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My song inspired by Quatnum Physics affirmation of the Buddhist principal of "3,000 diffrent realms in a single moment of life".
2 Sep 2007
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Hasankeyf is a antique town of Batman city of Turkey which is at the Tigris river on the road.The Tidris River curls up ond flows from North to the South. Being Iocoted close to it os most of the tradewos done overthe river Hosonkeyf also developped commer- ciolly ond economicoly. HASANKEYF AT ANTIQUE AGES In Periods B.C. whot historicol developments took ploce ot Hasankeyf ond who ruled ore included in the dork poges of history. There is no written source per- toining to this subject. Archeologic works to be made in future wilbring Iight to the issue. But it is possible to soy thot Hosonkeyf wos the most fovourite ploce for the tribes who ruled in Mesopotomio.
14 Jun 2007
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Second Temple 515 to 70 B.C. The Night Spectacular of the history of Jerusalem at theDavid Tower Citadel. It was unexpected whot Isaw that night and the live-video-clips I took there.
21 Oct 2008
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