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Hey Everyone, So as you can probally tell im not too good with this camera as I don't do this very often...I know Im a little shakey so please be kind with comments :) BUT YES ITS TRUE I am doing an Official WHITE iPhone 4 32GB UNBOXING! How did I get it you ask?...well I can't tell you bc Apple will probally come and take this phone away :S But here a quick video of when FED EX delivered the 2nd phone to our place here in Ontario, Canada. It took approx 3-5 business days with FED EX Express International shipping. 7-10 Business Days with DHL. We have been waiting patiently for the WHITE iPhone 4 release just like everyone else and still we have no release date from Apple other than "later this year" :P. I'm soo excited that I recieved my White iPhone 4 as i was almost going to break down and purchase the black. Don't break down and purchase the black if your waiting for the white iphone 4. Definately worth the wait :D ALSO I WILL RE-UPLOAD MY 1st Unboxing that i did of my Euro version iPhone 4 White 32GB that i had delieverd Aug 17th (For my lady) It was great that they were only 1 day apart. but Fed Ex shipping was quicker than DHL shipping :D Euro box did not come with the Apple Dock connector! Both iphones are locked to AT&T which will have to both be unlocked bc we on the Rogers Network After I activate it and unlock both the phones I will post another video! Here's the clip Thanks and Enjoy! PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS :D
24 Jun 2011
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