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Sponsor: Roger Ver's Bitcoin company... not sure I'm allowed to say its name in the video descrip because the name is a URL. In case you did not already surmise, but to assure that full attribution is given: This video uses many turns of phrase and methods of dress which, although probably not quite exact, may be attributed to Winston S. Churchill. "Winston" Ridley vs. fire deparment. Perhaps you wonder if he is angry at the whole world... winston churchill impersonator impersonations prime minister world war 2 two ii ll II their finest hour speech channeling history channel. historical. New hampshire free state project. great leaders warlords darkest hour the gathering storm wilderness years humor humorous. Good speeches podcasts liberty libertarian ron paul rand paul. imitations imitators imposters pretend pretending to be. oratory. fire department, firefighters, first responders, winston churchill, wilderness years, gathering storm, darkest hour, new hampshire. franklin roosavelt joseph stalin adolph hitler nazi v for victory. fight them on the beaches speech. great men, history historical fire department, firefighters, first responders, winston churchill, wilderness years, gathering storm, darkest hour, new hampshire
23 Jun 2019
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Classic Christian Rock Album Released In 1983
14 Jul 2019
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The immigration to Canada and permanent resident visa to Canada from Dubai is an ideal country to settle permanently in Canada. If you want to immigration to Canada from Dubai, you can apply for the same through our immigration. because we provide the different types of visas such as express entry system,permanent resident visa to Canada from Dubai,investor visa for UK from uae,express entry from Dubai and etc. Canada is a wonderful country for immigration and permanent residency in the whole world. because this is a country very peaceful. Canadian immigration program that allows immigration to live and work and residency in Canada as a skilled worker through best immigration for Canada.
3 Jul 2019
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“Sirtaki” is danced in a circle or line formation with hands held on neighbour's shoulders. The summer anthem “Zorba’s dance” finds now a modern touch that will make the whole world dance together! For the first time “Sirtaki” has also an official vocal version worked on the original production. “Just (Zorba’s Dance)” features a fresh female voice which lead the famous greek melody, singing about how people in summertime become “Super Crazy”! Which are the origins of “Sirtaki”? It’s a popular Greek folkdance created for the 1964 film Zorba the Greek, choreographed by Giorgos Provias with music by Mikis Theodorakis, in a mixture between the slow and fast rhythms of “Hasapiko” dance. The name sirtáki comes from “syrtos”, which means "lead the dance” in Greek! It is so famous around the world that “Barilla”, the worldwide known Italian pasta brand, used it for a paneuropean campaign starring the tennis champion Roger Federer and the Italian chef Davide Oldani. VIDEO DIRECTOR Vangelis Tsaoussopoulos D.O.P: Fotis Mitsis Production Manager: Ju Stamataki Gaffer: Giannis Fotakis Make up / Hair: Dimitris Kladias Styling: Denis Kolpodios
18 Jul 2019
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31 May 2007
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GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE - MOST SEVERE CONSEQUENCES AND BEST SOLUTIONS: Global warming "THREATENS" possible human extinction!! However, all of the hype and propaganda about global climate change - which is quite possibly inevitable and due to changes in the Sun and the Earth's water vapor system - also threatens the development of all third world nations - where majority of unnecessary suffering occurs. These topics are rarely broadcasted to people!! I studied systems engineering and finance at the "Ivy League" University of Pennsylvania. I took a seminar - in 1997!! - with dozens of visiting world renowned EXPERT lecturers that CONVINCED me that global warming "THREATENS" to eventually decimate or annihilate the current human population!!! (Oddly enough, I wouldn't mind if - and have indeed already resigned myself to the fact that - other species will be given back some ecosystem to thrive!) It is a long and complicated explanation but briefly: only a small fraction of the current population of 6 billion will be able to survive on the fresh water and arable land available on Earth when it (eventually, some day) irrevocably switches from an ICE AGE dynamic equilibrium to an ARID AGE steady state! Can we stop it? and how quickly will the change occur (dozens, hundreds or thousands of years)? are the only real questions in my mind at this point!!!! Questions?? EXTREME ENVIRONMENTAL changes on Earth constantly and CONSISTENTLY cause: 1. extremely rapid - a few months to a few decades - dominant species extinction followed by 2. nearly as rapid alternative species "blooming" (exploding diversity) This is THE ONLY consistent, long term biological process that occurs on Earth: No one species has EVER dominated Earth for long due to hitherto unpredictable and uncontrollable CATASTROPHIC ecosystem changes (moderate ice age to EXTREME arid age is merely one of many - and it usually takes some time...but why risk speeding this up?...) Just recently the scientific world announced that - according to current verifiable data - 30% - 40% of known species may be extinct by 2050 - due mainly to climate change! All debate is reasonable. However, is it reasonable to continue doing something - not utterly necessary for our current or future survival - that "debatable" scientific evidence clearly shows MAY some "debatable" day MERCILESSLY PLAGUE or perhaps even END our species prematurely?!? Because that is exactly what nature has always intended and ALWAYS done! Test and improve the Earth's many genetic codes' SURVIVAL ABILITY!! I audited PENN's bi-weekly SYSTEMS ENGINEERING seminar of various international scientific experts back in 1997! The whole story only came together after over 20 world renowned experts - from diverse disciplines - had extensively weighed in on multifarious and extremely complex scientific topics. I was CONVINCED of a real and absurdly extreme and "immediate" THREAT to humanity - worse than any other I have studied (entropy, plague, viruses, asteroids, orbital/solar system change, peak oil, war (nukes in Asia?), premature, "Frankenstein-like", scientific advancement (genetic engineered weapons!)...notice how terrorism is not worth mention - it doesn't even register as a threat to our species!) - with a real but uncertain probability: Why throw dice unnecessarily?? WHAT WE SHOULD DO: 1. Develop better climate prediction technology - including early waring systems for the most likely catastrophic climate scenarios (collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, rapid loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet, large-scale changes in ocean circulation systems...) 2. Develop technologies to improve the energy-conversion efficiency of coal-fired Chinese power plants (these will produce the lion's share of CO2 over the next century). 3. Develop technology: alternative energy, energy conservation and efficiency, "decarbonizing" technology. 4. Plant trees, use reflective paint, buttress buildings better, develop crops that grow better in warmer climates, rethink zoning codes for coastal areas. 5. Promote more energy efficient habits and lifestyles through education and monetary and social incentives (EVERYONE SHOULD WORK ON THIS). Live only where you can WALK or BIKE to almost every daily activity, shun activities that use energy sources, prefer more natural (outdoor?) social activities (lights at night are unnatural and actually stressful to you and cause you to produce less melatonin, increasing your cancer risk! Libraries are better - more accurate, useful and healthier - sources of information than the internet!) *******www.MySpace****/JamesGraff *******www.GarageBand****/artist/Jame... *******www.JamesGraff**** I made a home made video: "She's My Whole World" written in 1985, produced, engineered, photographed, edited, sang and performed entirely by James Graff. (Pictures are of Liina Kairo - in no particular order - pretty amazing how the photos and audio seem to serendipitously fall into place!!) "If you were to dedicate your life to easing suffering on earth - now and into the future - how would you do it? What would you do?" (Work/play ONLY for charity?) sang, played all the instrument, recorded and produced this song on four track cassette as a DEMO in my MOM'S LAUNDY ROOM!!! The song was partially inspired by the Police song "Every Breath You Take" which I pay homage to with the line: "...and every breath I take..." I hope that every one catches the allegory/analogy and the moral "to the story": it's a song about a girl who is my "whole world" but on the second most obvious level it's also about our world the planet earth - better treat "her" right!!! Date Created 1985 Lyrics Lyrics for "She's My Hole World" (Copyright 1985) She's so beautiful, Done up in green and blue In such a Godly way, I can't keep away And she's last and first, In quenching all my thirsts She's gives me streams and lakes, and every breath I take She's My Whole World She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World And I'd do anything, Just to keep her hole 'Cus all my night time warmth, comes from deep within her soul The analogy goes on, but not in just one song, She's My Whole World I wish you all only knew the way she makes me think that it's nothin' new that we're on the brink Our next generation's becoming extinct It's time we renewed our pact don't you think She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World She's not just my girl, She's My Whole World And such a pretty face, No other could replace She's every thing I feel, without her nothing's real The analogy goes on, But not in just one song She's My Whole World When you and I aren't here, the stratosphere disappears And when you're not by my side Armegeddon gets in my eyes And when we fight nuclear bombs ignite Such a She's my only world...
25 Jan 2010
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i love the whole world from discovery
30 Jun 2008
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Above Entertainment's Chelsea Perry's "My Whole World" music video!
3 Feb 2009
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GOD IS WITH ME THIS I KNOW :: HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS :: TELL EVERYONE ABOUT JESUS is performed by Music Time Childrens Choir of First Baptist Church of St. Charles, Mo. For more about FBCSC, go to *******www.fbcstcharles****
27 Mar 2009
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My whole world in my hand
2 Apr 2009
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*******www.yourwholeworld****** Upload your videos of Your Whole World and win a brand new PSP and 20 games at ***********/yourwholeworld Go to www.yourwholeworld****** and read all about PSP functions, games and lots of cool news, including hot new PSP colours! PSP teamed up with Don’t Panic and the artist Jay Burridge to create this video designed to inspire you to create Your Whole World Uploaded for PSP
6 May 2009
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Whole world in your hands - a PSP creation from Jay Jay Burridge
6 May 2009
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