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This has to be one of the best loved show experiment amongst Flensburg’s chemistry students: The wax flame thrower! Since the experiment has found its way into the Flensburg laboratories, it has been shown at a number of events to great acclaim from the audience. This experiment is a relatively safe way to demonstrate combustion. It can also be used in fire safety education. If you try to extinguish burning fat or the wax on the Christmas decorations with water, you get the same effect. This is a serious risk, as your intuition will always tell you to use water to put out a fire. But in these cases, that would be the worst thing to do – as this experiment demonstrates. The combustion you can see so clearly in the video comes about through a number of steps. 1. The test tube is around 400° C hot; exposed to the cold water, it cools down rapidly and the bottom of the tube shatters. 2. Through the hole thus caused, water enters the test tube and meets the hot wax. 3. The water in the test tube evaporates immediately, greatly expands in volume and drives the liquid wax upwards and outwards. 4. The liquid wax and further gaseous components are ejected from the tube and finely disseminated. 5. The heat, fine dissemination and consequent high saturation with Oxygen mean that small, cracked particles (Hydrogen radicals) ignite in the waxen steam. 6. The flame of the radical reaction ignites the liquid part of the wax mixture. So, there is also a lot going on chemically with this experiment. Did you enjoy the video? Go to *********** and watch more of my videos. If you have interst, please contact me for shows, presentations or further education. Also do not hesitate to write me, if you have a question or want to see a new experiment on video.
10 Jul 2007
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Voted the best day Spa for a Brazilian Bikini Wax! One of Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa's most popular services is the Brazilian wax performed by Brazilian born Aesthetician, and her highly trained staff. This technique goes a step beyond the traditional bikini wax and can usually last up to 3 to 4 weeks! Known in the valley as "The Queen of Waxing "! Featured as an expert on waxing on several television stations, radio stations & Newspapers. How to prepare for a Brazilian Bikini wax? 1. If you are very sensitive in that area take an Advil 30 minutes before. 2. You should trim your hairs to about 2cm or less (but leave enough for the wax to hold on to). 3. Come in 30 to 45 minutes before your appointment or the day before and purchase our exclusive numbing cream that will numb up the area 70% to 80%. Call Now 602-952-8446!
17 Aug 2007
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Hot Bikini Waxing Girls!
7 Sep 2007
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hot wax and a bee
8 Sep 2007
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Girls Getting A Bikini Wax Guys we have got to admit we do have it easy. Here is a video of about 20 girls getting a bikini wax. Some of their reactions were pretty funny but I am sure the most classic reaction was probably mine when I saw one of the particpants
9 Sep 2007
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Wax Museum Madame Tussaud
13 Sep 2007
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Wax on, Wax Off - Candles Melting Time Lapse Video
16 Sep 2007
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A sample a wax figures at a museum in london... there are about 200 wax figures of famous personalities...... it was one of my most beautiful journeys....
21 Sep 2007
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make your guitar shine, I'll show you the trick to waxing your guitar without spending money and getting better results!
26 Sep 2007
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To buy the full-length version of this DVD, visit *******www.videoshelf****/ Two experts, Eva Mileski and Teresa Halencak, demonstrate waxing techniques for the back, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, nostrils and ears. Includes complete step-by-step men's Brazilian bikini waxing techniques. Shows how to use soft wax on the back, chest, shoulders, arms and neck and hard wax on the bikini and genital area, buttocks, nostrils and ears. Contains full nudity. "Worth a Look" in Dermascope, Mar. 2005; Featured in Renew, 2003 (120 minutes)
30 Oct 2007
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To buy the full-length version of this DVD, visit *******www.videoshelf****/ Three experts, Enesa Seremet, Eva Mileski and RJ McCasland, provide advanced demonstrations on male and female models and show how to use hard wax on the eyebrows, lip, jaw line, chin, nostrils and ears and how to use soft wax on the eyebrows and lip. Professional makeup artist RJ McCasland demonstrates eyebrow shaping using micro scissors. "Worth a Look" in Dermascope, Mar. 2005 (110 minutes)
16 Nov 2007
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Hope this video helps with waxing your snowboard
2 Feb 2008
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My girlfriend waxes the back of my head for americas funniest home videos.
26 Jan 2008
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Kyle_s Chest Wax
27 Jan 2008
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Half a litre of alcohol dropped in to 500 grams of boiling wax. We also attempted this whit boiling cooking oil , but had to stop the "experiment" when the surrounding nearly caught fire :D
12 Feb 2008
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Find news on SRK's new wax statue in Paris, Bollywood stars join save the tiger campaign, Shorton opera festival starts in Dharamshala
10 Mar 2008
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