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8 Jan 2012
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Disco Ensemble's music video for the Autism Speaks/ShareTheMic music video competition, everybodyWINS, 'White Flag for Peace'.
23 Apr 2010
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White Flag Cover
10 Mar 2012
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Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong (conocida como Dido) es una cantante y compositora inglesa. te prometo que no estoy tratando de hacerte mas dificil la vida o que volvamos donde estabamos... se que deje demasiados lios y destruccion para volver nuevamente y lo unico que cause fueron problemas comprendo si tu no puedes hablarme nuevamente... "hay que dar vuelta la pagina" ... y cuando nos encontremos que estoy segura ocurrira todo lo que hubo entre nosotros seguira vivo pero lo dejare pasar y me mantendre callada y tu pensaras que yo ya te olvide...
3 Sep 2010
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Battle 2 features Charm Face competing against Disco Ensemble. Autism Speaks, ShareTheMic, and Head 2 Head Media introduce the everybodyWINS music video social media competition! Sign up and vote! *******autismspeaks.sharethemic****
22 Apr 2010
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Don't you love to take pictures of yourself and your friends with your iPhone or iPod Touch? Now you'll never miss a shot with "Self Image" by Debacle Software. Music by Disco Ensemble from Paper Tiger Records. *******
6 Jun 2010
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Fan-fiction, shipping, Cherimon and OJ.. when did it get so popular?! ..and normal click here to tweet this video - *******clicktotweet****/og2F4 :D GO GOLDEEN!! just fyi this video is not meant to be taken seriously. fan-fiction isn't creepy, i'm creepier than you anyway, we're all meant to chuckle at this together and the thorki joke is just a joke, thou canst do what thou wantst on the internet :D Starring: *******youtube****/charlie & *******youtube****/nerimon and of course *******youtube****/amazingphil in the words of super nanny, the fact this took two weeks is UNASSEPTABLE (but i think it was worth it to have charlie and alex. don't you?) enjoy! *******twitter****/danisnotonfire *******facebook****/danisnotonfire *******danisnotonfire.tumblr****
27 Jun 2012
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well this video was held at the capital of pakistan, islamabad! here we have the fastest civic of islamabad who challenged our mate from peshawar.....the civic surrendered>>>>>white flag! have a look ! injoyi
17 Dec 2006
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A gray life is a white flag. Podcast: *******www.fdrurl****/depression3 *******www.freedomainradio****
25 Apr 2009
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When you travel between the GalaXseeds' planets, you can choose to be a moving target (and possibly get attacked by a Spaceticide - see the Fighting in GalaXseeds video to see what happens in this case), or you can raise a white flag for a peaceful travel.
1 Oct 2009
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On September 11, 1857 the wealthiest wagon train to ever cross the west was systematically set up by the Mormon Hierarchy, Primarily Brigham Young, and when they felt secure the Mormons, made up as Indians, attempted to murder them. Not Succeeding the Mormons then resorted to a False Flag and Psy-op tactic. John D Lee entered their camp with a White Flag of truce and making Freemason signs of Peace and Security. He convinced them to lay down their arms. The Mormons separated the males and women and children, marched them in a line and then turned and murdered EVERYONE except 17 small children. They then accused the Indians of the crime and billed the Fed Gov't for taking care of the children! While at the same time saying the Indians had the children!
26 Dec 2009
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Waiting for you Fan fiction By AleLittlewitch *******www.slasheaven****/viewstory.php?sid=33304&warning=5 www.twckaulitz**** Song: White Flag Performed by: Dido
22 Mar 2010
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