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Heroes star Greg Grunberg joins to talk iPhone Development
25 Aug 2009
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*******www.besttechie**** - How to install a hard drive in a Mac Pro.
16 Oct 2009
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***********/watch?v=CAL0FGB1twA A passport drive is a great way to keep your files save on the go. You can store over 500GB right in your pocket! See more at www.passportdrive****
10 Jan 2010
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Purchased this from HMV for £85. It was on sale from £140, so seemed like a no brainer. I needed a portable external hard drive with a large capacity to save most of my videos, both iMovie but especially Final Cut Pro X. Music by: longzijun ***********/user/zijun01 ********twitter****/MoslehChowdhury
4 Dec 2011
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Dallas tornadoes tracked by social media, an app to bring T9 texting to your iPhone, a portable 2TB hard drive with two Firewire 800 ports, and a band of robots play a Beatles tune!
5 Apr 2012
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Many variety of hats from Leather, Straw, Felt, and our exclusive line of purses. You can visit us at<<<< Thanks for watching.
When you're outfitting your NAS device, a crucial decision is what kind of drives you should load into it. There's a lot to take into consideration - we'll tell you what you should be thinking about and give you our recommendations!
31 Jan 2014
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I am running five high definition videos in either 1080p or 720p simutaneously with background programs and files as well. Not only that but Im running doom 3 just to give it some challenge. Although i'm doing all that I was still not able to max out the four cores. All this ran smoothly on the stock speed of 2.4ghz. Although i usually run it at 2.7 just for a little more performance I decided its best to run stock just to see its potential. Here are my specs Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 w/ Zalman 9500 HSF 2GB Corsair XMS2 Memory BFG 8800GTS OC Edition Gigabyte N650i SLI Motherboard Western Digital 500GB HDD 20x DVD RW burner Raidmax Sagitta Gaming case
15 Aug 2007
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Windooh Pro Collection 2007 (Bootable) =========================== Hello every one Now i'm going to talking about "Windooh Pro Collection 2007" (Bootable) ======================================== Someone made this tools, its "useful" when you have problems with your system. you can repair your system or copy your important files by this tools. It's contain: Windows Vista PE (Live) (for new PC) ========================= Its work without install. its run per minutes by this system you can make recovery or backup or burn your files to CD/DVD or to flash disk or another hard disk per share files from network. its contain important tools for your system you can remove password administrator and repair registry and browser internet and scan your files by Kaspersky 7 also This collection contain "windows xp pe" (live) for old pc ========================= its contain all importan tools. (Tools windows) (Archives) 7-Zip WinRar Advanced Rar Rapair Advanced Zip Rapair Disk Internals Zip Repair ( CD\DVD ) Ashampoo Burning UltraISO Recovery Toolbox CD MagicISO Power ISO Virtual Drive Manager WinISO Iso Burner ( Hard Disk ) Symantec Ghost ADRC Data Recovery Ultimate Data Recovery Disk Defragmenter Tools Diskinternals Linux Recovery Roadkil's DiskWipe Driver Eraser Pc Inspector 3 Pc Inspector 4 SoftPerfect Final Recovery Handy Recovery HD Tune NTFS Undelete Partition Info Partition Table Editor Recovery Files 2 Recovery My Files Recuva Roadkil's Sector Editor Smart Data Recovery Disk Management with windows vista Turbo File Uneraser Roadkils Undelete Undelete Plus Western Digital Data HDD Scan MBR Wizard System Recovery with windows vista (Network & Internet) PE Net Configurator Mozilla Firefox Opera Mass Downloader Flash Get Internet Download Mgr Remote Desktop Connection IP Tools Trout View Tcp HFS Net Met Net Scan FTP Now WS FTP File Zilla PuTTY WinSCP UltraVNC ( Software ) Total Commander A43 File Management Explorer XP Active Password Changer Password ReNew Dc Pass 4 Win Server Dream Pack NTPWEdit XP Key Readers Passware Kit Enterprise Everest Ultimate HW INFO 32 MiTeC System Info System Info Advanced PCI Info PC Wizard 2007 AVAST!BARTCD Service Control Process Explorer Agent Ransack Disk Data Depend View Kaspersky AntiVirus 7.125 Eng with October Update XnView Advanced Registry Tracer Install Rite Registry LoaderPE Windows Registry Recovery Disk State Reg Scanner ACD See Foxit Reader Resource Hacker YCopy Univesal Extractor Unstoppable Copier Win HeX Disk Recon Reg Shot Ultra Compare Text Atlantis 'Open MS Word' Spread 'Open MS excel' On Screen Keyboard Peresource explorer Hash Calc ExamDiff Dependency Walker TreeSize Pro also this CD contain\ Acronis True Image Home 11 ========================= Acronis True Image Home 10 ========================= Acronis Disk Director 10 ========================= Acronis Drive Cleanser ========================= Hiren's BootCD 9.3 ========================= MS DOS 6.22 boot disk ========================= Windows Millennium boot ========================= Active Password Changer ========================= NT BOOT ========================= QuickTech Pro ================================= You can download it from any torrent site ======= for more pictures go to *******s216.photobucket****/albums/cc316/waleedooh/?start=all&paginator=bottom
23 Apr 2008
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Make your computer faster with all this tricks, every single one of them. Really good tricks. Here are the links to some things I said in the video. 1. Windows Defender: ***********/windows/products/winfamily/defender/default.mspx 2. AdAware: *******www.lavasoft****/index.php My computer is running Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3. It's a Dell Dimension DE051 1100, with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU at 2.80 GHz 2.79 GHz, 1.125 GB of RAM. It's over-clocked at 3.1 GHz, and I'm running Dual Monitors MPR II Low Emission High Definition, on board video Card w/ 500mb of RAM and PCI Video Card at 256 MB of SDRAM. Both on High Definition Monitors. Internal DELL CD Drive, 2 external Samsung and Plexter DVD Drives. Samsung DVD Recorder and light scribe capability with DVD multi record and speed plus. Plextor with DVD reader and CD recorder. Three Hard Drives, all three Western Digital, primary hard drive with 80 GB of Space, 2nd internal hard drive with 500 GB of Hard Drive, and 3rd internal hard drive with 250 GB of hard drive. 500 GB hard drive is installed with Linux Ubuntu/Kubuntu/ and Red Hat. PCI card with surround sound capability, BOSE high definition sound system. Use for computer: Homework, gaming, and video editing.
12 Oct 2009
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In episode 32, we discuss the historic 2008 Presidential election in which Barack Obama made history. But do you know the actual way groups of Americans voted? We have the latest statistics that will blow you away. Also, AT&T released a statement today about soon supporting the iPhone 3G to tether to our laptops and we discuss that. Have you heard of Boxee? It's an open source hack for the Apple TV that's getting a lot of buzz so we show you what it does AND Western Digital released their new, inexpensive and MOXIE media server that will be the best holiday gift gadget yet!
21 Dec 2009
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This episode is sponsored by Angie's List and SquareSpace - for awesome discounts on building wonderful websites (SS) and finding the most professional service-person to do work around your home, you have to check out are GREAT discounts with Angie's List as well. Details at the bottom. Twitter and Facebook have the potential to really break a news story even before CNN, MSNBC or even Reuters. The problem, as we've discussed, is when idiots or accidents happen causing rumors to spread like wildfire, such as what happened with actor Zach Braff (on Scrubs) and his supposed "suicide." Thanks to a prankster who posted a link on Twitter, thousands if not millions of people began to spread the demise of Zach Braff all over the web. Here's how Zach addressed the rumors - by another popular social networking site, YouTube. Speaking of moxie fall gadgets, Barnes and Noble has a huge announcement on October 20th and we know what it is. Can you guess? We have all the scoop, details and even discuss the potential if this truly will be a Kindle Killer. Doubtful. Also, one gadget that WILL BE a killer, potentially to even Apple's very own Apple TV is the Western Digital TV Live Media Player - full 1080p HD, HDMI input, USB ports, Wi-fi enabled and the moxiest part? It plays more video codecs (formats) than the Apple TV does. And we found it cheaper to buy at Best Buy than anywhere else. Click here to purchase or to find more info on this moxie and beautiful gift - great for the holidays! Last but not least, poor Sidekick owners (including Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton - sigh!). T-Mobile's servers, which are hosted on Microsoft's servers, were not backed up properly when they did an upgrade to the Sidekick service prompting every single user to lose his/her photos, contacts, calendars and other personal information that was stored in their "cloud server" (like the iPhone, all this info can be 'synced' to a cloud computer - aka a server - elsewhere) and unfortunately, T-Mobile is telling Sidekick users "SORRY!" Doubt that's going to help much! Ouch! As always, please follow me on Twitter moxiemo or jeffmccord - I'd be honored. And, please remember to check out our two strongest sponsors for this show! Angie's List is the #1 service provider online because hundreds of thousands of people use their services (home, lawn, garage, cleaning, babysitting, dogsitting, designing, doctors, etc) and grade/review them so you know exactly who you're going to hire. When you click here, you'll save 25% off your entire membership! And, SquareSpace makes the BEST and MOXIEST websites and you don't even need to know how to program - perfect for the need to create a website for a baby's slideshow, a wedding, your own blog or journal and even your own business. Trust me, this is THE best website design company ever - not only do you get 12% off your entire LIFETIME membership by using the code MOXIE (click here), you'll be up and running with the professional and coolest website in no time.
21 Dec 2009
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Address: 26150 Enterprise bldg. #300A High Image Tech Space, the Enterprise Technology Center is a new developement, built in 2005, offering a professional work enviroment in a naturally beautiful setting. The suite offers a functional floor plan with 4 private offices (2 of which are large enough for conference room and/or training room), 2 R/R, coffee bar/break area, pre wired for data and phone, security system in place & more. The warehouse has a 22 ft. clear height and 1 roll up 12x12 truck door. Located off Dimension between Lake Forest and Bake Pkwy. Near the 405 and 5 Fwy with direct access to the 241 Foothill Transportation Corridor, adjacent to Western Digital and Panasonic. Minutes from Foothill Town Center with endless food/dining and shopping choices, including Home Depot, Regal Cinema, Wal Mart, etc. www.CommercialRealEstateOC****
20 Mar 2010
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