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My dirty sweaty & smelly "white" socks and sneaks for you to enjoy! Who wants some? :P Please comment and rate!
5 Aug 2009
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*******members.skejtboys**** - full version with color, sound, good quality After next fight younger another time win and now ... 16 yo skaterboy humiliate 22yo boy ... 22yo must: lick sweet black adidas superstar, sniff stripe and white socks, and ... ... :) just watch preview .. ..
6 Sep 2009
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booty bouncin knee high white socks in boxer booty bouncerz...chea haha
6 Sep 2009
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With high white socks and leather
7 Sep 2009
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I love very much my wife fishing,soaking and getting white socks dirty and wet!!!
25 Mar 2010
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This marked the first time we`d had a model strip down to her underwear while being pied and slimed! There`s far more cute Japanese skin showing in this vid than in our usual ones. Kahiru came to us wanting to be pied, and the first scene we did with her features a variation of `rock, paper, scissors` where she got 10yen every time she won, but had to strip off clothing and be pied every time she lost. And did I mention she started the scene in that awesomely sexy schoolgirl `sailor` uniform? (And those wicked, wicked loose white socks!!!) We also continued our new trend of using 3 cameras to capture all of the pies, slime, honey and chocolate syrup hitting Kahiru`s cute, young, Japanese face. And about half of the time, one of those 3 camera angles also catches her sexy bare soles, for my fellow foot-lovers out there! But don`t worry if feet aren`t your thing, because there are 2 other cameras devoted to her face - and the rest of her...
21 Jun 2010
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Sexy blue ankle socks girls in socks sock fetish cute socks ankle socks white socks sexy socks stripey socks colorfol socks sock tease sock worship sexy feet cute socks
7 Aug 2010
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THIS IS THE VIDEO OF HOODIE BY LADY SOVEREIGN. LYRICS: Lyrics to Hoodie : [Verse 1] For a second ill be the fashion police and im just looking at your garms you been on too many catalogue sprees With your grannyfied curtain designs, your hurting my eyes, You really should revise your dress sense before you walk on by, Im kinda mixed up in this disco inferno, Baggy jeans and a tight top, lemonade and pernod Im sticking out like a sore thumb but i aint concerned though, no, uh oh,oh oh oh (boogie) [Chorus (repeat 2x)] Fling on an A D I D A S hoodie and just boogie woogie with me Ohhhhh... Or you can just. put on your dancing shoes and get loose Can you get loose can you?? So i was up in this trendy bar mingling My keys around my neck were jingling And you was looking at me like it was my bling You was staring at me like to say i was ginger I was dishing out out the same dirty looks trust me your the minger Errrr, whos she, whos that, whos her?? The bouncer was approaching me coz i was dressed really inappropriately No hood, no hats, no this, no that Lets rolluh olll uh olll ..(out) Right everybody, if youve got someone who cant dress properly, yeah you need to direct them this way. Why not just cut up all your old clothes and make a quilt so i can wrap myself up when im feeling cold, Why not dash your ugly boots on the fire and burn them down to charcoal, If your not feeling the way that your bedrin is dressing dont be stressing send them in my direcion please, Black shoes , white socks, no uhh ohhh Polka dots, no uhh ohhh Flowery frocks, no uhh ohhh Just boogie woogie with me!!! [Chorus repeat until end]
8 Aug 2010
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Soaking in leggins and white socks on high heels
29 Sep 2010
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This is another vid my girlfriend made the next day after she recorded pinstripes. This time she has on white socks with writing on them that say i love you. Enjoy!!
31 Jan 2011
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Hot girl smells her white socks then sticks them in his face.
28 Jun 2011
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED REMOVABLE UPON REQUEST Lyrics: I've never been afraid of the highest heights, or afraid of flying high I've never been afraid of the wildest fights, not afraid of dying But now I want off this ride cause she's scaring me, and I don't like where we're going I need a new funfair, cause she's scaring me, and I don't like where we're going. And now you're gonna miss me, I know you're gonna miss me, I guarantee you miss me Cause you changed the way you kiss me, * * * Cause you changed the way you kiss me. We used to be so so selful, out green on the background focals, tea-total, on the next high, we get by with our so-called soul mate, made for each other chit-chat, but that, dried up, white socks. with the cutting edge facts, now i'm chilling on my Jack Jones, looking for a way back home but I can't get back. Our love feels wrong, please wind me back, our love feels wrong can't hide the cracks I guarantee you miss me, cause you changed the way you kiss me. I've never been afraid of the highest heights, or afraid of flying high I've never been afraid of the wildest fights, not afraid of dying I need a new funfair, cos she's scaring and I don't like where we're going I guaarantee you'll miss me.. Cause you changed the way you kiss me. * * * Cause you changed the way you kiss me. Our love feels wrong, please wind me back, our love feels wrong can't hide the cracks I guarantee you miss me, cause you changed the way you kiss me. I guarantee you miss me.. Cause you changed the way you kiss me.
9 Jul 2011
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Hotstylz ft. Yung Joc - Lookin' Boy Lyrics: (Verse 1:) ***Weak lookin' boy***, you slow lookin' boy, Dirty white sock on your toe lookin' boy, You rat lookin' boy, will you marry me, splat lookin' boy, Whoopi Goldberg black lip lookin' boy, Midnight train Gladys Knight lookin boy, You poor lookin boy, Don Imus ol' nappy headed ho lookin' boy, ***Diggin in your booty then smell it*** lookin' boy, then rub it with the KY jelly lookin' boy, Getcha Riiiickkyy!! Morris Chestnut shot in ya back lookin' boy, Valtrex brand new gay lookin' boy, You in house L Cool J lookin' boy, Getchya No Mama! No Mama! Penny off good times big J.J. lookin' boy, (Hook) [X4] Point Em' Out (Verse 2:) Oh L.L. I need love lookin' boy, Fake I.D. can't get in club lookin' boy, Remember me from school? Hell no you gets no love lookin' boy, Gangsta homo thug lookin' boy, Ring around yo tub lookin' boy, Oh it's the first of the month, Bone Thug lookin' boy, Got yo hand off the chain lookin' boy, This yo brain on drugs lookin' boy, Jang-A-lang, Jang-A-lang, Jang-A-lang, Bernie Mac lookin' boy, No eyelids can't blink lookin' boy, ***You are the weakest link lookin' boy***, No Chris, no Chris, no! Raz B lookin' boy, (Hook) [X4] Point Em' Out Get Em' (Verse 3:) You better getchya weak lookin' boy, ***Geek lookin' boy***, ***Pepe Le Pu you stink*** lookin' boy, You don't ever wash my feet lookin' boy, Bang, bang, bang, skeet, skeet, lookin' boy, Tight lookin' boy, I fight lookin' boy, Had to retaliate, Mike lookin' boy, you dike lookin' boy, Your momma so slow she can't cook Minute Rice lookin' Boy, Flop lookin' boy, Stop lookin' boy, Can't take off her top lookin' boy, Women be shoppin, women be shoppin, black Chris Rock lookin' boy, Case lookin' boy, Horse and carriage, Cam'ron and Mase lookin' boy, You ape lookin' boy, Can I help you? Yea put 2 on eight lookin' boy, (Hook) [X4] Point Em' Out Get Em' (Verse 4:) You'ze a broke lookin' boy, joke lookin' boy, Let me clear my throat lookin' boy, ***Spongebob on your shirt lookin' boy***, ***I play in dirt lookin' boy***, Balled up dirty K-Swiss lookin boy, Brown dookie stains in drawers lookin' boy, ***Scooby Dooby-Dooby-Doooo***!!! Mike Vick lookin' boy, Why i wont lose no weight lookin' boy, Lookin' real ugly in the face lookin' boy, Jail lookin' boy, weave lookin' boy, Need to brush yo teeth lookin' boy, Boot lookin' boy, soup lookin' boy, Wearin' green Joggin suit lookin' boy, Say it again! Say it again! Ol' pinky lookin' boy, (Hook) [X4] Point Em' Out Get Em' (Verse 5:) Just letchya soul gllloooowww!! Curl lookin' boy, I know you wanna leave me, David Ruffin lookin' boy, Anywhere you meet me goin' down lookin' boy, Hot Stylz and Young Joc lookin' boy, Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha tickle me Elmo lookin' boy, You'ze a brawl lookin' boy, ***If I was a little bit tall*** lookin' boy, (Sniff, Sniff, Sniff, Sniff) now that's the smell of cleanol' Pine-Sol lookin' boy, This is the song that doesn't end, lamb chop lookin' boy, Bang-bang, bang-bang, bang-bang, ol' pops lookin' boy, (Hook) [X8] Point Em' Out Get em' (I look like I eat tuna casserole all day lookin' boy) from lyricsmode**** Lyrics with *** around them are decitated to my friend austin: wannaberocker17
6 Apr 2013
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The clip setting-up-sabrina-and-dave from The Change-Up (2011) with Jason Bateman, Jason Bateman. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. And be happy, you know? Because how can you stay married to somebody who is incapable of being happy? What are you saying? Holy fuck-knuckles, I've got freckles on my taint. How awesome is that? Hey, fag, what are you doing here? Three days to three weeks? You left the kids at daycare? Come, on, Mitch! Those are my kids. I can't do this shit any more. No, no, no. You are going do this shit. You don't get off that easy. My marriage is falling apart, my job is on the line. You are going to be the best possible me you can be right now. Dave, you don't understand. I cannot do this. Not even for another hour. You're gonna do it. I don't care! You're going to stay here and do this right! Get out of my fucking way, or I'll drown you in your own goddamn tub! Easy, motherfucker! If you leave now... Get your hands off me. ...This friendship is over! Fuck you. Don't pull that shit on me. I got to get the fuck out of here. I'm serious, Mitch. Shut up! Jamie and the kids mean everything to me. There's no walking out on this. For once in your life, you got to see something through. What the fuck does that mean? I'm going to be honest with you, Mitch, because there's a lot on the line here. You are a quitter. But quitting is not an option on this one, okay? You focus, you find it. I don't care where, but you find it inside of yourself, okay? I know it's there. It's not like I'm not trying. I just don't know how to do all your grown-up crap. You're going to learn. This is called a suit. You wear one every day. Along with a necktie. Black, not white, socks.
8 Nov 2013
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DENVER — Video taken by a witness during an arrest shows a Denver police officer punching a suspect in the face six times and then tripping the man’s girlfriend who is seven-and-a-half months pregnant, causing her to land on her belly and face. The witness who took the video claims an officer then took the tablet he was using to record the arrest, deleted the video file, not realizing it had already been stored on the electronic cloud. The limited-use video obtained by FOX 31 in Denver shows the suspect’s head bouncing off the pavement from the force of the punches. According to police reports, the uniformed police officer, Charles “Chris” Jones IV made the arrest after undercover narcotics police officers say they saw the suspect, David Flores, a suspected drug user, stuff a white sock in his mouth that they suspected was full of heroin. Police say Flores refused to respond to requests to show his hands. While Jones and his partner Christopher Evans were holding and punching Flores, a woman can be heard screaming. A few seconds later, Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, 25, falls hard on her face when Jones sweeps her feet out from under her. Jones said he did it because he thought she was going to kick him. Jones also cited two reasons for why he punched Flores. Watch the video for more on the criticism over the arrest of Lazos-Guerrero and Flores, who according to FOX 31, didn’t show up for their most recent court appearance.
29 Dec 2014
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