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13 Aug 2009
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Butterflies is an Award Winning feature documentary film following the lives of six young people that are prominent 'weblebrities' on a video site YouTube. The film explores the new media, its power and its future. Will the Internet overcome traditional media? Will new media and traditional media merge? The film documents the struggles and successes of characters Lisanova, Mr. Safety, Davedays, Boheme, Olgakay and Xgobobeanx and their hopes to become the new 'virtual' celebrities. Also in the film: Fred, SxePhil, Charles Trippy, KevJumba, Kicesie, Paperlilies, KatiesOpinion, Daxflame, Joe Satriani, Esmee Denters, Whatthebuck, David Foley, Renetto, ClipCritics, Katy Perry, Nigahiga, Chad Hurley and others. For screenings and other info go here: *******www.ButterfliesTheMovie****
17 Aug 2009
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This was requested by many of you last year sorry I took so long to get to it but, here it is.This was an honor to do and is dedicated to one of the most unique and extremely creative partners on youtube, SHANE DAWSON BG MUSIC Ole'school Instrumental Artist: Troy D. Copyright ©2008 Label: Imperial Dragon Records Other youtube celeb tribute videos below: Michael Jackson Creation Inside Sims3 Tutorial Pt2 Expert Version ***********/watch?v=B-Yr_utnzH8 Lisalavie1 Youtube's Singing Sensation Tribute Sims 3 Style ***********/watch?v=O_Nz0p6JLtI BuckFactor Entry: Michael Buckley aka WHATTHEBUCK Tribute Sims 3 Style ***********/watch?v=_ehl56cDHaA MichellePhan Response - Michael Jackson Outfits Created In Sims3 ***********/watch?v=HF7GEbZbYRM Famous Celebrity Sims 3 Style Tribute Who Is Your Favorite ***********/watch?v=BzsJgmsb3C4
10 Jan 2010
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