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On the 21st of January 2012, Sydney came to a stand still when 200 incredible Directioners came together and took part in the very first One Direction Flash Mob! Since then it has received international recognition gaining millions of views all over the world and even being noticed by One Direction themselves! One year on (25th of Jan, 2013) the Sydney Directioners have reunited to recreate the same magic! Here is the official video of what went down :) #1DSydFlashMobTake2 Myself (Tahnee Cook itstahnee) along with Mary Chbib (marychbib), Emilie Carmona (BieberMcMufffin), Ashleigh Cook (itsAshleighCook), Brinley Parigi (brinleyy_) and Lauren Walker (LaurenUpland) organized this event and we are just completed thrilled with how it turned out! Dance Choreographed by; Lauren Walker, Tahnee Cook, Ashleigh Cook and Brinley Parigi 'One Direction Take Me Home Album Mix' music mixed by Tahnee Cook and Mary Chbib * No copyright intended all rights go to Sony Music Entertainment, Syco, Columbia and One Direction* Please check out our Behind The Scenes/Extra Footage video: ***********/watch?v=dLIZtFoPcwM A MASSIVE special thanks to; • The amazing film crew who captured the incredible flash mob! - Immaculate Productions - *******www.facebook****/pages/Immaculate-Productions/145536992128438 - James Dobbins Jones and Phil Bates for also filming the flash mob! - Jessica Adam, Mia Schneider and Correna Mazzacca for lending us cameras and filming. - Sharleen Kumar for all the behind the scenes footage and being our carrot :) and to Mary Williams for wearing the Go Pro! - Thanks to Eva Colless for the carrot costume and Lauren Anderson for the amazing L.O.V.E shirts and Tahnee and Mary for props :) - The Bump (2dayFM) and Angus O'Loughlin for taking his time to come and watch and film/interview us! Aswell as putting a video up on their website! - Channel Nine for showing our very first flash mob on live television! Thank you so much! - Thanks to Liz and Nathan and the whole team from Sony Music Australia for all their encouragement! • Bobby Horan for all his support and encouragement! (here's your shoutout Bobby!) • And last but not least! Just a massive thanks to all the amazing fans who took their time and dedication to participate in the flash mob and have been amazing people to be around the past few months! This couldn't have been done without any of you! Alara Townsend alara_jayde, Ally Turner allyally10, Alex Carter alextommo_, Abbey Sheather aBb_sheather, Alyssa Noble howdyziall, Alison Bolanos sonnylanos, Annie Tapscott annietaps, Ashley Bellamy ashleygurl_xo, Bec Karslake booster2065, Briana Lawler trulymadlyniall, Bella Wesley hollamalik, Baxter Adams omgbiebzy, Casey Compton CaseysDirection, Catherine Parada, Courtney Leigh baabygeex, Cameron Fisher, Danielle Moralas, Dayna Polley justdayna_, Demi Smith irishdemilea1d, Deneka Naylor denekax, Eva Colless Eva_pizzy, Emily Portolesi emilyportolesi, Eesha Gibbs ohitseesha, Eloise Carter ejcater_1d, Eryn Carter erynrhiannon, Georgia Kennedy georgiahannah, Elizabeth Vu elizabeth1d_,Georgia Brooks oh_georgie, Georgie Slater laffingwithliam, Gabby Polishuk wataboutonight, Hayley Robinson 1drizzlekick, Isabella Lowe _bellalowe, Isabel Carmona, Imani Kiam little_things10, Julia Hill juliahillzo, Jessica Perlov riss_wilk, Jessica Som jessicaasom, Jacaucline White letmaliktheboys, Jayde Wilmshurst jaydehellen, Jessica Harris JessEndsHere, Jasmine Allsopp jasmineallsoppx, Jessie Willis proudniallator, Kate Pendlebury styleswow, Kelly Robinson yeahjayden, Kaela Woodley trentsfuckbuddy, Kira Gibbs kirajadex, Kaylah Evans Kaylaah_1398, Larissa Saliba, Lola Alfaro, Lana Miletich irrelezarry, Lauren Allen LaurenA_luvs1d, Lucy Karsi lucykarsi, Lily Langley, Lana Pham makesmescream, Lilli Leeon lilli_mae6, Laura Flower harrystoenails, Lauren Brett hilaurenn, Lauren Anderson LaurenA264, Marrisa Faith MFaith99, Maddie Karakaidos, Mary Amgorgis MaryAmGorgis1, Monique Peachy moniqueidk, Mia Hubba dreamtomorrow21, Maga Samardzic hazellujah, Mary Willams marywillams101, Natalie Morrison, Naedean Quinton twerkgurlx, Natasha Vlahos, Nadene Budden kawaiitomlinson, Natalie McGuire natyyyy_, Olivia Rowe livclaire, Philip Siljanovski Philstaar, Paige Sullivan paige96lovesyou, Rebecca Hollis beccky_hollis, Rebecca Calabrese bec_cal, Robbin Jones ausloves1d, Rebecca Vickery becccs, Rohana King rohanaalise, Rebecca Ide beccajanee1dtc, Shanie Woods kissingjuju, Sabina Kamarados sabinaxoxox, Shannon Beck HaroldIgnoresMe, Sophie Booth _evie__, Sarah Sarkies _ssarahx, Sharleen Kumar 1d_redranger, Tara Sheather TaRa_Sheather, Tyla Lally tylalally, Ty Allen tytyrosexx, Taylor Bond niallscray, Yuki Fiona punkzouis, Zoe Hallam official_zoeh,
29 Mar 2013
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A squad of hunters head to a island and find out the dinosaurus hunt them, music composed by John Willams, and my CO. animator GeorgeZillaFan gets most the credit for that last battle scene
6 May 2013
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YouTube is #ProudToLove the LGBT community. SHARE THIS VIDEO: ******* MUSIC: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love feat. Mary Lambert - ******* iTunes: ******* Google Play ******* At YouTube, we believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved. We strive to make YouTube a place where all communities can feel proud to express themselves and connect through video. That's why we're proud to stand with the LGBT community and support equal rights and marriage equality for all. JOIN IN: Who, what, or why are you #ProudToLove? Upload a video or share a post with #ProudToLove in the title so others can find it. SUBSCRIBE: ******* ----------------------------------------­­­--------------------------------------­-­- FEATURED VIDEOS (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): AreYouSuprised - "Telling my dad that I am gay-LIVE" - ******* mallow610 - "COMING OUT - LIVE" - ******* Jonah Mowry - "Jonah Mowry: 'Whats goin on.." - ******* wickydkewl - "Coming Out to Grandma - Life in a Day Clip" - ******* Danielle Renae - "Macklemore & Ryan Lewis-Same Love Lesbian Marriage Proposal" - ******* RyanJamesYezak - "The Gay Rights Movement" - ******* TheEllenShow - "Ellen Commends President Obama" - ******* getupaustralia - "It's time." - ******* HaileyandAmanda7711 - "Amanda proposing to Hailey" - ******* Expedia - "Find Your Understanding: Expedia Find Yours" - ******* OliviaHas2Moms - "It's a Surprise! - June 15, 2013 - OliviaHas2Moms Vlogs" - ******* russmarine2014 - "Random Sunday/ Moving Day" - ******* pinkdotsg - "PINK DOT 2011: SUPPORT THE FREEDOM TO LOVE - 18 JUNE 2011" - ******* whitehouse - "LGBT Pride Month Reception" - ******* afpfr - "AFP Video Live: First Gay Marriage in Montpellier, France - Starts at 17h15 local time" - ******* CNN - "Supreme Court strikes down DOMA" - ******* AssociatedPress - "Raw: San Francisco Reaction on Prop 8 Ruling" - ******* Mike Buonaiuto - "Homecoming." - ******* On Top Magazine - "Plaza Hotel Hosts First Gay Wedding" - ******* Chris Harper - "We told Dads they're going to be Grandpas" - ******* allegiancebway - "The George Takei Happy Dance" - ******* hartbeat - "Watermelon..." - ******* WHATTHEBUCKSHOW - "ARE YOU GAY?" - ******* shanebitneycrone - "IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU" - ******* Todrick Hall - "CinderFella" by Todrick Hall (Follow toddyrockstar on Instagram and Twitter)" - ******* tyleroakley - "Gays Teach You How to Kiss" - ******* Nerdist - "NEIL PATRICK HARRIS dreams BOLLYWOOD - Neil's Puppet Dreams - SEASON FINALE" - ******* RyanJamesYezak - "California Gays" - ******* lohanthony - "COOKING CAKE AND COOKIES WITH LOHANTHONY" - ******* willam belli - "Boy Is A Bottom" - ******* liamkylesullivan - "Shoes the Full Version" - ******* MyHarto - "HARTOSEXUAL?" - ******* ArielleIsHamming - "Shit Girls Say To Lesbians" - ******* Gregory Gorgeous - "Brotherly Love" - ******* glaadmedia - "Cher presents Stephen F. Kolzak Award to Chaz Bono at the GLAAD Media Awards #glaadawards" - ******* mls - "Tim Cahill, Robbie Rogers, the Sons of Ben | MLS Insider Episode 1 (Full Show)" - ******* It Gets Better Project - "It Gets Better: Dan and Terry" - ******* russmarine2014 - "Q&A with my Straight Marine Friends" - ******* Jon Dean - "Latrice Royale Introduction w/ Brother" - ******* Jamie Tan - "Best Gay Marriage Proposal Singapore (MUST WATCH!!!)" - ******* ----------------------------------------­­­--------------------------------------­-­- CHECK OUT THESE #PROUDTOLOVE CHANNELS: wickydkewl - ***********/user/wickydkewl RyanJamesYezak - ***********/user/RyanJamesYezak TheEllenShow - ***********/user/TheEllenShow hartbeat - ***********/user/hartbeat WHATTHEBUCKSHOW - ***********/user/WHATTHEBUCKSHOW Todrick Hall - ***********/user/todrickhall tyleroakley - ***********/user/tyleroakley MyHarto - ***********/user/MyHarto Gregory Gorgeous - ***********/user/GregoryGORGEOUS glaadmedia - ***********/user/glaadmedia Human Rights Campaign - ************/user/hrcmedia
29 Jun 2013
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This is a mix of my favorite movie soundtracks. The mix includes Gladiator, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings and much more. Song and Artists in order below. Soundtrack Mix: Part 2 - ***********/watch?v=C-SHLeGNb2s Lord of the Rings Soundtrack Mix - ***********/watch?v=Ph5zFxjf1Hg Superman- John Williams 0:00 - 5:26 Transformers- Steve Jablonsky 5:26 - 8:50 Gladiator- Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard 8:50 - 12:23 The Island- Steve Jablonsky 12:23 - 15:04 Pirates of the Caribbean- Klaus Badelt 15:04 - 17:21 The Dark Knight- Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard 17:21 - 21:49 James Bond Theme- Mony Norman and John Barry and Orchestra 21:49 - 23:05 Titanic- James Horner 23:05 - 26:37 Braveheart- James Horner 26:37 - 28:15 Star Wars- John Williams 28:15 - 28:58 Olympic Fanfare- John Williams 28:58 - 31:42 Gladiator- Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard 31:42 - 34:24 Jurassic Park- John Williams 34:24 - 39:18 Braveheart- James Horner 39:18 - 40:21 Transformers- Steve Jablonsky 40:21 - 42:42 Gladiator- Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard 42:42 - 50:57 Pirates of the Caribbean- Klaus Badelt 50:57 - 52:19 Troy- James Horner 52:19 - 1:00:38 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- Ennio Morricone 1:00:38 - 1:03:04 The Ride of the Valkyries- Richard Wagner 1:03:04 - 1:06:16 In the Hall of the Mountain King- Edvard Grieg 1:06:16 - 1:08:20 The Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore 1:08:21 - 1:14:14 The Last of the Mohicans- Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman 1:14:14 - 1:22:02 Titanic- James Horner 1:22:02 - 1:24:55 X-Men: First Class- Henry Jackman 1:24:55 - 1:28:11 Star Wars- John Willams 1:28:11 - 1:35:21 Indiana Jones- John Williams 1:35:21 - 1:37:26 Transformers- Steve Jablonsky 1:37:26 - 1:40:39 The Island- Steve Jablonsky 1:40:39 - 1:44:11 Braveheart- James Horner 1:44:11 - 1:56:06 Catch Me If You Can- John Williams 1:56:06 - 1:58:44 The Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore 1:58:44 - 2:06:00 Transformers- Steve Jablonsky 2:06:00 - 2:10:52 The Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore 2:10:52 - 2:14:48 Star Wars- John Williams 2:14:48 - 2:20:08 Braveheart- James Horner 2:20:08 - 2:22:37 The Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore 2:22:37 - 2:25:00 Jaws- John Williams 2:25:00 - 2:27:05 Gladiator- Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard 2:27:05 - 2:33:11 Blood Diamond- James Newton Howard 2:33:11 - 2:37:42 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly- Ennio Morricone 2:37:42 - 2:41:03 The Last of the Mohicans- Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman 2:41:03 - 2:47:20 Braveheart- James Horner 2:47:20 - 2:54:40 Gladiator- Hans ZImmer and Lisa Gerrard 2:54:40 - 2:57:07 Troy- James Horner 2:57:07 - 3:03:05 The Thin Red Line- Hans Zimmer 3:03:05 - 3:08:44 The Lord of the Rings- Howard Shore 3:08:44 - 3:18:38 Catch Me If You Can- John Williams 3:18:38 - 3:27:22 The Hobbit- Howard Shore 3:27:22 - 3:33:16 Gladiator- Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard 3:33:17 - 3:34:34 Titanic- James Horner 3:34:34 - 3:40:44 Inception- Hans Zimmer 3:40:45 - 3:45:28 Sorry for the typo in the beginning of the video!
29 Sep 2013
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Face :********www.facebook****/carlos.willames.1
1 Oct 2013
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To view this video in 4K select "Original" in the resolution menu. If you're having trouble with 4K playback, try using different browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. This video was filmed and edited at 4K (4096x2304) resolution, four times greater than regular 1080p HD. All 4K file are available upon request. Shot on Red Epic. DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO IN FULL ULTRA HD HERE FOR PRIVATE USE ONLY. ********sellfy****/p/YXjQ/ FOR COMMERCIAL USE PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY. Bee Keeper // Glenn Schwarz Music // Richard Willams. Follow us on twitter: *******www.twitter****/jakeschwarz Tech spec: Red Epic (M642) w/ Ti Canon Mount 100mm Macro Canon L-Series lens Adobe Premiere CS6 and DaVinci Resolve Special Thanks to the Schwarz Family. I am a commercial director/cinematographer currently seeking additional representation. Please contact me directly for more information.  Question or business inquires: jacob.schwarzgmail****
11 Nov 2013
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In a very scary episode of Transfashionable, Willam Belli & Courtney Act find an unsuspecting victim to makeover. The results are so shocking, you might never be the same! Their victim won't, that's for sure. Do you want a fashion makeover from Jonny Makeup and his crew of Drag Queens? Inbox us with a brief explanation of why you deserve a Transfashionable makeover and we might be able to make it happen! MUST LIVE IN THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNA AREA. Subscribe to The Stylish: Website: *******thestylish**** Facebook: *******facebook****/thestylishchannel Twitter: *******twitter****/_thestylish Google+: ******* Pinterest: *******pinterest****/thestylish Tumblr: *******the-stylish.tumblr**** Jonny MakeUp ********www.facebook****/JonnyMakeupPage www.twitter****/JonnyMakeup Courtney Act *******courtneyact**** (Official Website) *******twitter****/courtneyact (Follow on Twitter) *******facebook****/courtneyact ("Like" on Facebook) Willam Belli *******www.willambelli****/ ********twitter****/willambelli ********www.facebook****/OfficialWillamFanpage Apart we're fashionable. Together we're The Stylish. Join the best dressed social network! The Stylish is a premiere YouTube channel owned by Magical Elves, the producers behind Project Runway and Top Chef. It is the leading online source for fashion, beauty and personal style videos and is affiliated with InStyle Magazine.
17 Nov 2013
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RuPaulogize BUY IT HERE: ************/us/album/rupaulogize-feat.-sharon-needles/id638813599?i=638814009 Once upon a time, a drag queen canceled three weeks worth of gigs to participate in a game show in Hollywood after being disqualified from the same game show. Forty hours before this drag queen was due to report to set, she was purchasing a second-hand Galliano dress when their phone rang with their manager on the other end telling them the game show honchos said they didn't think there would be "chemistry" between said drag queen and the other game show contestants. There was no compensation offered (or apology) for all the work the drag queen canceled so she had no choice but to write a song and make some money with the assistance of another amazing drag queen. The game was crappily ever after anyway. Teams schmeams. Love, WILLAM & SHARON NEEDLES
23 Dec 2013
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Après la victoire -peu glorieuse- de l'équipe de France face à l'Irlande, mercredi 18 novembre, Bixente Lizarazu, ancien membre de l'équipe de France de Football et champion du monde en 1998, devenu depuis consultant sportif pour RTL et TF1, a eu une explication musclée avec l'actuel entraîneur de la sélection nationale, Raymond Domenech. Le "débat" portait sur la manière dont les bleus se sont qualifiés. Comprendre : grâce à la faute de main de Thierry Henry, face aux buts Irlandais, qui a permis à Willam Gallas de marquer le point de la victoire Alors que Bixente Lizarazu a tenté de faire réagir Raymond Domenech sur cette action franchement contestable, le coach de l'équipe nationale de foot ne veut penser qu'à "la joie et l'émotion" que devrait susciter cette victoire et la qualification. Ecoutez :
27 Dec 2013
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Mean Boyz by Todrick Hall To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of one of my favorite movies, I created this FABULOUS version of this iconic chick flick! Thank you to everyone involved for making this possible. To win the autographed Shade book and Reggie George's fierce phone cover, just leave a comment on my Instagram (toddyrockstar) photo holding the props! The two funniest comments win, good luck and thanks for watching STARRING Todrick Hall (toddyrockstar) Colby Melvin (colbymelvin) Chris Crocker (insta: itschriscrocker | twitter: chriscrocker) Kory De Soto (insta: thekorsoto | twitter korsoto) Willam Belli (youtube****/noextrai) Chester Lockhart (chesterlockhart) Carlie Craig (carlie_craig) Davis Rahal (davisrahal) Kashuna Perfected (kashunaperfected) Shawn Adeli (shawnadeli) ThurZday Lyons (its_thurzday) Featuring "That Christmas Song" (***********/watch?v=-aFazmEOptg) and "Boy is a Bottom" (***********/watch?v=s0kqobQRcUo) by DWV.
23 Jan 2014
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Marco Marco Complete Runway show debuted at Style Fashion Week Los Angeles. Collection 2 S/S 2014 www.marcomarco**** www.facebook****/iheartmarcomarco Music by Grammy Award Winner Poet Name Life www.poetnamelife**** Hair by Plaid LA www.plaidla**** Wigs by Vanity www.wigsbyvanity**** Featuring: Adore Delano Alyssa Edwards Anthony Baby Garza Benjamin Godfre Carmen Carerra Chaz Buzon Courtnet Act David Ratcliffe Detox Jason Wimberly Jesse Pattison Johnny Rice Manila Luzon Mathu Andersen Mayhem Miller Mike Munich Raja Rhea Litre' Sassy Divine Shangela Shokra Steven Dehler Vicky Vox Willam Yara Sofia Zackary Gemini
1 Mar 2014
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LIKE this video if you guys enjoyed! & let me know what you're excited for this spring!! __ Watch my most recent videos: HUGE Spring Haul: ✿ Clothes, Shoes & MORE! ✿ ******* Best BFF Weekend Ever: DEMI & FIFTH HARMONY + MORE! ******* __ Shower Products Used: Fekkai Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner Soap & Glory Clean on Me Body Wash EOS Raspberry Pomegranate Shave Cream First Aid Beauty Deep Cleanser Clarisonic Mia Skincare Products Used: *let me know if you want a full skincare routine* First Aid Beauty Blemish Control Pads First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Haircare Products Used: OrginalMineral No Knott Detangler It's a 10 Miracle Leave- In Potion + Keratin Tangle Teezer Brush Random Things Shown: 'M' Mug- Willams Sonoma Q&A Journal- Francessa's Boutique Kindle Case- Casable My Audible Link- ***********/meghan Cat Headphones- Cotton On EOS Mint Lipbalm EOS Cucumber Hand-cream __ What I'm Wearing *before pajamas* lolol: Top- JCrew Pants- American Eagle Purse- Celine Mini Luggage Tote Jewelry- Chic Peek Pajamas: Jumper- Wildfox Couture Shorts- Wildfox Couture Slippers- UGG Australia __ Songs Featured: 'All Those Pretty Lights' (Remix) - Andrew Belle 'lippy kids' by Elbow Like my music taste? Check out my Spotify: ******* __ OTHER CHANNELS: Second Channel: ***********/user/MoreMeghann __ TALK TO ME: Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/meghanrosette Facebook: *******www.facebook****/meghanrosettte Instagram *******instagram****/meghanrosette Pinterest: *******pinterest****/meghanrosette/ __ SHOP: Sigma: ******* HauteLook: ******* BaubleBar: ******* __ BLOGS: Tumblr: *******meghanrosette.tumblr****/ Blog: *******meghanrosette****/ __ Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in this video. __ Camcorder is: Canon T4i __ If you're a company wishing to contact me, email: meghanrosettebusinessgmail**** Enjoy, Comment, Like and Subscribe! __ KEYWORDS: meghan, meghanrosette, rosette, rienks, megan, moremeghann, night routine, morning routine, spring, summer, skincare, makeup, skin, get ready with me, school routine, weekend, my night routine, my night time routine, what's in my shower, shower, bedtime, acne, guru, beauty, favorites, upload, today
12 Jul 2014
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Vicki Vox, Detox Incut, Willam Belli, Carmen Carrea ..
2 Aug 2014
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Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox Perform their hit: "Boy Is A Bottom" at The 2013 White Party Tea Dance. Videography and editing by: *******www.1minutereel****/
13 Nov 2014
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CLICK HERE FOR PART 2! ************/watch?v=Tl92OWizvMc CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO TRISH! ************/user/blndsundoll4mj CLICK HERE for DATES/LOCATIONS OF MY MEETUPS! ********www.facebook****/shanedawsonfans/events?key=events SAN DIEGO, CA - MYSTERIOUS GALAXY 4/6 ********www.facebook****/events/327770690765760/ PHOENIX, AZ - CHANGING HANDS BOOKSTORE at DOBSON HIGH SCHOOL 4/7 ********www.facebook****/events/650258941746694/ DALLAS, TX - BOOKS-A-MILLION GRAPEVINE MILLS 4/9 ********www.facebook****/events/1377611229212483/ MIAMI, FL - BARNES & NOBLE 4/10 ********www.facebook****/events/440327572809624/ ATLANTA, GA - BARNES & NOBLE 4/11 ********www.facebook****/events/422426957935049/ CINCINNATI, OH - JOSEPH-BETH BOOKSELLERS 4/13 ********www.facebook****/events/766292713478888/ NEW YORK – BOOK CON 5/31 ********www.facebook****/events/332914496912861/ CLICK HERE for my NEW PODCAST! ********soundcloud****/shaneandfriends/episode-38-willam-belli#t=0:01 On iTunes: ******* CLICK HERE to ENTER THE I HATE MYSELFIE CONTEST!! *******www.ihatemyselfiebook**** CLICK HERE to get MY BOOK! *******www.ihatemyselfiebook**** GET THE BOOK ON *AMAZON*! ***********/exec/obidos/ASIN/1476791546?tag=simonsayscom CLICK HERE to watch my I HATE MYSELFIE short film! ************/watch?v=nGFy0RhSrV8 Snapchat: lolShaneDawson RENT or BUY *NOT COOL* on ITUNES HERE! ************/us/movie/not-cool/id914270293?at=11l4Ls&ct=NC_Stz RENT or BUY *NOT COOL* on AMAZON HERE! ***********/gp/product/B00NIIXE5Y/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00NIIXE5Y&linkCode=as2&tag=manvid-20&linkId=R6H4UGATKWFSE5F3 RENT or BUY *NOT COOL* on GOOGLE PLAY HERE! ************/store/movies/details/Not_Cool?id=8RPuJXzZyw0&PAffiliateID=110l4uu FOLLOW MY MOVIES TUMBLR! *******www.notcoolthemovie**** CHECK OUT THE #SHANEDAWSONMOVIE IMDB PAGE HERE! ***********/title/tt3569356/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1 CLICK HERE for a FREE AUDIO BOOK AND A FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!!!! ***********/shane CLICK HERE to get some EPIC SUNGLASSES!!! *******store.shanedawsontv**** CLICK HERE to go to MY WEBSITE! *******www.sdarmy**** Look SEXY AS F**K in your SHANE DAWSON SHIRT! click here to check out my store! *******shanedawson.spreadshirt****/ INSTAGRAM: ShaneDawson VINE - shanedawson THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING! :) I have 3 channels! Check em out! :) *Main Channel* ***********/shanedawsontv *2nd Channel* (vlogs & extras) ***********/shanedawsontv2 *iPhone Channel* (daily vlogs) ***********/shane Hit me up on my social networks! Google+ ************/1063237681943... Facebook *******www.facebook****/shanedawsonfans Twitter *******www.twitter****/shanedawson Website *******www.shanedawsontv**** Shirts & Merch *******www.shanedawson.spreadshirt**** Tumblr *******shanedawsonblog.tumblr****/ Send letters to: 3727 W. Magnolia Blvd #712  Burbank, CA 91505 *Branding, Media, & General Business Inquiries:  ShaneDawsonTVBizgmail**** *Film & Television Agent: United Talent Agency T: 310.273.6700
3 May 2015
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