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The typical small girl in a white dress at the end of a corridor... but her final reaction is not typical at all!! xD
29 Oct 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Miracles on the Path: A True Story of Reincarnation. Episode: 1851, Air Date: 9 October 2011. A blind man is restored to sight. The deceased is raised to life. Mortals see Heaven before their eyes. The holy scriptures are full of wonders witnessed in the presence of great enlightened Masters. Do unexplainable events we call miracles still happen? Through Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving guidance in the Quan Yin practice of meditation, members of our Association worldwide have encountered their own extraordinary incidents in their daily lives. Such privileged moments are a true Master’s grace manifested. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often accredited her students’ miracles to their own reawakened greatness, natural outcomes of daily contact with the Divine. Every time you pray, miracles will happen all the time because you are in the direction of benevolence and miracles. We are also the miracles. If we know how to tap into this miraculous power within ourselves, then we are in full power, empowered with all miracles and all the mighty power that we can imagine. In a foreign land, I met you some years ago. Your nun’s robe, the color of faded brown, Both worldly life and renunciation uncertain. Born with a headstrong personality, In a female form, you endured controversy. I read the old verse with nostalgia – A cheerful line here, a line of grievance there. Each polished sentence Still quietly reflects your grace and elegance. When you passed on, who cried and who rejoiced? To whom could you explain the misjudgments and turmoil? Pray to the Three Jewels on the high abode May the Awakened Soul be saved from the world of sorrow! Beauty is often ill-fated; A poet’s hair turns gray before others’! Alas! Alas! At the Buddha’s altar, I lit a fragrant incense In reverence And prayed to Amitabha Buddha To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... Namo Buddha Namo Dharma (Teachings) Namo Sangha (Assembly of renunciates) Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva Mahasattva! To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... Beauty is often ill-fated; A poet’s hair turns gray before others’! Alas! Alas! At the Buddha’s altar, I lit a fragrant incense In reverence And prayed to Amitabha Buddha To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... Namo Buddha Namo Dharma (Teachings) Namo Sangha (Assembly of renunciates) Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva Mahasattva! To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... Namo Buddha Namo Dharma (Teachings) Namo Sangha (Assembly of renunciates) Namo Quan Yin Bodhisattva Mahasattva! To take the kindhearted to the Western Land... We now invite you to this episode of a series sharing amazing true stories about our Association members’ modern-day miracles on the path. When our loved ones pass away, where do their souls go? Will they go to Heaven? Will the paths of our relatives eventually cross with ours again? Kim, our Association member from Âu Lạc (Vietnam), shares a fascinating story about reincarnation and spiritual development with the guidance of Supreme Master Ching Hai. Kim’s story actually begins when she was a teenager, long before she was a spiritual practitioner… When my mother was alive, one night, when I was about 15 years old, I was sleeping next to my mother. At midnight, my mother woke up; she stroked my head and said, “Among all my children, I trust and have hope in you only.” At that time, I did not understand what she said. And a short while later, she pointed at the Quan Yin Bodhisattva statue at Rù Rì Pass – Nha Trang and said, “After I pass away, I will follow to Quan Yin Bodhisattva.” A few months later, my mother passed on. I did not quite understand her previous two statements, but later, after practicing spiritually with Master, I understood very well. It was my mother’s last words for me and her wish to follow a Buddha after she died. Kim was just 16 years old when her mother quite suddenly passed away. Twenty-three years later, only after Kim was initiated into the Quan Yin method of meditation, did she finally see a vision of her mother ascending to Heaven, under the protection of Supreme Master Ching Hai. At the time of initiation, Kim, as all of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s disciples, received the guarantee of liberation from the cycle of birth and death, as well as suffering. Not only that, at least five generations of disciples’ family members would also be liberated. In 1993, I got initiated and practiced the Quan Yin method with Master. Not long afterwards , one night, while meditating, I saw a vision of my mother standing on a white cloud, wearing a white dress like a fairy. Her hair and clothes were very beautiful. She was standing next to the Quan Yin Buddha, but that Buddha was Master herself who was also standing on a white cloud. From the sky, two clouds descended. I looked up, my mother looked at me and smiled. My mother’s countenance was very young and lovely. She looked at me and Master also looked at me with a very benevolent gaze. After that, my mother waved goodbye to me and the two clouds slowly rose up. Master and my mother disappeared. By the grace of Supreme Master Ching Hai, Kim’s mother was able to go to the heavenly realm. Nonetheless, her mother chose to reincarnate into the human world, in order to have the precious chance to progress spiritually with an enlightened Master. During my meditation, I saw in a vision that my mother was asking if she could reincarnate as my baby girl. And I saw myself giving birth to a very beautiful baby girl. In particular, her eyes were very bright and her face was joyful. Indeed, Kim really did give birth to a baby girl. Early on, the child demonstrated that she was advanced beyond her tender years. For instance, already as a six-month-old infant, she was able to sit up and speak many full sentences. One day, when her daughter was about three years old, Kim disciplined her for misbehaving. I spanked her and made her lie still in bed. After an hour, she left the bed and went straight to me. Suddenly she slapped me and said, “I didn’t spank you before. Why did you spank me now?” I was startled and remembered that my mother never spanked me when I was a child. During a May 2000 lecture in the Philippines, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of how younger children often still remember their past before they were born. Up to the age of four or five, the children still remember where they came from, still contact with Heaven. That's why they are so pure, so happy. Doesn't matter in which circumstances, their eyes spark with love and with the heavenly bliss, that we adults have lost. The older we became, the spark in our eyes faded more and more because we have contacted with this physical world, which is very coarse, which is not refined, which is not blissful, compared to where we came from. Although I knew that my daughter is indeed my mother who was saved by Master and reincarnated to practice spiritually, in a moment of anger, I had spanked her. When she was almost six years old, there was an initiation. I registered her for initiation, but the Quan Yin messenger said that she was not quite six years old yet, so she could not be initiated. She cried and no amount of comfort could ease her crying. The Quan Yin messenger asked, “Why cry? Just wait a few more months until you’re six.” She answered, “Life is ephemeral.” While she was still very young, sometimes I was away from home for two, three days. In my house, there were only the meat eaters . They intentionally forced and tempted my daughter to eat meat but she did not eat and cried. She secretly went to the back of the house and threw away all the food that had animal products. There was only a little white rice left. When I returned home, she told me that they fed her very stinky food. Later, when she grew up, she practiced spiritually very diligently, no longer remembering her past life. But her face, personality, and behavior are like my mother’s from before. Through this miracle, I know Master saved my mother as she did many other people in my family. And my mother is the person whom I love most and owe the deepest favor. So, that is the most profound memory in my life. Next is another of Kim’s many spiritual experiences. It took place in 1997, about four years after her initiation into the Quan Yin method. Kim was attending an international meditation retreat in Thailand and saw Supreme Master Ching Hai in person for the very first time. In the afternoon, before the international retreat ended, Master drove around the meditating area to greet fellow initiates. I thought to myself: “I rarely have a chance to see Master. Now I should run after Master to see her again.” But I fell hard on the ground. At that time, Master saw me and stopped her car. Master looked at me, feeling sorry for me, and I could feel all that in her eyes. But at that time, I felt like I had an extraordinary strength and rebounded like a coiled spring. Master extended one hand toward me. I also quickly extended two hands toward Master. Master looked at me with so much love. I felt very happy. As the retreat ended and she was on her way home, little did Kim know the danger she was about to encounter. It was a moonlit night at a gas station. She briefly stepped off the bus with her traveling companions. I talked while walking. I turned around and said to other fellow initiates, “Wait for me. I’m going to the rest room.” When I started to walk on, my foot just touched the mouth of a pit which I thought was the shadow of the building. I was startled. I realized it was a black pit in front of me. And my second foot followed the other foot. At that time, I felt that I would surely die. I only remembered Master and recited her name. Normally, I recited Buddhas’ names, but at that time, I remembered Master’s words: “In an emergency, you should recite Master’s name to pray for help.” But at that time, I thought I’d die. I was sure I’d die, as I fell into the deep pit. The pit was about five or six meters deep or something because it was an old, unused petrol pit. People threw waste materials, soil, stones, iron bars, everything into it. When I was reciting Master’s name, I touched the ground and felt a pain at my chest. After that, I knew nothing anymore. I could not shout when I touched the ground. I felt a tightness across my chest. I didn’t groan or move at all. I lost consciousness completely. When I woke up, I saw myself lying on a stretcher and two Thai people were carrying me. And they asked me, “Do you want to get in an ambulance or get on the bus of your group to go back to your hotel?” I couldn’t speak, I was in great pain. They helped me sit up. I could sit up but I could not speak. It seemed I lost my power of speech or something due to the fall. When Kim fell down the deep pit, she was carrying a bag with a water bottle from the retreat. I couldn’t talk, but I pointed to the water bottle. I signaled a fellow initiate to pour me some of that water. After I drank it, I could talk again. My fellow initiates asked me, “How do you feel? Do you feel better?” I said, “Much better and less painful.” I could talk, so everyone was very happy. I could walk, too. When I arrived at the hotel, I felt very much in pain, but I tried to walk like a normal person. Upon arriving home in Âu Lạc, Kim’s intense pain did not subside. She decided to go to the hospital. The doctor asked me, “How did you fall?” I told him that I fell down a pit five, six meters deep which had a lot of waste materials such as iron, steel, or rock and dirt. And the doctor asked, “Did your head and legs get hurt?” Because I had only two wounds, one right here, and another on my left thigh which was badly bruised. But when x-rayed, you saw nothing. The doctor was very surprised. He said, “Falling down a depth of over five meters, either one’s head would get hit and crushed, or the arms and legs would be broken. Otherwise, one’s chest or back would hit the ground and it would affect the heart and lungs.” But my heart and lungs were very good, my legs and head were all right. The doctor was very surprised and couldn’t believe what I said, but it was the truth. So the doctor said, “You must be God and Buddha’s child and God and Buddha had saved you.” By then, I had opened my eyes wide and answered, “Right. I’m Buddha’s child. I’m Buddha’s child.” Later, when I went home, I still felt full of pain. I ate only Master’s blessed food, because at that time, I had a lot of blessed food from all the fellow disciples. A number of my family members told me to seek oriental medicine. The doctor asked, “How did you fall?” I told him what I told the other doctor. This doctor also laughed and said exactly the same thing the previous doctor said. “You must be a child of God and Buddha. God and Buddha saved you, otherwise no one could survive this case.” About one month later, the bruises disappeared and my body became normal, no more pain. I knew that I would have died, but Master had saved me. In normal circumstances, Kim would have faced a deadly end or severely crippling tragedy. Yet, astonishingly, her bones and vital organs were in perfect condition, and it seems the doctors had diagnosed correctly: a case of divine protection. Kim could only be deeply grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai, who gave her the key to access the Divine at the time of initiation. Besides these spiritual experiences, I have many other wonderful spiritual experiences. And because of these experiences, I feel very grateful to Master and I love and respect Master very much. In my spiritual journey, I’m always helped by Master in my spiritual and material life. Sometimes when I was in sorrow or shocked, I’d feel very peaceful when I think of Master, or recite Master’s name. I love Master very much. I don’t know how to express my gratitude, my love for Master. Our respectful gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her constant love and care in so many lives, and in myriad ways both visible and invisible. Through such real stories, may we be reminded that miracles do happen where there is Divine connection and the Master’s boundless grace. Faithful viewers, thank you for joining us today. Join us every Sunday for “Miracles on the Path” on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Now, please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Our Noble Lineage, next after Noteworthy News. May God’s ever-present light comfort your soul. Please join us on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms, today for the next “Miracles on the Path.” When Vân’s machine fell apart, no one was able to fix it – until she prayed. While meditating, I thought of the damaged machine and asked Master to help to repair it for me. As Soo-mi watched Supreme Master Ching Hai sing on stage, suddenly, they were standing side by side… Master’s real body was over there. It was her transcendental body that had come to me. Find out about the omnipresence of the inner Master. Watch “Miracles on the Path,” Sunday, October 16 on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Watch “Miracles on the Path,” today on A Journey through Aesthetic Realms.
21 Dec 2011
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The hottie who recently launched a new line of Nikon cameras wearing a white dress, received her biggest compliment from none other than queen of style Victoria Beckham.
4 Apr 2012
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*******cabanatan****/ Cabana Tan, spray on tan, airbrus tanning Be the envy of your friends after coming from a tanning session at Cabana Tan. You can surprise them all at an evening event, looking refreshed and all-golden. Put on a dazzling white dress or stunning silver outfit to highlight your new tan. Show-off your attractive colour in other outfits as: a spaghetti-strapped top and sexy skirt or sleeveless dress in a flattering, feminine style. Be the ‘belle of the ball,’ and be remembered sporting your new look.
14 Apr 2012
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Mischa Barton wore a flimsy cutaway white dress to the Women for Women International Gala in London.
4 May 2012
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******* Alicia's Gentle Touch Realistic Interactive Baby Doll by Ashton Drake What A Doll Alicia is the first-ever African-American realistic interactive baby doll by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray, available exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries This So Truly Real Life Like baby doll is sculpted by artist Linda Murray and then cast in baby-soft RealTouch vinyl to look and feel so real, with adorable hand-painted features and wispy baby hair So Realistic Baby Dolls She responds to your touch! Gently press her hand, and her tiny baby fingers will curl around your finger in such a realistic and endearing way She comes to you wearing a finely knit aqua and white dress with a matching headband Premiere issue in the Gentle Touches Baby Doll Collection Fulfill your life now with lots of happy memories, brought to you by baby dolls that look so real! Get your very own today and be happy forever! Baby Dolls that Look Real Copy and Paste the Links Below 9/11 Commemorative Doll, Future Firefighter, 16 inch Vinyl (Artist: Jullie Molloy) ******* Alicia's Gentle Touch Realistic Interactive Baby Doll by Ashton Drake ******* Baby Doll That Looks Real, Sock Monkey Business 16" (Weighted Body) (Artist: Angela Anderson) ******* Linda Webb So Truly Real Limited-Edition Silicone Emily Baby Doll by Ashton Drake ******* Realistic African-American Baby Doll: Makayla Grace by Ashton Drake ******* So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll: Chloe's Look Of Love by Ashton Drake ******* So Truly Real Lifelike Baby Doll With A Recordable Bear: Beary Sweet Messages by Ashton Drake ******* So Truly Real "Olivia's Gentle Touch" Lifelike Baby Girl Doll By Linda Murray by Ashton Drake ******* So Truly Real Interactive Baby Doll: Taylor's Ticklish Tootsies by Ashton Drake ******* Sweet Dreams, Baby Jacob: So Truly Real 18-Inch Realistic Lifelike Baby Boy Doll by Ashton Drake ******* Disclaimer: It is important to note that the owner of this video is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon**** ***********/watch?v=pjW5KM5hvBk
10 Mar 2013
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What do you wear when you're invited to hang with Barack and Michelle Obama? Not red, white or blue! Our favorite celebs went super stylish for the annual White House Correspondent's dinner! Katy Perry left her star-spangled hot suit at home and rocked a green Giambattista Valli gown. Sofia Vergara opted for a form-fitting teal dress by Herve Leger. Hayden Panettiere went the fairy princess route in a chiffon dress by Katherine Kidd. We love Kerry Washington's bold black and white dress. Plus, Julia Louis Dreyfuss and Claire Danes! What did First Lady Michelle Obama wear? You will have to tune in to find out!
29 Apr 2013
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The stars were out this week and so was the style! Some of our favorite looks of the week include Ashlee Simpson at the ballet! Ashlee looked gorgeous in a long black lace gown and emerald earrings. Did we mention how flawless her hair and makeup were? Lea Michele also rocked the carpet at the Fox Upfronts wearing a pink floral dress by Lela Rose and styled her hair with beachy waves. Amy Poehler also opted for floral. The comedian wore a blue and white dress with matching bright blue pumps. Lastly, Diane Kruger showed off her washboard abs in a black crop top and multi-colored pants. Check out the pics!
14 May 2013
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Get ready to say Bonjour to some of the hottest stars around. We've got the style scoop straight from the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. The Gatsby premiere was everything you would expect--A-list stars and haute couture fashion. Isla Fisher, Freida Pinto, Carey Mulligan, Cara Delevigne and Lana Del Ray stunned in their gowns, not to mention the Gatsby guys, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Emma Watson debuted her new movie in an age-appropriate black and white dress, while Nicole Kidman opted for a floral strapless dress for the opening ceremony. Tres chic everyone!
20 May 2013
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Hum Hai Rahi Car Ke actress Adah Sharma posed as a bird in a cute white dress for a photoshoot. Adah Sharma's photoshoot is a PETA initiative. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
12 Jun 2013
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Actress Katie Holmes steps out in unflattering white dress at an event in New York City.
12 Jun 2013
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27 Jun 2013
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The Premios Tu Mundo blue carpet may have been in Miami, but the fashion was all over the map. The good, the bad and the scandalous start with Eva Longoria who was honored for her charity work, and we are honoring her for her style. The actress looked stunning in a sequined black Emilio Pucci dress. With a low back and bow detailing, this dress was perfect, making Eva our best dressed of the night. Another look we loved was Natalia Jimenez. The star wore a black and white dress with geometric designs. The fit of the dress and the unique pattern make this a look to remember. Ximena Duque hit the carpet in a low cut purple mini. With the flared out skirt and silver shoes, the look is all wrong. Aracely Arambula’s hair and makeup looked great, but from the neck down it was a mess. The black long sleeved lace dress is too much,
17 Aug 2013
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Naomi Watts wows in a racy split white dress as she attends the London premiere of her new biopic, Diana.
6 Sep 2013
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Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Kate Middleton stunned in a long white gown Thursday night in London at the premiere of Mandela accessorizing her look with black shoes and a matching clutch. The Duchess kept her hair simple in a ponytail and sported a chunky necklace by Zara. Elle Macpherson also wore all white while in Miami on Thursday. The super model rocked a white dress, white clutch and white ankle booties! Ellie Goulding attended an event for Cosmo Magazine wearing a tight white corset top tucked into a long black velvet skirt, so cute! Take a look at our favorite fashion pics from last night here!
7 Dec 2013
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We know the Grammys are all about music, but let's face it.. we were dying to see the fashion! Paris Hilton showed up with a wild hair 'do and sexy white dress and we must say it was one of our favorite looks! Taylor Swift also looked amazing in a long metallic Gucci gown. Not only do we absolutely love the dress, but that hair and makeup? Perfection! Katy Perry, Madonna and Alicia Keys all turned heads at the show. And mommy-to-be Ciara was glowing in a gold dress as she cradled her baby bump, so cute! Check out all the fashion here!
27 Jan 2014
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