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I love very much my wife fishing,soaking and getting white socks dirty and wet!!!
25 Mar 2010
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Wetlook in sports wear
27 Aug 2009
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my feet in white no-show favorite kind :)
6 Sep 2009
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This is a commercial ad for socks with a woman and a young girl showing off their socks.
7 Sep 2009
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The second i saw the video done by Cameron Russell "Supermodels take it off for Climate Change" ( ***********/watch?v=kdz555JBIwY ) , I knew i had to make one of my own, since they forgot to invite me as a model :) I think it's a fun clever way of bringing attention to climate change. I know I am going to get a lot of crap for this one. So, if you like this video, whether you want to support the cause or not, help me fight the haters, that I know this video will bring on :) 350**** Music by an awesome band, called Worry Beads, out of California. Check out their new album "iron Spittin' Horse" at *******www.worrybeads****/ THANK YOU, MARK!
17 Jun 2010
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Here it is, the ORIGINAL version of this song from Russell's "Catfish John/Chained" album. Great tune that made it to #12 in 1973.
8 Nov 2010
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Hair wash, fully clothed, wetlook
20 Nov 2010
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Hair wash fully clothed...
25 Jun 2011
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Muddy and wet white socks pantyhose
15 Jan 2009
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My dirty sweaty & smelly "white" socks and sneaks for you to enjoy! Who wants some? :P Please comment and rate!
5 Aug 2009
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*******members.skejtboys**** - full version with color, sound, good quality After next fight younger another time win and now ... 16 yo skaterboy humiliate 22yo boy ... 22yo must: lick sweet black adidas superstar, sniff stripe and white socks, and ... ... :) just watch preview .. ..
6 Sep 2009
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booty bouncin knee high white socks in boxer booty bouncerz...chea haha
6 Sep 2009
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With high white socks and leather
7 Sep 2009
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This marked the first time we`d had a model strip down to her underwear while being pied and slimed! There`s far more cute Japanese skin showing in this vid than in our usual ones. Kahiru came to us wanting to be pied, and the first scene we did with her features a variation of `rock, paper, scissors` where she got 10yen every time she won, but had to strip off clothing and be pied every time she lost. And did I mention she started the scene in that awesomely sexy schoolgirl `sailor` uniform? (And those wicked, wicked loose white socks!!!) We also continued our new trend of using 3 cameras to capture all of the pies, slime, honey and chocolate syrup hitting Kahiru`s cute, young, Japanese face. And about half of the time, one of those 3 camera angles also catches her sexy bare soles, for my fellow foot-lovers out there! But don`t worry if feet aren`t your thing, because there are 2 other cameras devoted to her face - and the rest of her...
21 Jun 2010
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Sexy blue ankle socks girls in socks sock fetish cute socks ankle socks white socks sexy socks stripey socks colorfol socks sock tease sock worship sexy feet cute socks
7 Aug 2010
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THIS IS THE VIDEO OF HOODIE BY LADY SOVEREIGN. LYRICS: Lyrics to Hoodie : [Verse 1] For a second ill be the fashion police and im just looking at your garms you been on too many catalogue sprees With your grannyfied curtain designs, your hurting my eyes, You really should revise your dress sense before you walk on by, Im kinda mixed up in this disco inferno, Baggy jeans and a tight top, lemonade and pernod Im sticking out like a sore thumb but i aint concerned though, no, uh oh,oh oh oh (boogie) [Chorus (repeat 2x)] Fling on an A D I D A S hoodie and just boogie woogie with me Ohhhhh... Or you can just. put on your dancing shoes and get loose Can you get loose can you?? So i was up in this trendy bar mingling My keys around my neck were jingling And you was looking at me like it was my bling You was staring at me like to say i was ginger I was dishing out out the same dirty looks trust me your the minger Errrr, whos she, whos that, whos her?? The bouncer was approaching me coz i was dressed really inappropriately No hood, no hats, no this, no that Lets rolluh olll uh olll ..(out) Right everybody, if youve got someone who cant dress properly, yeah you need to direct them this way. Why not just cut up all your old clothes and make a quilt so i can wrap myself up when im feeling cold, Why not dash your ugly boots on the fire and burn them down to charcoal, If your not feeling the way that your bedrin is dressing dont be stressing send them in my direcion please, Black shoes , white socks, no uhh ohhh Polka dots, no uhh ohhh Flowery frocks, no uhh ohhh Just boogie woogie with me!!! [Chorus repeat until end]
8 Aug 2010
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