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As the Bears would return to the World Football Crown in 1937, the burgeoning Redskins withstood the challenge with a newly signed rookie from Texas Christian University, a quarterback by the name of Sammy Baugh. "Slingin' Sammy" Baugh, as he would come to be known, was particularly notable for his forward pass, a somewhat unusual play in the 1930's. Baugh was also unique in the variety of positions he played, including punter, cornerback and quarterback. With Baugh their secret weapon, the Redskins would defeat the Bears 28-21, banishing Chicago from respectable competitiveness until the 1940's. See more at: www.weirdovideo****
8 Dec 2009
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Red Chinese Battle Plan 1964 - Cold War Propaganda
16 Sep 2009
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Sure, Kobe Beef is considered some of the most delectable, succulent meat in the world. But have you ever wondered how it got that way? In this clip, we have an actual demonstration. Some might think it cruelty to animals, others might think they were being treated too well. See more at: www.weirdovideo****
15 Feb 2009
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<b>Mahalia Jackson</b> sings a truly heartfelt and soulful rendition of the gospel song "I Believe." God bless James Brown, Soul Brother Number One. See more at: *******www.weirdovideo****
11 Mar 2009
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You know you've made the Big Time when you're leading a band that's accompanied with a chorus line of perky flappers. But then again, if you're Ted Weems in the late 1920's & early 1930's, this is the life of a famous radio bandleader. Just another day at the beach on the Eastern Seaboard during the Jazz Age, perhaps in Coney Island or Atlantic City. See more films at: *******www.weirdovideo****
27 Aug 2009
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You know how it is ... You get home after a day out, and it's just so hot you feel the urge strip to your undergarments. See more at: *******www.weirdovideo****
12 Jul 2010
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In this vintage performance, the yodeling is entirely live and more contemporaneous, with a definitively rockabilly slant. See more films at: *******weirdovideo****
20 Sep 2010
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Master 'shout blues' artist Big Joe Turner marks another high point of his career here with "Shake, Rattle & Roll." Although Bill Haley's later sanitized version became a top rock-n-roller hit, it's said many folks sought out Turner's version instead. A pivotal figure in popularizing blues, jazz, classic R&B, and rock and roll, Turner's career lasted from the 1920's busking on the streets of Kansas City through the 1980's at the most lauded jazz festivals in America and Europe. See more at: *******www.weirdovideo****
25 Feb 2011
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Amazing to think that professional people got paid to cook up masterpieces such as Gothic American Cornflakes. But are times really different today, forty years later? The recipe is quite simple, really. Take one part cornflakes, one part current youth culture cliche, throw in a little General Mills dough, then marinade in Madison Avenue saccarine and ... VOILA! the old-fashioned, half-baked Saturday morning scrapple of which almost anybody can reminisce. In this case, the lyric "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" has been conveniently re-written as "Eat country cornflakes!" The repetition is enough is enough to make any sadistic psychological interrogator proud. One wonders if this is the culmination of the visions of Grant Wood and Woody Guthrie. One wonders ... See more films at: *******www.weirdovideo****
25 Apr 2011
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Directed by It's A Wonderful Life's Frank Capra and written by Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel, produced by the United States Information & Education Division of the Army Services Forces in 1946, this authentic film proposes, "War with Germany ends in victory, victory leads to peace ... Sometimes ... Sometimes not." See more at: *******www.weirdovideo****
13 Sep 2013
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