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The clip what to do with stolen routine from Bring It On (2000) with Kirsten Dunst, Cody McMains -I have to tell you something. -I'm on the phone, creep. I realize that, and normally I'd be listening on the other line, -..but this is important. -Okay, what? Ohh! Get out! Thank you for listening. Yo. -Is Aaron around? -Back later. -Do you know when? -No. -Have him call Torrance. It's urgent. -All right. Big Red totally screwed us! I mean monster screwed us! I put this to the entire squad. Swear you guys didn't know. Big Red didn't exactly let any of us help with the routines, Torrance. I cannot believe she did this. I feel awful. It's depraved. I mean, those East Compton girls wanted to grill our asses. Big Red ran the show, man. We were just flying ignorami, for sobbing out loud. We can't go to regionals with a stolen routine. It's too risky. Changing the routine now... -would be total murder-suicide. -Seriously. Let's not put the "duh" in "dumb." How are East Compton gonna prove anything? You people are unbelievable. I mean, we're talking about cheating here. Sorry, new girl, but nobody hit your buzzer. Look, I hate to be predictable, but I don't give a shit. We learned that routine fair and square. We logged the man-hours. Don't punish the squad for Big Red's mistake. This isn't about cheating. This is about winning. Everyone in favor of winning? I get what you're saying, Missy, but there's no time. If we don't do the routine, we've got nothing else. So, you in? Whatever.
27 Oct 2011
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