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Giant Jelly Fish Caught on Video. Film in 2004, Swan River, South Perth, Western Australia. Will not be fun to be touched by this creature. This thing appear too sudden and I was afraid to lose sight of it. I was not able to put an item for relative size comparison.
8 Jul 2007
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Rare Jelly Fish at AQWA Perth, Western Australia
1 Mar 2008
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The unique, rugged landscape of Western Australia’s outback is an artist’s palette of rusty red deserts, open blue skies, and lush green foliage – it’s no wonder that the Aboriginal natives of Australia’s far west are renowned for their ancient Indigenous art. Indigenous art galleries are establishing themselves all over Western Australia, showcasing some of the finest contemporary Aboriginal art throughout the country. The Kimberley Aboriginal Artists is an alliance of four Aboriginal art galleries in the region that are committed to producing, showcasing and selling Aboriginal artworks. As this video shows, The Waringarri Arts Centre in Kununnura is at the forefront of ensuring the ethical trade of authentic Aboriginal art, as well as maximising the benefit for artists and the local community.
2 Feb 2009
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See how holiday makers can do it in style in Western Australia
3 Apr 2009
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0:44 the Lions Share Personal Training service WA, Western Australia
22 Apr 2009
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Bustling Broome, in Western Australia, beckons sun seekers from all over the world.
29 Jul 2009
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Grab a quick look at the untamed and wild but yet surprisingly romantic region of The Kimberley in Western Australia.
31 Jul 2009
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Big machines, big men and even bigger hats dominate the hidden treasures at Karratha, Dampier and Pannawonica in The Pilbara's Western Australia.
7 Aug 2009
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An excited gaggle of emus rush to see the Dolphins being fed at Monkey Mia in Western Australia.
21 Nov 2010
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Thrilled with their catch of a huge trevally the filleting begins in the termite town of Onslow, Western Australia.
18 Aug 2009
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Catch the train and listen to the famous peels of the "Oranges and Lemons" bells, then ride the ferris wheel. Hop on the free public transport bus around town and see the city of Perth in Western Australia. (Filmed by Jackie Greenland)
4 Sep 2009
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Is Millstream-Chichester, in Western Australia, the most magical place of peaceful tranquility you've ever seen? (Filmed by Jackie Greenland)
15 Sep 2009
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23 Dec 2009
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How Western Australia is embracing the concept of eco retreats
21 Jan 2010
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Western Australia is Australia’s largest and most extraordinary state, where 12,500km of pristine white beaches contrast with the deep red of ancient rock formations and the lush greenery of the stunning southern regions. Perhaps due to its distance from Australia's more metropolitan east coast, Western Australia is sometimes overlooked by international visitors, meaning you could have it all to yourself!
30 Jan 2010
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0:50 Dragons are lurking in the shadows of Cottesloe Beach, Perth Western Australia. You'll be surprised when you see them! Tel: (+61 8) 9383 5000 Email: Music for this video is used under license. Artist: Waterproof Fish Song: Surf Walkin'
9 Aug 2010
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