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Michelin Man Flexes His Muscles in New Ad; Communicates Commitment and Vision to Improving Mobility for All Michelin, the premier tire manufacturer in the world, has created a new North American marketing campaign that demonstrates the company's evolution as a tire manufacturer as well as its commitment to society, the environment and protecting people on the road. Michelins A Better Way Forward slogan will come to life in this multi tier media campaign across television, radio, print and online media that communicates across several platforms, including: Interactive Web site www.michelinman****/forward: A new Web property that provides a glimpse inside Michelin, showcasing the companys activities to create a greener world, maintain its dedication to safety and continue its high standards of performance and engineering. Television commercial: A 30 second spot called Workshop that describes how Michelin implements its commitment to safety and the environment. This spot debuted surrounding the Super Bowl with a spot in Pre-Game and Post Game activity. Print advertisements: A series of new print and online advertisements that feature the innovative presentations of the Michelin Man, including Flex, a new ad which emphasizes the strength and endurance of Michelin tires. The 108 year old Michelin Man is front and center in the new campaign; but he has evolved, becoming a modern, socially responsible icon similar to the way Michelin, as a company, has evolved to outfit vehicles and meet the changing needs of consumers while maintaining its position as the leader in tire innovation and technology for over a century. For example, a 1905 advertisement depicts the Michelin Man with cigar to lips in a French wrestling-style leopard loincloth, air-kicking his way through town. Now, a smoke-free, slimmed down Michelin Man enhances roads and parks as alternatives to sending end of life tires to landfills. He is shown in the new TV commercial installing recycled rubber material in a childrens playground to communicate the companys commitment to finding alternative uses for end of life tires. As one of the top five most reputable companies in the world, Michelin embraces its role and influence in laying a strong foundation to finding a better way forward for all, said Parmeet Grover, brand director for Michelin. The Better Way Forward campaign aims to articulate our focus and dedication to the environment, building on our heritage of safety and ensuring our products lead in quality and performance. A key focus of this new campaign will encourage consumers to explore the Michelin world through the new Web site, offering a variety of experiences such as discovering Michelins dedication to key social issues as well as fun downloadable images and vintage commercial advertisements of the Michelin Man. Using state of the art Flash technology, the Web site features detailed images and videos to guide visitors through important information including driving safety tips and new tire innovations. www.michelinman****/forward. One of the first print advertisements of the campaign features the Michelin Man flexing his muscles, a symbol of Michelin tires endurance and longevity on the road, which not only lowers the cost of ownership, but also ensures that performance is maintained longer for enhanced safety. The essence of A Better Way Forward is also captured in the new television commercial that depicts the inner workings of Michelin through an animated workshop featuring the setting of the iconic Michelin Man, who is hard at work pursuing the company's ongoing quest for better mobility solutions. The commercial features the same computer generated animation techniques used for feature films to take the viewer through the Michelin Man workshop to see how Michelin is striving to provide drivers with tires that are safer and more fuel efficient than ever before, while also respecting the environment. The television commercial, and a short video on how it was made, can be viewed in the lounge area at www.michelinman****/forward. Michelins primary goal for the campaign is to convey the freedom of mobility and the confidence and security that come from the uncompromising performance of Michelin tires. This campaign articulates Michelin's commitment to better mobility for individuals and society at large. Developed by Detroit-based Campbell Ewald, the campaign began in February and runs throughout 2007 across television, radio, print and online.
26 Mar 2007
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4/11/2009 Austin, TX A New Way Forward organized a national day of protest against the banking bailouts and the heavy presence of bank interests in control of our governmental policy.
12 Apr 2009
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A2: Food Security: Challenges and Way Forward in South Asia Chair: Syeduzzaman, Former Finance Minister, Bangladesh Invited Speaker: David Orden, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC N. Mukherji, Professor and Senior Advisor, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, India Special Comments: Sumith Nakandala, DG, Economic Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Sri Lanka Mirwais Rahimzai, Executive Director, Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC), Afghanistan Shakeel A. Ramay, Senior Research Associate, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan Kamalesh Adhikari, Ph.D. Scholar, The Australian National University, Canberra
20 Nov 2012
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A2: Food Security: Challenges and Way Forward in South Asia Chair: Syeduzzaman, Former Finance Minister, Bangladesh Invited Speaker: David Orden, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC N. Mukherji, Professor and Senior Advisor, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, India Special Comments: Sumith Nakandala, DG, Economic Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs, Sri Lanka Mirwais Rahimzai, Executive Director, Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC), Afghanistan Shakeel A. Ramay, Senior Research Associate, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan Kamalesh Adhikari, Ph.D. Scholar, The Australian National University, Canberra
20 Nov 2012
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This summer, the NFWI teamed up with Sky to launch a nationwide search to to find the ultimate WI member - or W-Icon. Launched at the WI AGM in June, thousands of entries were painstakingly whittled down to just 10 finalists who were judged by a panel of three celebrity judges and representatives from Sky and the WI. The winners, Emma Cunningham, 35, from Hampshire and Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE, 67, from Wales, went on to host an innovative series of practical learning guides to be screened from October 2008. Each W-Icon will also pick up £10,000 to donate to a local community project of their choice. The six short programmes are packed with invaluable tips and easy "I wish I'd thought of that" solutions on a wide range of subjects, including; economical housekeeping, energy saving in the home, common-sense green gardening, creative needlework and making the most of the internet. In a slight departure from subjects the WI are well-known for there is also a guide to sexual health advice for the over 50's.
16 Oct 2008
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The UK’s independent think-tank organisation, Chatham House, publishes a new book on the relationships between climate change and the world’s forests; and highlights what needs to be done to further protect the world’s environment.
22 Oct 2008
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30 Jun 2009
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Start a membership website the easy way instead of the traditional way. Visit the site now to request more info. Copy and paste the address into your browser: *******www.michellestrait****/Build%20a%20Membership%20Website.html
21 Oct 2009
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*******www.moneyextra****/loans Small,medium sized enterprises in the UK are favouring overdrafts over bank loans despite higher rates of interest 1 in 3 had applied for a new overdraft in the past 2 years compared to just 1 in 5 for a bank loan
24 Jan 2010
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Dreams can come true is a popular statement which has caught the attention across all ages and social barriers. True to its definition, a dream being a subjective experience of imaginary images, sounds/voices, words, thoughts or sensations, is being brought to reality in Dubai. Desert Dream Real Estate was formed at the turn of the millennium after carefully studying the rapidly emerging and very affordable Dubai property market, for single and multiple purchasers. Over the last few years the potential and profitability of being a property owner in Dubai is there for all to see. With our wealth of talent and well experienced sales force, we are able to cater for clients requiring one apartment to investors requiring floors or full buildings. In a very short space of time, we have been able to establish sole agent relationships with many of the well renowned developers in Dubai, allowing us to offer our clients, sort after locations at the very best and competitive of prices. We are flexible and responsive to our clients needs and continue to study the market place for quality residential and commercial projects with low investment and high returns. We thrive on getting the best for our clients, our world wide client base is evidence of the increasing confidence our customers have and continue to have in us by recommending us to their families friends and associates. Our whole team endeavor to provide our clientele with excellent experience, value and personalized services according to their individual needs. When we make a commitment, we like to abide by it. We promise to provide feedback to all our clients on all occasions. We see that the best way forward is by offering added value service now and for the future. Like we say, Dubai is not a fantasy it is a Desert Dream.
16 Jan 2008
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Magnetic Sponsoring blows this myth right out of the water, as the author shows that there is another approach to the “ work from home MLM business “. You can have a small taster of this information, like you will get in the book, by signing up to receive the free 7 Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp videos. These videos will give you a good idea of Mike Dillard’s system and what it takes to make your network marketing home business a complete and utter success. Magnetic Sponsoring - How to Attract Endless New Distributors and Customers, to give the book's full title, can be regarded as a MLM training manual. In a moment, I will list the chapters of the book and give you a sneak preview of what you will learn. Chapter 1: Understanding The Source Of Attraction Here Mike Dillard describes how to become the ultimate Alpha Networker, by having the right multi level marketing mindset and setting you on the path of being the pursued and not the pursuer. Chapter 2: How To Acquire My 7-Figure Mindset Ponder on this - what is the real difference between you and Bill Gates (besides the millions of dollars)? It's not friends, family, education or a buff body, no it all comes down to the thoughts you think and the thoughts that Bill thinks. Lead Marketing MLM success is already inside you, this chapter will help coax it out. Chapter 3: Your Business Has Nothing To Do With Your Company According to Mike Dillard, promoting your actual network marketing company is not the way forward to success however work from home MLM business success does depend on marketing a prospecting system, which can be duplicated for each and every person that becomes a new distributor for you. This is an interesting one! Chapter 4: The Secret to Becoming A Professional Mike Dillard is the true professional so I’ll leave this one for him to explain for when you pick up your own copy of Magnetic Sponsoring. Chapter 5: An Introduction to Magnetic Sponsoring Building on chapter three, the premise here is that solving people's problems is the fastest way to riches and success. If you give your downline effective ways to market their business, you will be solving them a major problem and at the same time you will be well on the way to your own work at home internet marketing business success. Chapter 6: How To Find Your Best Prospects The best people to target with your MLM promotion is other networkers, MLM'ers or people in direct selling. Once they see you as being successful, they will flock to you. Hint: you won't be business opportunity marketing. Chapter 7: How To Create A True Business Franchise Mike Dillard describes in detail the business model that you should base your own home business marketing on, making mlm recruiting easy attracting leads and distributors to your downline, helping you to get that residual income you most likely wish to have. Chapter 8: The Secrets of Magnetic Marketing Psychology Learn the significance of the quote below by Perry Marshall: "Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes - NOT information about drills!" Chapter 9: How To Position Yourself As An Expert And Attract Leads To You According to Mike providing solutions to other network marketers, is really what the success boils down to, as you start to attract lots more followers who will become your business builders. Chapter 10: Funded Proposals: How to get paid To Prospect, Even When People Don't Join Your team. By selling a solution, separate to your network marketing opportunity, you can fund your home based business marketing, without getting MLM sales. These customers can be contacted regularly on your list, and could be potential future distributors. Another great chapter! Overall Assessment Although Magnetic Sponsoring does not show you how to do market online exactly step by step, it is a masterpiece in describing a great alternative approach for network marketers to take. If you want to know more about how market successfully online, Mike Dillard has also put together a course like this, which you will be exposed to once you become a Magnetic Sponsoring customer. Magnetic Sponsoring will give you MLM training and the best advice on home business advertising to make sure that you almost effortlessly attract the best and most profitable home based business marketing leads. It also brings MLM sponsoring back to life, by showing that MLM recruiting and MLM home business promotion can be fun and easy. The internet marketing message contained within Magnetic Sponsoring can be applied to most, if not all, home business marketing efforts. It is a hype free book, with content that is easy to understand and apply. You will get a detailed blueprint of how to be successful in your home business. Considering its low price and high value, I give it my highest recommendation. It is one of those books that opens Pandora's box in your brain, so be prepared!
1 Mar 2011
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Prominent figures from the search industry tell Jon Myers how they envisage the future of search. Here Google's Hamish Nicklin explains why Google's Universal Search definitely shows the way forward. For more info visit www.latitudegroup****
28 Mar 2008
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Vice chancellors, senior academics and company directors met in Sydney to debate the way forward in university governance. For more information, visit www.informa****.au
16 Apr 2008
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Cash gifting is the way forward you can join our programme for under $100. So don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Unlike other programmes we will be there with you all the way. You will have you're mentor who will be their to answer any questions that you might have. And with our unique programme you will have everything you need in the back office to build a successful future.If you're interested in finding out more please visit my website or e-mail me. Thank you link *******www.cashgift4you.webs**** Email-cashgiftingfreegooglemail****
29 May 2008
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******* Ignore past performance. Currency trading is by its nature future driven. You cannot look to the past to chart the way forward. You look at global events such as an impending war or great financial news expected from the U.S. Treasury and you make value judgements on the probable effect on the currencies.
19 Aug 2008
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This girl shows the way forward for all sexy ladies how to exercise
26 Aug 2008
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