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30 Jan 2010
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*******www.claimwhiplash******* - As whiplash compensation claims continue to increase in the UK, it would be useful for many people to have some understanding about how pain and suffering awards are calculated. Most whiplash injuries affects the neck and shoulder your and arise from car accidents. The severity of the impact and the direction of impact can have a bearing on the extent of any injury suffered. Most whiplash injuries arise from rear end collisions. If you decide to make a claim for compensation following such an injury, then your solicitor will be able to talk you through the procedures but also explain how much your award might eventually be. In very general terms whiplash injuries tend to have set awards dependent upon certain factors. One factor would be the length of time that a person has pain and suffering arising from the injury. The longer the period pain and suffering longer the anticipated period, then the higher compensation award is likely to be. On a very general basis, if you suffer with your injuries for a period of six months and that would generally result in an award of around £1500. It therefore follows that if you suffered beyond this point and most people take up to 12 months to recover, then you could be achieving an award of between £2500 pounds. What is surprising is that these particular figures have not increased significantly if at all during the last 20 years. The one argument against a so-called explosion in compensation costs for the insurance industry, is the fact that damages have remained unchanged for more than two decades. If you have undergone physiotherapy or some other kind of manipulation treatments, then you whiplash injury may well be worth more money. Occasionally, the symptoms can persist and scan results in long term disability is which prevents people from working normally all living their life fully. Where you are faced with such a level of injury, the compensation award obviously needs to reflect the severity of the symptoms and it is not unusual for figures as high as £10-£12,000 to be awarded. In these particular cases, you might also be able to claim for care or services awards which are supposed to help with pain for your care needs of things such as a cleaner or a gardener. A whiplash injury should only be properly assessed for compensation purposes once a person has reached the end of their natural recovery. You should not rush into the settlement because these injuries can be problematic and you should always consult with a whiplash solicitor before making a decision about settling the claim of this kind. Most solicitors will handle your claim on a no win no fee basis which means that you can have confidence in proceeding with your case in the knowledge that she will not be spending a fortune on legal fees.
6 Sep 2011
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