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The clip Lin's tactical advice from Winchester '73 (1950) with Millard Mitchell I had it ever since I was a kid! A little thin on top, but I'd sure like to keep it! Come on! Come on! Wrong way, Lin! We're headin' right into their camp! That's no Indian's fire! It's too big! Come on! Pour it on! Here they come! You'd best get under the wagon! I can shoot! But I don't want you to get hurt! Fire! Hey! Stop that fool shooting! We're friends! Don't shoot! Hold your fire! Name's McAdam! Thanks for leaving the door open for us! This is High-Spade! Glad to see ya! I'm Wilkes! This is Steve Miller! How are you? How are you? He and his lady came calling a little earlier! You got a woman here? They jumped us on the rim too! Well, hello again! Hello! Do you know him? Not exactly! We just sort of met without talkin'! He's the fella I told you about who offered to gun Wyatt Earp for me! I didn't know it was Wyatt Earp! I don't like to break up this gabfest, but we make a wonderful target! standin' here in front of that fire! You men, what are you looking at? Keep your eyes where they belong! They'll be coming in any minute now! At night? That's the best time for a raid, isn't it? Let's hope they wait until I have a cup of coffee! Got any cooking? I'll get you some! You from Fort Bascom? That's where we're headed! Replacements! New in the territory, huh?
21 Dec 2011
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