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29 Jan 2007
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See the entire video at: *******www.factualtv****/documentary/Single-in-the-Hamptons-Episode-7 Single in the Hamptons brings to the screens a sexy new cast of single New Yorkers, looking for love and romance or just a little weekend fun!
12 Mar 2009
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Take the Memorial Day Movie Quiz, as film critic David Edelstein shares his holiday weekend movie suggestions.
26 May 2013
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Family reality VLOG week 17. Girls go to the beach and swim in our secret swimming pool at our vacation home then back home to swim some more before the pranks and party begins Ocean front entertainment and family fun spoiled by a thunderstorm. We had to leave the biggest lake around to avoid the storm. Dad doing more pranks on his daughters since his daughter did another prank on him. Car scare prank once again! A visit to the hospital to see a family member. Please rate, comment, and share this video with as many people as possible! Don't forget to check back every Wednesday for our latest Reality family VLOG. You may also give us a call and we might call you back. If we do not answer the phone then you may leave a voice message and we will return your call as soon as we can. You may call us at (732) 835-2083 See our videos we make with kittiesmama See us on Nickelodeon's "You Gotta See This" TV Series coming this fall. Nickelodeon combines the best of the web, behind-the-scenes footage, celebrity interviews, pranks and bloopers in its new series You Gotta See This, premiering this fall. Hosted by Chris O'Neal and Noah Crawford (stars of How to Rock), the half-hour series rolls all the must-see clips of the week into one hilarious package. Nickelodeon is currently in production on this 20-episode series in Los Angeles. We own rights to all media used in this family video for worldwide distribution and for commercial use. Royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod www.incompetech**** Audition for acting or singing and get yourself on TV! See our website to show you how. *******www.all4tubekids****/audition
16 Jun 2013
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The clip motivation speech from In Good Company (2004) with Topher Grace Another? Yeah, just keep them coming. You don't even have to ask. How was everyone's weekend? Fun? l'm sorry. That was, uh... Um, l'd like to thank everyone for joining me here. Teddy K. has an... has a thing that what makes GlobeCom great is the men and women of GlobeCom. ls it like a thousand degrees in here or is it me? lt's like... lt's me. l have an agenda. And you're gonna learn this about me. l'm a machine. What was l saying about the... (Alicia) An agenda. An agenda, l have an agenda. Which is that l have to immediately, um, increase the ad pages here by 20 percent. 20 percent? Carter, only a startup magazine can do that. Yeah, well, l think this team can do it, Dan. Um, how? Well, Morty, basically what we-- God, that's an awesome question. ''How?'' And the answer is synergy. We need to team up here. Yeah, we need to synchronize and we need to synergize. We're not alone. We're not alone.
21 Nov 2011
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The pig and Steve need having some weekend fun, but of course something goes wrong. Music: Fat Boy theme, Stringed Disco - Kevin MacLeod Incompetech**** Tags: Minecraft Disco club Drunk Pig Patch 1.8 npc epic Adventure biodome Endermen farming sprinting guide beer critical hit melons pumpkins animal farms villages boss monster stronghold bow Minecraft Patch 1.8 npc epic Adventure biodome farming sprinting guide critical hit melons pumpkins animal farms villages boss monster stronghold bow
25 Mar 2013
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