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Palm demos the new Palm Pre smartphone and Palm webos
9 Feb 2009
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Jobr is a job search mobile application for the Palm Pre (WebOS) that allows you to easily search for a job by one or more keywords such as "computer technician". It uses Indeed****'s job search API for the job information. You can also search within a certain number of days and/or choose "Local Area Only" and it will automatically locate your current city and state via the Palm Pre's built in GPS. Each search you make is saved and available on the home screen. Individual jobs may also be saved as favorites. Google map integration allows you to view a the exact location of a job and get directions. For more information please visit *******webfusion5****/BlogRetrieve.aspx?BlogID=2708&PostID=76086 for more information.
15 Dec 2009
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The next version of Palm's webOS is expected later this week. Brad Linder joins us on the Bottom Line to talk about the smartphone market and if this next iteration of the webOS will make dent. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Feb 2010
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Palm webOS Pre Pixi smartphone ThiesFX fan-made cellphones software commercial
27 Mar 2010
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all the major changes in webOS 2.0 in under 10 minutes
20 Oct 2010
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In this episode, I show you the new HP Touchpad tablet and it's webOS software. This is the first tablet to run webOS so there are a lot of questions on how it'll perform.
2 Jul 2011
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In this episode, I talk about HP killing off webOS, how this could have had been avoided and what will happen next.
20 Aug 2011
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It's scarcely a few hours since we heard about Palm's rumored Eos smartphone, which looks to fall in line with the Centro, but since then we've had a few hours to process its potential impact, and we brought in Brian Heater from PC Mag and Stuart Miles from Pocket Lint to talk about the potential impact. The takeaways? Brian thinks it could be a compelling device, and more to the point we don't have enough info to know it's true impact, but at least Palm seems to be releasing significant devices at last. Stuart's take pegs the Eos to the potential Pay-As-You-Go market, and thinks a dual market strategy might be one that works for Palm. I'm still cautious about the validity, though I trust Engadget's specs, but if Palm pulls off the platform play, it'll be good for everyone, including consumers. Also, the next iteration of the Flip hit store shelves today, and this new model is a replacement to the older Ultra, but still is less pricey than the MinoHD. Brian points while it's nice that it shoots in HD, it's missing some basic features (like shooting in SD, for instance) but it's still an attractive offering. Stuart concurs, and says the more competiton in the space the merrier, plus the addition of the HDMI port makes it one up some of the other competitors in the space. I'm still waiting for Cisco's acquisition of Pure Digital to take effect, and have Cisco add WiFi synching capabilities. Here's hoping, anyway.
1 May 2009
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<p>CES 2014 is upon us, and a smartphone powerful enough to run Unreal Engine 4 might be just around the corner! Join Patrick Norton for details from Nvidia's press conference, including the announcement of their new 192-core smartphone/tablet Tegra K1 processor - a mobile chip they say outperforms the Xbox 360 and PS3! </p>
7 Jan 2014
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Conde Nast reports they've made an agreement with Apple's iPad bringing some of their most popular magazines in an iPad-embedded fashion - interactive media, fully colored and overall enriched experience as you read your favorite digital copy on the latest eReader that most think will kill the Kindle. That said, Apple Insider reports the iPad has a major bottleneck in production and we may not see the iPad for a few more months. Details inside. Also, Google buys the very popular Picnik - the online photo editing tool that allows users to upload photos and add different filters, cropping, etc and then share them all over the social realm. Why is this even a story? Well there's some controversy. Yahoo uses Picnik as their default photo editor when people upload photos to Yahoo's Flickr which might make Yahoo wanting a non-Google owned service. We'll give you the latest scoop. Last but not least, Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users will rejoice once they receive a brand new upgrade from Palm which should hit your phones within a few days. This update, webOS 1.4 has a lot of things you're going to love, just one of them turning your camera into a full fledge video and editor. Very nice! Please SUPPORT the Moxie Mo Show by downloading our FREE Moxie Mo Show iPhone or iPod Touch App in the iTunes store by clicking here. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and start finding the best contractors and doctors and companies through Angie's List - save 25% off when you use MOXIE as your promo code! It's that easy! Angie's List is the #1 source for the best contractors and service providers!
10 Mar 2010
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Jon Rettinger tackles some heavy questions regarding the recent acquisition of Motorola from the big G, Google. Jon also discussed HP's recent decision to kill off their WebOS platform. All this and more in today's episode of Ask the B!
23 Aug 2011
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1 Jun 2009
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This week I wanted to share some thoughts on the new developments around the Palm Pre's WebOS, with its context awareness. Also, we've got some news from Nokia, and thoughts on the 5800 XpressMusic launch in the U.K. on Friday. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Jan 2009
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15 Feb 2010
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13 Mar 2010
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Crusade Of Destiny is the first ever full scale 3D RPG for Palm! Here is a quick look at Crusade Of Destiny running on the Palm Pre Plus. Crusade Of Destiny joins the line up of best palm 3D games. This demo is on Palm's operating system version 1.4.5 webOS.
15 Jul 2010
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