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Surewinner.TV hosts the first weekend edition of our March Madness Bracket Bonanza! Win $25,000 this March!! Log onto Surewinner.TV to find out how!
8 Mar 2008
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A dark and captivating film noir journey, Million Dollar Weekend just does everything right. The handsome Gene Raymond decides to become a big shot by stealing over one million dollars from his company and flying overseas, never to return. But on the plane, he meets with the stunning Osa Massen, a frightened widow who’s being blackmailed. Raymond wants to help, since he’s falling in love with her. But as Raymond gets embroiled in a smoky, nasty world of blackmail, unrequited love, and desperate men, his trip to paradise becomes a plane ride to hell. Million Dollar Weekend is a fast paced picture that never lets up until it’s all over.
22 Mar 2008
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REGISTRATION IS OPEN for the 2008 David Lynch's Visitors Weekend at Maharishi University. Filmmaker David Lynch, quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, unplugged concert by Donovan and Moby -- Info & registration at
22 Mar 2008
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ultimate sports fantasy weekend,
22 Mar 2008
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Hey guys! At Get-the-Daily-dot-com, I'm Dana Ward counting down the Top 5 at the box-office! Barely holding at number 5 is Leatherheads. Clooney and Zellweger play-up this football period piece and helped the film bring in 6-point-2-million dollars over the weekend. Another movie dropping from its previous box office position, it’s Nim’s Island, featuring a talented Jody Foster and that cute kid from Little Miss Sunshine. The fantastical flick filled with mysterious island adventures brought in an even 9-million. And at number three – dropping from its number-1 position last weekend – it’s 21. These M-I-T kids who hit up Vegas to count cards leave room for... Number 2. Bringing in 12-million-bucks in its first weekend at the box office is Street Kings. You can catch Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker getting down and dirty in this cop action drama. They’re both on the L-A-P-D and one of them is accused of being involved in a fellow copper’s execution. But who’s good and who’s bad at this police department? You’ll have to check-out this one to see where the loyalties lie on the inside. And stealing the spotlight – by a long shot – at number one, we’ve got Prom Night. It’s an intense thriller with Britney Snow’s character just wanting to be the belle of the ball and dance the night away with her high-school friends. That is, until it’s all interrupted by a psycho killer from her past. It’s a prom night nightmare, and it definitely has some serious jump-out freaky moments. This one stepped out in its debut weekend bringing in an impressive, 22-point-7-million dollars. Check back next week for the latest box-office results. I’m Dana Ward. Thanks for watching Get-the-Daily-dot-com.
15 Apr 2008
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Your Box Office Report Brought To You By - Your Online Source for News. It’s our weekly box office results update, coming up next. Hey movie watchers! I’m Dana Ward with Get-the-Daily-dot-com. Straight from the theatres near you, we’ve the weekend’s box office results. Barely hanging on at number 5 is Nim’s Island. The adventures of a kid, her pops and an interesting writer stranded on a mysterious island are documented like a children’s storybook in this one. The film barely survived its third week out with 5-point-6-million. Number 4 goes to a newbie criminal drama called 88 Minutes. It’s pretty straight-forward with an FBI forensics psychologist receiving a legit death threat and exactly 88 minutes to discover the identity of the psycho-killer before it’s too late. Perhaps it’s one of many ladies he’s womanized, a problematic student or a serial killer he put on death row. The thriller checked in at 6-point-8-million. And dropping from the hot spot last weekend, it’s Prom Night bringing in just under 10-mllion at number 3. The pretty prom princess is forced to deal with some serious high-school drama… it’s a little more than normal, when a crazed-killer from her past escapes his psycho-ward to crash the prom party. This weekend’s revenue was slashed back to 9-point-1-million. The next funny flick debuted at numero-2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a laugh-out-loud-comedy from some of the peeps bringing us Blades of Glory and Knocked Up. It follows a heartbroken dude who just got dumped by his hot TV-star girlfriend. He takes a vacation to get away, only to realize he’s booked a trip to the same exact resort as his ex and her new man. It grossed out at over 17-million-dollars. And karate-chopping its way to number one, it’s The Forbidden Kingdom. In this action-fantasy, an American teen makes an amazing discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop that sends him back in time. Featuring hot-shot martial artists such as Jet Li and Jackie Chan, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the amazing choreographed fight scenes in a freedom quest through historical China. This one championed the weekend with almost 21-million-dollars. Thanks for watching the weekend box office update at Get-the-Daily. I’m Dana Ward. Be sure to check back next week for the latest movie theatre results.
15 Sep 2008
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Tony Stark is the ultimate PLAYER: millionaire extraordinaire, jet-setting industrialist, and bad ass super-hero Iron Man. If you’ve ever wanted to be a super-hero, here’s your chance LIVE THE FABULOUS LIFE OF Tony Stark in LA for a weekend! You will stay in luxury at the Beverly Hills Hotel, go on a VIP Helicopter tour, spend the day relaxing at the spa and shop Tony Stark style on Rodeo Drive with your $1000… and that is just the beginning. Enter now at
2 May 2008
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Memorial Weekend Fatality, the Atlantic Beach Bike Rally at Myrtle Beach at 62nd Ave N, Suv cut in front of Biker While I was having dinner at the Bamboo Cafe RIP 2007 black bike week death killed murder 187 crash accident truck motorcycle Myrtle Beach sunrise Paradise and seagulls, extreme sunrise in myrtle beach sc just beautiful and colorful, you dont want to miss this one,, just awe awesome i cant express it enough you just had to be there,, this is the best sunrise I have ever seen, the best sunrise that you will ever see in your life time,, sooo colorful, soo many colors orange , yellow, red, with thick clouds just beautiful, unbelivable sunrise, wish you could have been there (more)
13 Mar 2009
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How was your weekend, Boomers? Mine was wonderful, except for some things I saw on TV that drove me up the wall. Where does Don Cherry order those ridiculous suits from anyway? And why does CNN see the need to broadcast Rev. Wright's speeches live? What are your thoughts, Boomers? Check out all episodes of The Boomer File at
29 Sep 2008
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Iron Man Makes More Money Than The Rest Of The Top 5 Combined - Your Weekend Box Office Recap Coming Up On
8 May 2008
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In this short clip you'll see me describe the forthcoming Miracles Weekend, to be held in San Diego the last weekend of September. You're the first to hear about it, so mark your calendar now.
19 May 2008
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In this episode Lauren meets with Capt. Joe of Fun 2 Dive Scuba & Snorkeling Tours. Together they'll dip beneath the cool waters of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge to swim alongside manatees during their winter refuge. Don't miss this awe inspiring episode...Visit
20 May 2008
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Today Tanya meets with Mike Mahan of A Day Away Outfitters. Together they explore the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge via kayak; getting up close & personal with manatees, undersea creatures, & a variety of birds all that call the Indian River Lagoon home...Today Tanya meets with Mike Mahan of A Day Away Outfitters. Together they explore the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge via kayak; getting up close & personal with manatees, undersea creatures, & a variety of birds all that call the Indian River Lagoon home... Visit
27 May 2008
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Steve departs from the Wallaby Ranch with owner/instructor Malcolm Jones. In tandem they'll take flight over Central Florida, launching from the first & largest aero-tow hang gliding park, in the world. Visit
21 May 2008
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Memorial Weekend Race Preview. Michele Rahal and Rob D'Amico from Race Day on Fox preview the upcoming Memorial Weekend's races including the Indy 500, Coca Cola 600 and the GP of Monaco.
23 May 2008
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2:41 Country Music Awards News & Pete Wentz & Ashley Simpson Get Married!! It was a big weekend for the music industry. Your latest music news, up next.
24 May 2008
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