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*******www.lindaburke****** Acupuncture Fermanagh & hypnotherapy Enniskillen Welcome to The Linda Burke Holistic Wellness Centre Having had over 30 years’ experience as a dedicated health professional, and over 100,000 satisfied clients under her belt, It has been Linda’s all-consuming passion to facilitate personal empowerment, and help transform physical and emotional dis-ease and pain into vibrant health and peace of mind. The Holistic Wellness Centre practices many different therapies from Reiki to Acupuncture. One of the therapies the Centre specialises in is Neuro Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapy or NLP Hypnotherapy for short. NLP is a set of the most advanced and cutting edge technologies today for creating human change in individuals, groups and businesses. Using the powerful transformational tools of NLP in conjunction with hypnosis makes this the fastest and most effective way of creating lasting beneficial change in your life. As well as being very effective for fast phobia cure, stop smoking, weight loss, improving self-confidence, etc. N L P hypnotherapy has been successfully applied in a wide range of fields including business, health care, sports, personal development, therapy, education and the performing arts. It has been used with great success in therapy, allowing people to let go of deep seated phobias and fears in an instant, helping people let go of unwanted ingrained habits and self-sabotaging beliefs and emotions. It is like having your own MINDSET coach. Linda and The Holistic Wellness Centre would truly love to be given the opportunity and the privilege to help you on your healing journey. I hope you have enjoyed this Video and if you require any further information please call us on 028 6632 8200 or visit our website at *******www.lindaburke******. You can also find us on facebook****
6 Apr 2012
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