up right before your dinner party? Which Greensboro Plumber are you going to call? The Best Greensboro Plumber Is YOUR Emergency Plumber In The Greater Greensboro Area No matter what type of plumbing problem you experience, the Best Greensboro Plumber can give you piece of mind at a job well done. With the proper license and insurance you do not need to worry. We can assist you whether it's routine maintenance or an emergency. One of the biggest causes of damage to your home is an old water heater. Often times they are located where expensive damage will occur if they fail. Greensboro Plumbers can prevent this damage and expensive clean-up with the proper installation of a new water heater. Call The Best Greensboro Plumber today at (336) 944-6909 If there's a plumbing problem in your home, we'll fix it. There's a long list of things that can go wrong in any home—leaky toilets, water heaters that don't work, clogged pipes, sewer problems, low water pressure. We've seen just about everything and know how to fix it all. Our repair team is available 24×7. We'll be glad to give you a full assessment of any concern you may have. Greensboro Plumber For Your Water Heater Repair and Installation Few things are more frustrating than leaking pipes, clogged plumbing or broken water heaters. Here at The Best Greensboro Plumbing, we take care of all your various plumbing and water problems so that your house continues to run smoothly year round. We have handled every imaginable problem with Greensboro water heaters, leaky faucets, clogged drains, and much more. Whether you need instant assistance with a plumbing emergency or a simple repair, we make ourselves available 24/7 to make sure we're there right when you need us. Call The Best Greensboro Plumber today! (336) 944-6909 greensboro plumber greensboro plumbers greensboro plumbing greensboro water heater greensboro water heater repair greensboro water heater install Fisher Park, NC Cumberland, NC Warnersville, NC Westerwood, NC Nocho Park, NC Lake Daniel, NC Latham Park, NC Glenwood, NC Scott Park, NC Clinton Hills, NC Proximity, NC Irving Park, NC Smith Homes, NC Friendly Homes, NC Sunset Hills, NC Oak Grove, NC Dudley Heights, NC McAdoo Heights, NC
14 Jun 2011
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3:23 *** Get the Eccotemp L5 Water Heater + Flojet LF122202A 12v Water Pump at *** The Eccotemp L5 Water Heater is one of the most popular portable water heaters on the market but it has one big limitation on its portability: since it doesn't have an integrated pump, it relies on a garden faucet to supply the water pressure. So at a campsite or cabin with no running water, getting the L5 to heat water can be a big problem. Luckily, we've found the solution: the Flojet LF122202A 12v Water Pump. Combined with the Flojet Water Pump, the Eccotemp L5 gets the water pressure it needs to provide a nice, warm shower and becomes truly portable as it can now be taken anywhere. Of course, other similar specs water pumps may be used but as we haven't tested them, we can't say how well they work with the L5. What we can say is that the Flojet LF122202A works marvelously well with the L5, as you can see by watching the video. Here are the extra parts needed to connect the Flojet water pump to the Eccotemp L5: (Available at most hardware stores) - 1 x Hose washer - 2 x Wire nuts - 1 x Hose clamp - 1 x 7/16" hose barb x 3/4" male garden hose adapter - 7/16" vinyl tubing - 1 x 12v replacement cord - 1 x Battery clip power adapter Also needed is a way to power the water pump. Here are three different energy sources that can be used to power the water pump: - Battery Starter Pack - 12v battery (Deep cycle battery is better) - 12v power outlet (cigarette lighter plug) *** Get the Eccotemp L5 Water Heater + Flojet LF122202A 12 volt Water Pump at ***
8 Jul 2011
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General Electric Appliances has made an effort to improve the environmental impact of all their home appliances and kitchen appliances including reducing the amount of energy they use and reducing water consumption. A great case in point is the GE GEH50DNSRSA GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater that consumes 62% less energy than a standard electric water heater and is one of the first Energy Star rated water heaters. For more information watch the video and than visit Karl's Appliance store in Fairfield, NJ to see the unit or go online at
13 Jul 2011
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Milan Rosan from presents this 30 Second Tip, highlighting some of the long term benefits of installing a water heater blanket around your water tank. By installing this water heater blanket, not only will you be drastically cutting down your energy bills but also making your water heater tank system more efficient.
14 Jul 2011
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Installing a Water Heater Blanket can play an important roll in not only cutting down your energy costs and usage but also make your water tank system more efficient.
15 Jul 2011
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Welcome to Apt Controls & Appliances Private Limited ( ), manufacturer & exporter of Thermostats & Panel Space Heaters. We are an ISO 9001:2000, D&B certified company, established in the year 1991 at Thane, we have been rated by CRISIL & do hold DUNS number, catering to ABB, AREVA, SIEMENS & other companies. Total client satisfaction, World class quality, Specialized R&D wing, CAD & CAM design unit are some of the features that we offer. Our product range includes Water Heater, Bimetallic Enclosure & Stem Type Thermostats. We offer Stem & Rod Type Water Heater Thermostats that are well known for their impeccable performance. Our Bimetallic Enclosure Thermostats are safe to use and can be customized as per client requirements. We provide stem type thermostats which are available with Plain fixing, Z & L Brackets. Along with that we offer Temperature Limiters & Cutouts that are best in the industry. We also provide Panel Space & Enclosure Heaters in different ratings and sizes. To get the best deals, log on at –
28 Jul 2011
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