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Enchant your garden with whimsical frog garden statues from *******www.gardenarborandtrellis****/3032/frog-garden-statues where we have a great selection of frog princes, solar frog statues and realistic giant garden frogs.
2 Jun 2010
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Whimsical Winds Wind Chimes offers quality chimes by Music of the Spheres in one of its many great holiday sales.
1 Jan 2013
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Whimsical Winds Wind Chimes offers holiday gift ideas for even the hardest person to buy for. With free shipping and personalized engraving available on some models, Whimsical Winds is the perfect place to shop for that special someone.
1 Jan 2013
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Our Philadelphia Travel Video vacation trip takes you through the Old City of Philadelphia, ten or so blocks from Front to Fifth and Vine to Chestnut Streets. The Travel Video shows Phillys unique, exciting mix of boutique shops and dry goods stores. This Travel Video vacation trip introduces funky galleries that share space with furniture emporiums from another era. The Philadelphia Travel Video shows us hardware stores selling hand-operated meat grinders snuggling up to whimsical vintage clothing studios. Travel to Philadelphia with our Travel Video and see seemingly abandoned warehouse suddenly become a cafe with a couple of tables perched precariously on wooden pallets. The Travel Video takes us into Philadelphias famous markets and the Travel Video lets us hear the deep, mournful Blues sung by a couple of shoe shine guys. You can hear them in the Travel Video and hear the famous cheese steaks sizzle on the grill. The rest of the Travel Video is full all the fascinating city has to offer, like Ben Franklins home and museum and some terrific eateries. Come on our vacation trip, our travels with this special Philadelphia travel video vacation trip, and then contact us for personalized itinerary information to the City of Brotherly Love.
7 Feb 2007
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This Rockland, Maine Travel Video Postcard introduces us to lobsters in Maine and the coast of Maine. Rockland, Maine is perfect Family Travel in Maine. But Maine Travel in this Travel Video Postcard is about the elegant Historic Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in Rockland, Maine, a beautiful, artistic New England town. The New England town of Rockland, Maine has special historic inns like the Victorian gem, the Berry Manor. Our Travel Video Postcard also shows you its guest rooms and introduces you to hosts, Cheryl and her husband, Frank. Then the Travel Video Postcard takes you to another Rockland, Maine masterpiece, the whimsical Lime Rock, also a Victorian Mansion. The Travel Video Postcard then takes us to the next historic inn of Rockland, Maine: the Captain Lindsey House, a sea captains home turned boutique inn. The restaurants of Rockland, Maine offer world-class cuisine like In Good Company, Primo and Cafe Miranda.The shops and galleries of Rockland, Maine are New England: perfect but very cosmopolitan. The Farnsworth Art Museum has the works of the Wyeths and the Owls Head Transportation Museum has antique cars and masterfully crafted old airplanes. Our Travel Video Postcard shows you Rockland, Maine and its historic inns of New England.
11 Feb 2007
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Details Unveiled Today Orlando, Fla. Rising up in Orlando is a whimsical, one of a kind water park only SeaWorld could create Aquatica. Opening March 2008, Aquatica blends up close animal experiences, waters from serene to extreme, high speed thrills and wide, sandy beaches. SeaWorld is famous for immersing guests in the mystery of the sea and its animals, said Jim Atchison, executive vice president and general manager of SeaWorld Orlando. Aquatica takes this immersion to a new level, inviting guests to play in, over, and under the water itself. Setting foot into Aquatica, guests immediately experience the vastness of nearly 60 acres of lush landscape inspired by the vivid color, stunning flora and carefree personality of the South Sea Islands. Reminiscent of the rugged beauty of New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea, the landscape of Aquatica is striking. Crystal blue rivers wind through hidden grottos and refreshing waterfalls, while rich greenery and bright flowers adorn towering rock formations. Peeking through this verdant landscape, brightly colored, quirky buildings topped with swooping, pitched roofs create an uplifting, carefree setting. Colorful, whimsical animals derivative patterns from New Zealand's Maori culture adorn carved totem poles and interactive fountains. Live animals from lands all over the world including Commersons dolphins, brilliant macaws and colorful fish bring to life the park's playful, high energy nature. Aquatica features the most thrilling water rides in the world with 36 water slides, six rivers and lagoons, and more than 80,000 square feet of beach area. Designed in a way that could only be done by SeaWorld, these distinct attractions will zoom, float and splash guests through amazing animal habitats and undersea adventures. The parks signature attraction plunges riders in clear tubes through a crystal-blue lagoon with black-and-white Commersons dolphins. Guests feel as if they are flying beneath the sea among these beautiful animals. While similar in coloration to SeaWorlds icon, Shamu, these dolphins are also distinctly different. In addition to being much smaller, they are also fast, agile swimmers making them the perfect inhabitants for this lively park. Aquaticas attractions offer equal emphasis on high energy thrill rides and immersive swimming experiences. A colorful mix of racing tunnels, raft rides and rivers offer crashing surf and high speed thrills, while pools, lagoons and lazy rivers invite guests to enjoy slower pace. Many of the parks attractions even offer dual experiences within the same ride. Two immense wave lagoons create the world's only side by side wave pools that can be operated independently or together. Though side by side, each lagoon offers a very different experience one with crashing waves and 5 foot swells, the other with a gently rolling surf. Nine different wave patterns can be created throughout the two pools, with the ability to generate one immense wave, or even dueling waves. Winding rivers throughout Aquatica also offer two different journeys from serene to extreme. One river carries guests through gentle waterfalls, past exotic birds and into an undersea grotto with thousands of colorful fish. An adjacent river offers pure thrill, jetting riders through rolling rapids, rushing geysers and racing waters. Colorful eight lane racing slides, triple drop raft rides, double inner tubes, and a 6 story family ride round out the mix of thrills. Even the littlest swimmers will enjoy one of a kind attractions at Aquatica. One of the worlds largest interactive water play areas includes a colorful rain fortress that towers 60 feet above a 15,000 square foot pool. The entire family can zoom together on slides and blast water cannons. In a separate childrens pool, even those Aquatica guests not old enough to walk can still slide down tubes with Mom and Dad in specially built rafts. Plenty of wide, sand beaches, refreshing lagoons and cool shade from towering oaks and exotic trees create the ultimate water park for guest comfort. Personal cabanas dot the shoreline for those who desire a private retreat. The entire park is designed to limit wait times and provide easy access to rides, attractions and even restaurants. Those who don't want to leave the comfort of their lounge chair can even enjoy beachside waiter service. All of this allows more time for carefree family fun. Aquatica will be the natural complement to a full days adventure at SeaWorld Orlando, and create a trio of SeaWorld parks in Central Florida that collectively provide experiences found nowhere else in the world. In a destination famous for immersing families in fun, the SeaWorld parks offer the ultimate in family togetherness, connecting guests to the sea and with each other in three immersive, interactive, but very different, ways, said Joe Couceiro, corporate vice president of marketing. Guests are amazed by the wonders of the sea at SeaWorld. They can then visit Aquatica to indulge in the playfulness of the sea, as they zoom, float and splash through amazing animal habitats. For the ultimate in immersion, the companys Discovery Cove park offers a completely different experience an exclusive tropical paradise, with limited attendance, where guests have up-close encounters with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, rays and tropical fish. Whether making wondrous connections, having carefree fun, or enjoying up close animal encounters, the SeaWorld parks offer guests an unmatched Orlando family vacation. Natural, exotic, untamed, fun SeaWorlds new water park, Aquatica, has an attitude all its own. Offering fun as endless as the sea itself, it's not what you would expect from a water park, unless that park is created by SeaWorld.
5 Mar 2007
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Whimsical responses to a strange shopping quest for the magic flying carpet, segment from "What the Sultan Saw", an Intrepid Berkeley Explorer free video featuring historic and modern highlights of Turkey. To enjoy all of this film, and over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please click on the link below, and then on the direct link to my geocities Video Page that follows; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
7 Mar 2007
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Yummy Cola is a brave young pop can who has recently fallen in love with Sassy Soda; But what will Yummy do when Sassy is taken from the fridge by the mysterious humans? Come check out this whimsical animated short film to find out!
14 Apr 2007
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For your Myrtle Beach real estate and beach homes contact the Willis Team of Coldwell Banker Chicora at 877-559-1755 or visit us at *******www.SCBeachRealEstate**** Luxurious 5 BE/6.5 BA home in North Myrtle Beach directly on the ICW w/all the extra options from 3 inch Brazilian Cherry floors, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, interior elevator, Whimsical Fun Room, 4-car garage, individual baths for each bedroom, huge master bath with an extra large 6 ft x 6 ft shower w/rainhead & Jacuzzi. $2,499,000
3 May 2007
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While the Flintstones lived in a world with machines powered by birds and dinosaurs, the Jetsons lived in a retro-futuristic utopia of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions. Read more the Wiki link Please rank, and see my other movies. Thanks! .
14 Jun 2007
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Ultra Records is back with glamour and grandeur. Tiesto’s video for his song “Break My Fall,” features the pretty and whimsical BT, both her voice and the images for the song sleepy and dreamlike. Pretty women dolled up to the 9’s with handsome men at their heels dance and mingle in a beautiful, majestic room, with the strong, constant beat of the song throughout. For more, go to *******www.ultrarecords****/ and *******store.ultrarecords****/617465151552. From Wiredset Digital Agency.
25 Jul 2007
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Food Allergies Mean Back-to-School Jitters for Millions of Students and Their Parents Life-Altering Epidemic Now Afflicts One in 25 Americans The incidence of food allergy has skyrocketed, doubling in the last 10 years, and scientists aren't sure why. More than 12 million Americans – one in 25 – are caught up in this life-altering epidemic. Among them are 2.2 million school-age children. For them, as well as for their parents, back-to-school is an especially anxious time. That's because food allergy is not the harmless, whimsical condition some people still seem to think it is. "Food allergy is serious, and it's life-threatening," says Anne Muñoz-Furlong, founder and CEO of the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN). "Just one bite of the wrong food can bring on anaphylaxis – a severe allergic reaction that can cause death. Even trace amounts can be enough to cause problems – sometimes just through skin contact, or from inhalation when food is being cooked." Food allergy is the leading cause of anaphylaxis outside the hospital setting in the U.S. and results in 150-200 deaths and more than 30,000 emergency room visits each year. There is no known cure; strict avoidance is the only way to prevent a reaction.
20 Aug 2007
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From the Practical and Unique to the Whimsical and Environmentally Conscious The 2007 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Features a Submarine, a Private Classical Concert, a 305 Carat Uncut Diamond and an Interactive Touch Media Wall Available Only at www.neimanmarcus**** Neiman Marcus Selects Room to Read as this Year's Featured Charity Neiman Marcus will mark its 100th anniversary this year celebrating a century of exceptional customer service and unique specialty offerings. What better way to kick off this milestone celebration than with the launch of the 81st edition of the Christmas Book, which was unveiled today at a press event in Dallas held at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. For millions, the annual launch of the Christmas Book has become the official start of the holiday season. This year is no exception with a new collection of remarkable, fantasy gifts including a His and Hers Chocolate Portrait by Vik Muniz, a 100-foot-long Dragon Topiary, a Conversational Robot and a Rocket Racing™ Team League, among others. This year's featured car is the NM® 2008 Lexus ® IS F Special Build sedan.
3 Oct 2007
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Happy 2008! Each year people around the world 'commit' to changes and advances for the upcoming year. Our host, Nikki Key offers her whimsical one primary resolution and wants to know in the comments what your new year's resolutions are for 2008.
1 Jan 2008
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See the history of microbiology in nine scenes of gags, burlesque, drollery and song. Produced by Active Cultures, the vernacular theatre of Maryland, Petri Dish Circus is a play loosely based off of the classic non-fiction novel Microbe Hunters by Paul Henry de Kruif. Much like the original book first published in 1926 that describes 12 historical milestones in science, Active Cultures reenacts “the daring-do of Louis Pasteur in his Parisian lab, the Scotch fortitude of Ronald Ross as he travels through disease-stricken Africa, and the melancholy saga of Walter Reed as he battles Yellow Jack in Cuba” — all with a healthy dose of humor. In this episode we interview Mary Resing, artistic director for Active Cultures, who talks about Microbe Hunters as inspiration for theatre and her whimsical, and slightly pointed, approach to portraying the women featured in de Kruif’s work. Excerpts from the actual performance are also featured.
8 Jan 2008
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Happy Go Lovely is an easygoing and whimsical story of a hitchhiking young girl who becomes an entertainment sensation, literally, overnight. The film is a time capsuled peek at Edinburgh, Scotland in the 40s, and also a first-rate musical. In Happy Go Lovely, viewers are treated to the spectacular talents of Vera-Ellen, one of the very best dancers in the history of Hollywood and a fine actress. Usually costarring with Fred Astaire, Vera-Ellen does the lion’s share of the performing in this film– and that’s a good thing. Vera-Ellen plays a single hitchhiker who happens to be picked up by the limousine of a millionaire and taken to a high society film festival. While at the festival, Vera-Ellen dazzles the crowds with her incredible performances. Happy Go Lovely is aptly named, since audiences are lucky to get to see the lovely Vera-Ellen strut her stuff.
10 Jan 2008
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