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Whole Health Center provides information, education and access to complementary health services for people seeking wellness. Whole Health center connects practitioners and neighbors to achieve optimum health. Healthy and happy people are the basis of a healthy happy community. We offer acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy and nutritional counseling in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and the greater Denver Metro area. 303-4HEALTH
Recognized as a pioneer in the refrigerated tortilla business, Azteca Foods, Inc. started in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago as a vision of Art Velasquez and nine other Mexican American businessmen and members of the Azteca Lions Club. With a passion for quality Mexican food and a dream to positively contribute to the economic development of their community, Velasquez and his business partners each invested $8,000 in 1969 to found the Azteca Corn Products Corporation. At a time when Mexican food was not mainstream, the founding members built the company on a strong desire to bring traditional Mexican foods to a wider group of consumers outside their own neighborhood. With the sale of Azteca Corn Products Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary to The Pillsbury Company in 1984, the Azteca® brand grew tremendously due to a broad-based product line, application of new technology and investment in advanced production facilities. In 1989, Velasquez and his wife Joanne bought back the assets of the business from The Pillsbury Company and changed the name to Azteca Foods, Inc. Today Azteca® has grown to become a multimillion-dollar business still family-owned by the Velasquez family. Located on the southwest side of Chicago, Azteca® operates in a 100,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which employs over 135 people. Azteca® prides itself in developing the first refrigerated tortilla using fewer preservatives to bring extended shelf life to its category, while maintaining strict quality control to ensure only the freshest and highest-quality products available. The company continues to revolutionize the industry and grow its product line with the addition of bake-and-fill salad shells, tortilla chips and new Azteca™ Meal Essentials. Although Azteca Foods, Inc. has grown to serve national and international markets, the Velasquez family remains committed to Chicago and the Latino community through participation on more than 20 not-for-profit boards.
Every whole food has a pattern that resembles a body organ. Video produced by: Music by Enya called "Metamorphosis".
18 Jun 2008
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Victoria Beckham wears a maxi dress as she and baby Harper go food shopping together.
1 Oct 2012
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Rihanna shops at whole foods for a family feast.
19 Mar 2012
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Play All Stop Autoplaying Play Next QuickList (0) 1 Clear Save Related Videos Zrii can be a big factor in creating better health. But where does Zrii get this power? From the perfect marriage of natural resources, the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, and the knowledge of state-of-the-art Western medical science. Here are seven of its benefits: Amalaki, the great rejuvenator. Central to Zrii is a small fruit that grows at the base of the pristine Himalayas in northern India. Its nutritional profile truly places it in a class of its own—which means it can be an extraordinary source for you to find rejuvenation, vitality, and energy. A formulation that takes nutrition to the next level. Mixed only with fruit juices, amalaki would be a top nutritional drink. But that wasn't enough to ensure that you received the highest level of nutrition possible, so we created a synergistic blend of herbs and fruits to completely unlock the potency of amalaki. Preservative-free. Zrii uses the world's purest whole-food source of amalaki, all grown at the foot of the Himalayas, surrounded by the cleanest air and water on the planet—which means no harmful artificial chemicals or contaminants. Wildcrafted in the Himalayas Our amalaki is wildcrafted, a harvesting technique where the fruit is taken from trees as it is naturally found in nature, hand-picked according to ancient techniques. Endorsed by the Chopra Center. Zrii is proudly endorsed by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, founded by world-famous Dr. Deepak Chopra and neurologist Dr. David Simon—the first third-party provider the Chopra Center has ever endorsed. A vibrant taste. In Ayurvedic practice, the ability of a food or drink to "enliven the tongue" is a hallmark of its healing capabilities. And as those who've tried it will tell you, Zrii most assuredly enlivens the tongue. The wisdom of Ayurveda. The formulation for Zrii is built on 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom, which calls for multiple ingredients working together synergistically to maximize nutritional potency.
13 Jul 2008
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See how easy and pain free getting acupuncture is. Stress and anxiety, which are both prevalent in today's times, can easily be treated through acupuncture, herbs, and proper nutrition. Stress can be the cause or aggravate many health issues. Celebrity acupuncturist Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. demonstrates her technique and explains how it works. She is a regular guest on KTLA Morning News, a speaker at local Whole Foods, and a published author. For more information on how Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac. can help you with stress and many more health concerns, please visit: www.breathebalance****
21 Mar 2009
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Is a Channel about the easy & simple tips recipes for all occations .
Season Four winner of Top Chef Stephanie Izard shows how to make a wonderful sidedish of roasted cauliflower.
25 Nov 2009
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We are what we eat! Choosing wisely the healthy option for good foods can be a tasty choice as well. Now whole foods can let you enjoy great taste and keep a healthy mindset. Eat smart and simply enjoy!
15 Nov 2007
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - This is one of those "toolbox" recipes... Lisa's Raw Red Cabbage Salad is a raw food recipe that takes literally 2 minutes to make and you can keep it in the refrigerator for a few days and have for more than one meal! Efficiency when it comes to making raw food, vegan, or whole food meals is what I like best! Check it out... (This was so good it made me dance! Check it out at the end!)
29 Jul 2008
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Regulating your nervous system and stopping the constant outflow of energy due to various adrenal stressors is the first step to creating "REAL" Energy.
13 Dec 2009
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Top Chef Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard shows how to prepare the perfect holiday turkey.
28 Nov 2009
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Top Chef Season 4 winner Stephanie Izard shows how to take a new twist on apple pie by making apple wontons with caramel sauce.
24 Nov 2009
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Season Four winner of Top Chef Stephanie Izard shows how to make the perfect turkey gravy at home.
26 Nov 2009
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