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some more cool wii clips.... first one i made is *******www.metacafe****/watch/834539/cool_wii_clips/
28 Sep 2007
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Video de Super Mario Galaxy, muestra como empieza esta nueva aventura de Mario para Wii.
3 Oct 2007
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wii dancing - india tamil artist
4 Oct 2007
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Players are given on-screen instructions for the Wiimote during battle in this clip from Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution for the Nintendo Wii. Coming October 23rd! For more info, visit: *******www.narutonintendogames****/
5 Oct 2007
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Nintendo Wii Dog Tag w/ Pin Limited Edition Overview, Came out when Wii First Launched.
8 Oct 2007
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Players leap from one battle arena to another in this clip from Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution for the Nintendo Wii. Coming October 23rd! For more info, visit: *******www.narutonintendogames****/
9 Oct 2007
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Nintendo Wiis out of Stock? Dont worry We will help you find a Wii for Best price & Package Look at these OPTIONS from, wiitracker**** , TronicVasion**** ( best Gift Website )
11 Oct 2007
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one of the best mario games ( mario stikers ) i've played on Game Cube is now on Nintendo Wii.
15 Oct 2007
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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 for the Nintendo Wii features unique controls and gameplay created specifically for the platform, resulting in quick response times and a more arcade feel. Ultimate control is taken to the next level, as players can act our slams, strikes, taunts and finishers as they take place on screen. Pick up your copy on November 13th.
18 Oct 2007
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Complete just 1 offer to acctivate your own account by going to: *******www.YourNintendoWii4Free****/index.php?ref=4150478 Once you have your account, use it to sign up 5 friends or family members. Once you have 5 referrals you can submit your account and you will be compensated for your efforts with a free Nintendo Wii sent to you with no shipping cost!
20 Oct 2007
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This is at the UW Milwaukee college rec room. The 360s are ALWAYS full. The Wiis rarely have people playing them. Now I've seen people play Wii, but it's not usually for very long. GAMERS rock the 360 (but I'm sure you all knew that already ;) .) I personally like Wii a lot. I'm not saying one is better than the other, this is just what happens in the REAL world.
21 Oct 2007
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How to get 80-90% off Wiis, Xboxs, TVs, Cameras, Labtops and more! While helping a charity of your choice!
22 Oct 2007
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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is a first-person shooter for the Wii and the PlayStation Portable.
28 Oct 2007
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BlackNerdComedy**** Music Video. In this parody of T-Pain's "Buy U a Drank," I present a song about the greatest video game system ever... the Nintendo Wii! And btw, that's my roommate that walked into the shot. To see all Black Nerd vlogs 'n videos, visit my website, www.blacknerdcomedy****.
30 Oct 2007
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The best fighting game yet for the Wii home video game system, NARUTO: Clash of Ninja Revolution from TOMY and D3Publisher of America, was the focus of a huge NARUTO Launch Event, Saturday, October 27, at the Nintendo World Store in New York's Rockefeller Center. The Nintendo World Store was filled with gaming stations, collectible card game areas and the inaugural professional Ramen Noodle Eating Contest featuring some of the world's most renowned competitive eating athletes in an event sanctioned by Major League Eating. Also featured during the NARUTO Launch Event was the introduction of NARUTO: Path of the Ninja for the Nintendo DS along with game tournaments for prizes, a costumed NARUTO character, free give-away items and much more!
30 Oct 2007
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Round two of my daily exercises of punching the bags on Wii Sports
1 Nov 2007
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