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Demonstration of how to make a variety of blades and weapons for our Deadpool cake. Including how to make a sword that appears to be going through a cake.
7 Apr 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 What is Radiation Exposure? Radiation is energy in the form of particles or waves. Radiation is emitted naturally in sunlight and is also made by man for use in X-rays, cancer treatment, and for nuclear facilities and weapons. Long-term exposure to small amounts of radiation can lead to gene mutations and increase the risk of cancer, while exposure to a large amount over a brief period can lead to radiation sickness. Some examples of the symptoms seen in radiation sickness include nausea, skin burns, hair loss and reduced organ function. In severe cases, exposure to a large amount of radiation can even cause death. In terms of radiation in relation to health, two forms of radiation can be considered: non-ionising radiation (low energy radiation) and ionising radiation (high energy radiation). As the more powerful form of radiation, ionising radiation is more likely to damage tissue than non-ionising radiation. The main source of exposure to ionising radiation is the radiation used during medical exams such as X-ray or computed tomography scans. However, the amounts of radiation used are so small that the risk of any damaging effects is minimal. Even when radiotherapy is used to treat cancer, the amount of ionising radiation used is so carefully controlled that the risk of problems associated with exposure is tiny. Examples of non-ionising radiation include visible light, microwaves, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, infrared radiation, radio waves, radar waves, mobile phone signals and wireless internet connections. The main source of non-ionising radiation that has been proven damaging to health is UV-radiation. High levels of UV-radiation can cause sunburn and increase the risk of skin cancer developing. Some researchers have suggested that the use of telecommunications devices such as mobile phones may be damaging, but no risk associated with the use of these devices has yet been identified in any scientific studies
11 Apr 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Radiation: Handle with care. There are two basic types of radiation, ionizing and nonionizing. Nonionizing radiation comes in the form of light, radio waves, microwaves, and radar. This kind of radiation does not usually cause tissue damage. Ionizing radiation has immediate chemical effects on human tissue. X-rays, gamma rays, and particle bombardment through a neutron beam, electron beam, protons, mesons, and others give off ionizing radiation. This type of radiation can be used for medical testing and treatment, industrial and manufacturing purposes, weapons development, and more. A high dose of radiation can be fatal within hours or days. This could happen during total body radiation, such as in preparation for a bone marrow transplant, or it could be the result of an accident, such as a nuclear explosion. Repeated exposure to radiation can damage the cells of the body by changing the chemical composition. It can be dangerous, triggering genetic changes that can be permanent or temporary. If exposure affects the genes, or DNA, it can lead to benign or cancerous tumors and cataracts. Radiation sickness is often associated with radiotherapy, a common treatment for cancer. The aim is to kill the cancerous cells, but healthy cells can be affected too. The dose of radiation used depends on the type of radiotherapy, the way it is administered, and the type of cancer. Common effects that result from radiation therapy include hair loss, damage to the salivary glands, and nausea and vomiting. If the radiation is external, for example, when a beam is directed from outside to destroy a tumor, say, in the neck, the skin may be irritated or burned. Long-term side effects can appear years later, and they include infertility, memory loss, and occasionally, a second cancer.
13 Apr 2017
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In this video I play BF1 for the first time. I have to say I really enjoy this game. The maps in this game are massive and the weapons are awesome. In the footage I mostly play as a scout however, I did switch from medic, support, and assault a few times. I actually did not know how to Snipe in this game. So these are my best moments sniping Battlefield 1. Also, at the end of the video the craziest thing happen. A burning blimp came crashing down on my head! the sound that comes from this game is amazing and realistic. I will definitely be playing more of this so stay tuned for more uploads of Battlefield multiplayer gameplay!!
16 Apr 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 The following information pertains to radiation exposures of women who are pregnant and have questions about the risk of birth defects and miscarriage. It is also for men and women who are concerned about radiation exposures they have had that might impact the development of their sperm or their eggs ova and their risk of passing on genetic diseases because of the radiation exposure. Radiation doses at levels known to cause observable health effects rarely occur on purpose except for some medical radiation therapies. By now you have to be asking what the level of radiation dose is for procedures you are familiar with, like x-ray examinations, compared to the doses in the chart. We want to get to that, but we first need to talk about radiation and cancer. Using radiation offers many societal benefits, but what is radiation exactly? The term radiation covers a lot of things, but they are not all the same. When someone mentions the word radiation, we might think of the big mushroom cloud from a nuclear weapon explosion, the microwaves in our microwave oven, how our cell phones work, getting a suntan in a tanning salon, having a chest x ray, or nuclear power plants. In the broad category of radiation, the broad definition includes all of those things and more. We need to narrow that broad definition of radiation to talk about the type of radiation that is the focus of information on this site. Radiation is energy in the form of waves beams or particles. Radiation waves are generally invisible, have no weight or odor, and have no positive or negative charge. Radioactive particles are also invisible, but they have weight which is why they are called a particle and may have a positive or negative charge. Some radiation waves can be seen and felt (such as light or heat), while others such as x rays can only be detected with special instrumentation.
21 Apr 2017
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I made English subtitles for an excellent Chinese animation Below is the brief plot of The Young Imperial Guard In Ming dynasty, legend goes that there is an ancient deity's book covering a wide range of technical issues, including the unique method of manufacturing the weapons of deity, which has the power to destroy everything. He who gets that book rules the entire nation. Reportedly, in ancient times, deity made the royal family keep the book, as a sign of acknowledging their ruler-ship. However, in Yuan dynasty, the Mongolians invaded the central plain and ruled the nation. There was chaos everywhere and the book which was supposed to be enshrined in the Imperial Palace was somehow missing and reappeared in the outlaw societies,luring lots of forces to fight for it. When Han people regained the ruler-ship in Ming dynasty, though the deity's book was found back and enshrined in the Imperial Palace again, those outlaw forces already knew that the book was more than just a legend! It did exist! So they plotted to steal it out. There are there most famous robbers in the outlaw societies: Hell-fire monk, Hua Daochang the thousand-face fox) and Duan Yun in white. One day, on the ghost festival, they sneaked into the Imperial Palace, trying to steal the most precious treasure, competing for the title of " the most famous robber". At last, the hell-fire monk stole the deity' s book. The emperor founded the Imperial Guard to serve as his personal bodyguards and imperial secret polices and spies, among whom, there was a young and inexperienced guard—Yuan Xiaotang,the hero of this animation. The emperor demanded the Imperial Guard catch the three robbers and find back the book. That's how the story begun!
23 Apr 2017
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In 1942, the Luftwaffe, aware of the development of a long-range rocket by the German army, began intensive development of a rival weapon, a ramjet Flying Bomb. The Flying Bomb entered service ahead of the Army 's rocket and became known as the V-1. Launched from ramps situated in the Pas de Calais, Flying Bombs were used to attack London in an offensive that commenced on June 13th 1944. Basically simple in design, the Flying Bomb was an economical and effective weapon of war. Traveling at speeds of up to 440 mph, it severely tested the air-defences of England. In early September 1944, the Flying Bomb launch sites were overrun by advancing Allied armies. In a three-month offensive, the bombs killed over 5,000 Londoners, maiming and wounding many thousands more.
27 Apr 2017
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PSYCHO POLITICO LP - Governments gone insane. MIT weapons expert says Syrian chemical was staged. False Flag event. Who staged it? See Psycho Politico - Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel of Heaven in the Celestial Green Forest FREE SONG DOWNLOaD "Cinderella Exorcism Guitar" Google Supernatural Gears
27 Apr 2017
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These electronic weapons can destroy anything
4 Jul 2006
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Master Yuan Xiu Gang performing a special Wudang Daoist weapon form.
16 Aug 2006
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Master Yuan Xiu Gang performing the Wudang Fangbian Chan, a special Daoist weapon form. www.wudanggongfu****
9 Aug 2006
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Check out these weapons from WW2.
29 Aug 2006
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weapon made from rock of meteor
24 Oct 2006
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Various weapons filmed in slow motion
20 Nov 2006
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We have biological weapons that could kill us all; We have bombs that could not only destroy this planet but our sun and the solar system. Tell me, why do we have these things? What are they for?
26 Dec 2006
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I discovered how to unlock and change ANY weapon in Battlefield 2.Works with any version of BF2 but not online.Feedback appreciated!
30 Jan 2007
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