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he tamponneuse of whizz
28 May 2008
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31 May 2007
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Discover how you can Cash in on nearby organization opportunites that stare at you on each street corner: *******
31 Jan 2012
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Discover how you can Cash in on local business opportunites that stare at you on every single street corner: *******
31 Jan 2012
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Hypercharged seagulls buzz and whizz above the Rochdale Canal after a freakish thunderstorm while upon the moor Charlotte swoons again; yet not for Heathcliffe; rather now that inner swan
13 May 2007
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In an engagingly strange hybridization of science fiction and western films, Ghost Patrol plants cowboy hero Tim McCoy in the middle of a bizarre mess: airplanes keep disappearing over an unremarkable stretch of land. Simultaneously Claudia Dell, the daughter of a missing scientist, figures out that her father’s latest invention could be used to bring down the airplanes. Both McCoy and Dell will have to contend with sinister gangsters who are using Dell’s father’s ray gun to shoot down any aircraft! McCoy is a treat, as always, and Ghost Patrol is a camp sensation with all its whizzing and whirring gadgets intermixed with spurs and cowboy hats. Actually, the contraptions in the film were made by Kenneth Strickfaden, who worked on movie electronics for his career, including the freaky scientific equipment in the original Frankenstein.
7 May 2008
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Intel Chairman Dr. Craig Barrett meets with science whizzes competing at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, May 2008.
14 May 2008
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BLACKMOON & SCARFACE! See what it takes... to be a fierce Party Promoter!!! Watch DeFame whizz throughout New York City, letting everybody in there momma know about "Ol English's Blackmoon & Scarface Event!!!" Need the WRONG CROWD behind your party? contact: Produced By: DeFame of the WRONG CROWD & Filmed By: Mike Fresh, Frankie, Shucky Ducky, & DeFame
21 Aug 2008
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it whizz wanted to make his big stunt man my him are to fall as a shit fr:il as voulu faire son grand cascadeur mes il es tomber comme une merde
24 Aug 2008
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Is battery technology ramping up to become the future automotive fuel of choice, or is there another solution? Read more: *******alwayson.goingon****/permalink/post/29658 You've all seen them. Smug hybrid drivers whizzing by you in the carpool lane, passing up the gas pump, and smiling pityingly at you as you fill up your not-that-fuel-inefficient sub-compact. Is battery technology really the wave of the future for the automobile industry? Or are we just victims of clever marketing and shiny, eco-green paint jobs. KPCB's Ray Lane is optimistic, saying that the industry is seeing great power and energy density in today's fuel batteries. The strides made in battery technology, he says, will produce some real, valid options for current vehicle powertrains in the next two years. Steve Westly wonders if battery technology isn't entering a Moore's Law type of technology ramp-up. Will batteries become exponentially less-expensive, lighter, longer-lasting, and better performing? Undoubtedly, batteries absolutely become less-expensive in volume, which has already been proven over the last couple of decades. Venture Vehicles Howard Levine acknowledges that constraints outside technology development are the biggest danger to battery advancement. "Currently, the market is pretty much stuck at $1,000 per kilowatt hour." The main ingredient, lithium, is a commodity, that has to be mined, shipped, processed.... Future supply constraints in lithium supply could be a limiting factor in battery production and technology advancement. Transonic Combustion's Mike Cheiky believes that batteries are not necessarily the way to go. No only are the material supplies potentially constrained, but producing batteries is extremely hazardous and rife with other issues. He says: "We could make dramatic improvements in reducing the extreme ramp-up of CO2 in the world ... if we put just half as much effort into making internal combustion engines and fuel-injector systems work as we are in batteries and fuel cells." The automotive community seems to support Cheiky's notion. The trend over the past year has been from establishing new automotive brands and alternative fueling methods to refining the internal combustion process to be more efficient, less-polluting, and reliant on more sustainable fuels.
14 Oct 2008
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Bill Smooshfoot is Just Reflectin' on the history of pregnancy tests. DadLabs' resident backwoods philosopher cannot understand the need that drives people quaff fresh whizz, inject woodland animals with lady pee, or go number one on plastic sticks. Why not just wait and see? DadLabs ep. 447 sponsored by Baby Bjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Jan 2009
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A fantastic computer-animated clip features Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel racing on track, as they bring to life the biggest rule changes in the history of Formula One. the new aero package Last seasons car morphs into the current Red Bull Racing car, the RB5, showing all the bodywork changes from nose to rear wing. KERS The bodywork is removed to expose the engine and inner parts. A stream of energy makes its way from the back axle through the motor generator and into the battery. Sebastian presses the boost button and whizzes past Mark. Slicks How's this for a slick change as the car switches from grooved tyres to '09 slicks, without even stopping...
19 Feb 2009
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*******www.treetopasia****/thailand-holiday/bangkok-pattaya Bangkok holidays don't have to be hot, city-only affairs. Cool off by whizzing through lush treetops on ziplines in the ancient rainforest in the Khao Kheo Open Safari. Flight of the Gibbon Adventure Tours
27 Aug 2009
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*******www.oggs****/charity-month.php Oggs****, award winning online casino review, forum and blog site relaunches with a month long party, including the chance to win England captain John Terry's signed photo and helping kids charity Whizz Kidz
2 Nov 2009
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This runner has catastrophe happen all around him, from whizzing baseballs to explosions and fire, and nearly getting smashed, you have to see how it ends.
27 Feb 2010
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*******www.retro36**** In today's episode we feature three quirky toys called Uglydolls and some very pink baby toys by Jellykitten. We hope you like the new intro featuring a whizz through Scarborough's town centre.
27 Jun 2010
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