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a Karate Style Inside Leg Kick, Demonstarted from the Show, Human Weapon Fridays on the History Channel ( CHeck your Local Listings ) this Move is called the ' Gedan Mawashi Geri '
19 May 2008
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George Mallios is considered the godfather of Kick Boxing in Greece. In this video he participated in History Channel's "Human Weapon" episode of Pankration.
19 May 2008
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Speech by Elizabeth Lynne MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on : Global treaty to ban uranium weapons [on behalf of the Group] [Language EN original] Lynne_080521_171449_obog_en
25 May 2008
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The revolutionary MK-16 Combo all-in-one Armorer’s Fold-out Multi-tool performs 11 different maintenance operations on the M16, A1, A2, M4, and AR15. This is a dream tool for weapons maintenance.
31 May 2008
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This Showes You How To Use CrYsiS Weapons To Adapt To Survive !
12 Jun 2008
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Treavor Read's Extreme Weapons Form at the 2008 Battle of Florida. This video provided by KICKgen**** & Blitzkick****
21 Jun 2008
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Micayla Johnson's Extreme Weapons Form at the 2008 Battle of Florida. This video provided by KICKgen**** & Blitzkick****
21 Jun 2008
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Mark Cuttin Weapons Form at the 2008 Battle of Florida. This video provided by KICKgen**** & Blitzkick****
21 Jun 2008
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Damian Rodriguez 's Traditional Weapons Form at the 2008 Battle of Florida. This video provided by KICKgen**** & Blitzkick****
7 Aug 2008
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A 1 minute sample from "Target Practice"-Combat Weapons- A practical message about the weapons every Christian believer has at his or her disposal. This is a true Red-Neck episode with plenty of munitions and bullets flying everywhere. The message of spiritual firepower comes through with great clarity and impact. A Youthbyte Production-2008 www.youthbytes****
5 Nov 2008
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*******www.eveningsecretfishing**** - A swarm of fish being created by an old school fishing weapon this guy calls the "Evening Secret".
9 Feb 2009
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This film was produced in order to educate U.S. Air Force members about atomic bombs. Through a combination of animation and stock footage of actual bomb tests, the bombs themselves are thoroughly explained and described. The film then sets out to dispel the “myth” that atomic bombs can be dangerous in peacetime. In a striking example of American propaganda, the film shows various situations during which a bomb might be dropped or otherwise damaged during peaceable transport and reassures the audience that the explosions that might result are not dangerous in any way. This film was an attempt to calm and reassure US Air Force pilots about the dangers of nuclear weapons, nuclear attacks and about nuclear war in general.
15 Feb 2009
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This is a video showing how military weapon testing can harm the innocent. Subscribe to our channel if you liked the video.
11 Jul 2008
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CNN's Ed Lavendera reports that Congress is giving $100 million to pay security expenses for this summer's political conventions. Denver and St. Paul officials have said that the types of weapons being purchased are "top secret." The ACLU is suing both cities to disclose how security money is being ROBERTS: Pepper ball rifles, goo guns, sonic rays. some are wild rumors but some may not be. some may protect our political convention this year. Ed Lavandera in Denver where the democrats will meet and he's got more. LAVENDERA: To prepare for this summer's political conventions, Congress is giving the host cities, Denver and St. Paul, Minnesota, $50 million each to pay for security expenses. But what exactly that money is being spent on is top secret here in denver. NEWMAN: $25 million buys a lot of very interesting things. LAVENDERA: Bob Newman is an anti-terrorism consultant, helping Denver companies prepare for the Democratic convention. He's anxious to see what kind of crowd control weaponry authorities will deploy for the convention. NEWMAN: There are also crazy rumors going around. LAVENDERA: City officials and the police department won't talk about most of the weapons and equipment they're buying. FLEENER: This is your pepper rounds. LAVENDERA: But confirmed one report several hundred thousands of high powered pepper ball rifles will be used to disperse crowds. FLEENER: When that hits, the ball breaks, powder expels. the same reaction as pepper spray. Except it's powder. LAVENERA: Congressional testimony revealed there will be specialized gas detection equipment and biohazard equipment. Then there are the science fiction-like weapons that may or may not be part of the arsenal, like the goo gun. SECURITY CONSULTANT: It shoots a rubbery gelatin mass when it strikes the body and comes out in a stream it wraps around limbs and the torso and the person can't move. LAVENERA: It can make a Humvee have spin in place. Then there are the weapons that would make unruly crowds run for cover like a sonic ray gun, a device which emits an ear piercing sound and a microwave device that can be focused on an area and can make you feel like your skin is on fire. The ACLU has sued the city of Denver to find out if these weapons are in the arsenal. SILVERSTEIN: Instead of asking the public, "How come you want to know?" Maybe the question should posed to the government, "Why are you interested in keeping this secret?" NEWMAN: Rational people are not concerned. Those concerned are the ones causing problems. LAVENDERA: In Minnesota where republicans are holding their convention, the ACLU says it's trying to find out how security money is being spent but law enforcement agencies insist these weapons should be kept secret so they have the upper hand in keeping the convention safe. Link: Get Your New And Update Here ***********/user/TeamTripleGz3
23 Jan 2010
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Door Buster future weapon
23 Jul 2008
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gaara fighting the ultimate weapons henchmen. band seven dust song driven. 3rd amv. I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME OR THE MUSIC
30 Sep 2009
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