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*******offto****/freemp3_bb9f/ Download 25 Free MP3 Now Shawn spent the past week picking up awards and has missed rehearsal for the group dance. She and Mark have to practice at night, with Mark's scruff, and she's not picking up steps as quickly as she used to. You could never tell with this. Shawn's cha-cha isn't as flashy as past ones (aka the approximately 14 cha-chas I've seen in my life), but it's fun and lively — a playful romp, if you will. Her lines are, of course, neat and tidy. Mark's Jacko costume, by the way, is the best example of proper use of a Bedazzler. Carrie Ann thinks she came alive! She has been for 17 years. Len thinks she mixed rhythm and sharpness perfectly. Bruno confuses Shawn with the devil.
20 Apr 2011
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