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The treatment you choose will be based on how bad your symptoms are and how much they bother you. Your doctor will also take into account other medical problems you may have. Treatment options include "watchful waiting," lifestyle changes, medicines, or surgery. If you are over 60, you are more likely to have symptoms. But many men with an enlarged prostate have only minor symptoms. Self-care steps are often enough to make you feel better. If you have BPH, you should have a yearly exam to monitor your symptoms and see if you need changes in treatment. SELF-CARE For mild symptoms: * Urinate when you first get the urge. Also, go to the bathroom when you have the chance, even if you don't feel a need to urinate. * Avoid alcohol and caffeine, especially after dinner. * Don't drink a lot of fluid all at once. Spread out fluids during the day. Avoid drinking fluids within 2 hours of bedtime. * Try NOT to take over-the-counter cold and sinus medicines that contain decongestants or antihistamines. These drugs can increase BPH symptoms. * Keep warm and exercise regularly. Cold weather and lack of physical activity may worsen symptoms. * Learn and perform Kegel exercises (pelvic strengthening exercises). * Reduce stress. Nervousness and tension can lead to more frequent urination.
20 Sep 2017
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During a deadly storm, a news reporter faced an unfortunate fate as she emotionally spoke about the weather and got slammed by a stop sign.
22 Sep 2017
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This weather lady just can't stop laughing.
7 May 2006
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Apparently she is presenting the weather or something...she looks nice!
29 May 2006
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This weather girl sings the whole forcast. mabey she should become a rapper.
21 Jun 2006
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Home videos and bloopers of funny and amazing things weather can do.
2 Jul 2006
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Another great weather blooper.
2 Aug 2006
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Bad weather in Drammen(hometown :p), a city in Norway ;)
29 Aug 2006
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Dubai's unpredictable weather, some times so beautiful
31 Jan 2007
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Once again my friends, Curtis Somoza reporting here on the latest weather conditions. We had some scattered showers last night in Los Angeles and although the sun is out right now more rain is expected tonight into tomorrow. Currently the temperature is 54 degrees, with a high expected of 55 degrees with an overnight low of 43 degrees. The barometer is 30.01 and steady with winds at 13 mph. Have a nice day and we will see you tomorrow.
4 Mar 2007
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Traffic's not moving. Why not get out of the car and discuss weather conditions?
5 Mar 2007
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weather report
15 Apr 2007
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