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Група ТЕ - МОГА About Lubo Lubo's voice with the typical warm soulful timbre, together with his charismatic appearance and stage behaviour made him a media favourite and to a great extent weigh in on the band TE that has an exceptional popularity. TE won more than ten awards and nominees such as Best debut, Best Pop Song, Best album, Best Band, Best Live Performance etc. As a band TE were part of big and important musical events in Bulgaria supporting artists such as Simply Red, Incognito, Earth Wind & Fire, Simple Minds, and they participated in many festivals. Lyubo is often invited to write lyrics and to perform as a guest vocalist in projects of other famous Bulgarian musicians. He is now working on his first solo album! Coming soon! *******www.myspace****/luboproductions
16 Oct 2008
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Beyond Reality - So You Think You Can Dance Recap 6/11/08 Guest Judge-Dan Karaty Rayven & Jamie-Hip Hop-Napoleon & Tabitha-American Boy-Estelle feat. Kanye West Susuie & Marquis-Smooth Waltz-Hunter Johnson-Dark Waltz-Hayley Westenra Kourtni Lind & Matt-Jazz-Mandy Moore-Tainted Love-Soft Cell Chelsea Trail & Thayne-Cha Cha-Tony Meredith & Melanie-Oye Como Va-Celia Cruz Chelsea Hightower & Mark-Contemporary-Mia Michaels-Beautiful-Me'Shell Ndegeocello Kherington & Twitch-Broadway-Tyce DiOrio-Too Darn Hot-Kiss Me Kate 2002 Broadway Revival Cast Comfort & Chris-Jive-Tony Meredith & Melanie-Boom Boom-Big Head Todd & the Monsters Katee & Joshua-Hip Hop-Napolean & Tabitha-No Air_Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown Jessica & Will-Tango-Hunter Johnson-Tango-Cirque du Soleil Courtney Galiano & Gev-Disco-Doriana Sanchez-Boogie Wonderland-Earth, Wind & Fire
24 May 2009
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Well-known Slovak singer Dara Rollins is covering Madonna's songs on TV show. Dara was very famous in Europe, when she was a little girl (Darinka) singing with Karel Gott "Fang das licht" (Zvonky stesti) in 1986. Now she is still active, singing dance and r´n´b music in slovak, czech and english. She is also a moderator. She also cooperated with a band Earth, wind & fire.
17 Aug 2009
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"1970's Supergirls Kick Your Butt!" The American civil rights movement opened possibilities of empowerment to a new generation. Feminism simply extended that to include equity for the 51% majority of the human race, namely women. 1970's pop culture reflected society's struggle to grasp a new, modern, full-range woman. Comic books were in a renaissance through young counterculture creators with more sophisticated stories, art, and outlooks. What better place for higher concepts of new female power than the turbo-amped fantasyscape of superheroes? "Here be... the victors!": BIG BARDA of the New Gods, by the Picasso of comics, Jack Kirby (1970); the 'new' LOIS LANE, exploring unexpected sides of herself; SHANNA The She-Devil, an heir to Tarzan and Sheena; the split-persona ROSE AND THORN, a mild woman by day, a 'vixen of vengeance' at night kicking biker ass in green leather (1972); THE CAT, a Marvel update on Catwoman, who morphed into TIGRA The Were-Woman (1972); the BLACK CANARY, a stalwart heroine from the 1940's who got new kick as a member of the Justice League of America; DEADLY NIGHTSHADE, 'the queen of the werewolves', a villain who fought Captain America and the Falcon (1973); MARY MARVEL, the sister of Captain Marvel, and essentially the original Supergirl since the early 40's (1973); DARNA, the Phillipines' pinay-power answer to Wonder Woman and Mary Marvel, who spawned many movies like 'Fly Darna Fly' (1973); THUNDRA who fought the Fantastic Four and later replaced the Thing as a member (1972); the really wrong-headed attempt at a WONDER WOMAN movie, starring Cathy Lee Crosby (1974); SUPERGIRL, with fellow slamazons in the DC Comics universe (1974); FRIDAY FOSTER, a syndicated comic strip which was made into a movie starring hellion-on-heels Pam Grier (1975); the true WONDER WOMAN, restored to her full glory after a bad detour into 'no powers', the success of which spurred the perfectly-realized TV show starring the more perfect Lynda Carter (1975-78); which also included WONDER GIRL, given full bredth by Debra Winger; THE BIONIC WOMAN, the love of the 'Six Million Dollar Man' and bane to Fembots, played with serene class by Lyndsay Wagner (1976-1978); VAMPIRELLA, the gothic love-child of Bettie Page and Barbarella, from the decidedly more adult horror stories of Warren Magazines (1969-1983); STORM, one of the first African/American superheroines, whose regal power elevated the X-Men (1975); POWER GIRL, an alternate universe version of Supergirl, who won't take #$& from anybody! (1976); ELECTRAWOMAN & DYNAGIRL, a Saturday morning kids show very similar to the campy 60's 'Batman' series (1976); LEIKO WU, the balance to 'Shang Chi, Master Of Kung Fu', who really will kick you upside your head wearing boots like it's no thing (1975- 1981); ISIS, starring Joanna Cameron, created for TV as a companion to Captain Marvel's 'Shazam' show, who got her own comic in the deal (1976); RED SONJA, The She-Devil With a Sword, and the distaff rebuke to her rival 'Conan the Barbarian' (1973); PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA SKYWALKER, as fast with a sharp tongue as a blaster or a chain, from 'Star Wars' (1977); MS. MARVEL, a Stan Lee rethink/ response to DC's Mary Marvel to complement their own, separate Captain Mar-Vell (1978); The HUNTRESS, an alternate universe daughter of the Batman and Catwoman, meaning you shouldn't mess with her (1977); SPIDER-WOMAN, spinning her own web of intrigue (1977); PHOENIX, of the X-Men, whose descent into the Dark Phoenix was one of comics' most seismic tragedies (1976-1980); MISTY KNIGHT, bionic heroine-for-hire, from the pulse-pounding pages of 'Power Man/ Iron Fist' (1975); SHE-HULK, the refined and wry cousin of the Hulk (1980); DAZZLER, an unfortunate marketing deal between a disco label and Marvel Comics (1980); and finally, from the shadows, comes ELEKTRA, an ambivilent anti-heroine signalling the post-punk comics renaissance of the Eighties (1981). About ISIS: The first all-female band signed to a record deal was Goldie & the Gingerbreads in 1964. They tore up New York, toured with the Stones, and won world acclaim. But they were only able to record a few singles, which faded under record label incompetance. (Fanny would later be the first all-female band to make full albums, in 1970.) They split, only to go in parallel paths. Goldie became Genya Ravan, leading the eclectic and funky rock band, Ten Wheel Drive. Guitarist Carol MacDonald and drummer Ginger Bianco forged ISIS, an all-female octet of progressive funk-rock. They made three albums between 1974 and 1977. Musically they were the equal of anyone, from Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago, to Earth Wind & Fire and Parliament. But they were too ahead for the times to handle: an all-female group of varied ethnicities and orientations, likewise bending every music style like taffy. They were the future, right now, as it should be. Sadly, their leader Carol MacDonald recently passed away in March, 2007. Find out more about her underappreciated legacy here: *******www.itsaboutmusic****/isis.html *******www.itsaboutmusic****/genyaravan.html Nuff said, effendi! -EXCELSIOR! ***********/funknroll (All rights reserved by the respective copyright owners. Fan-made video to promote awareness of all the works.)
6 Sep 2009
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THE WARRIOR'S STRONGHOLD PRESNTS: MUSIC SOUNDTRACKS ***********/ ***********/ *Add to Favorites. ***********/ *Click in the Link. Welcome to Warrior's Stronghold, 'Great 'Castle A Great Powerful 'WarLord's Fortress & 'Bastion Roses in the Garden And Colums ofthe Eternity Riohnn & Azkallion in 'Atlhellion Az 'Yewalazzhur Iessaih the WarLord King, A Real Eagle Warrior Of Ahuphanim & Eremil Weels 'Myth Epic Poetry Raider of Wind, Fire of Warrior, 'Sun of the 'Light Warrior of Yhewallazzhur 'Azkallion N Arxellihure WarLord' Master of the War, 'The Warrior 'Prince Wonderful and Beautiful in Great 'Real Universe The Warrior of the LORD, Jshj Yshy Isai Iessaih Legacy of a King, 'Warrior of the Light, Yhsy Jshj Poetry of the Firmament; _Myth Warrior Creation Msn BlogPost 'Winner Award for the Best Space Very Orininal, 'Novelty, 'Quality, Beauty & Feeling In Msn Windows LiveSpaces, WithGoodFriends New Soundtracks, Music Art Books'PhotoAlbum Show Videos, Epic Song Poetry of UniverXellion Power of the Love, ArchAngel, Seraphim, Chant The Poetry of King, 'Warrior & WarLord Creation AUTHOR JSHJ YSHY ISAI IESSAIH WARRIORS ©2008 The Warrior's Stronghold; Jshj Yshy Isai ''Thanks for Visiting my Space! WarriorWLKing''.
11 Oct 2009
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Aprenda neste vídeo como criar uma levada consistente em seu violão de aço aplicando idéias ritmicas da bateria como caixa, bumbo e chimbal. Grecco Buratto é um dos músicos brasileiros mais requisitados nos USA, já trabalhou com Earth Wind & Fire, Macy Gray, George Duke, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim, Dionne Warwick, Sergio Mendes, Cristina Aguilera e K.D. Lang. Video e áudio produzido exclusivamente por Demma K. para o Palco Principal Brasil - www.palcoprincipal****.br
2 Nov 2009
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Baladas en ingles Al Stewart - Year of the cat The Beach Boys - Kokomos Ambrosia - How much I feel Billy Idol - Eyes without a face Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson Billy Joel - Just the way you are Bee Gees - How deep is your love The Crowded House - Don't dream it's over Biddu - Girl you'll be a woman soon Christopher Cross - Best that you can do Bob Welch - Sentimental lady The Cutting Crew - I've been in love before Chicago - If you leave me now Cheap Trick - Ghost town Dr. Hook - Sexy eyes Debarge - All this love Earth,Wind & Fire - After the love has gone Extreme - More than words Elvis Presley - The wonder of you Elton John - Little Jeannie Eric Carmen - All by myself Erasure - A little respect Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone again General Public - Tenderness Little River Band - Reminiscing Milli Vanilli - Girl, I'm gonna miss you Nazareth - Love hurts Paul Young - Everytime you go away Neil Sedaka - Laughter in the rain Gino Vannelli - Hurts to be in love Paul Anka - Having my baby Spandau Ballet - True Peaches & Herbs - Reunited The Moody Blues - The wildest dreams Peter Frampton - Baby I love your way Starship - Sara The Guess Who - These eyes Cars - Drive The Hollies - The air that I breathe F.R. David - Words don't come easy The Marmalade - Reflections of my life Lindsey Buckingham - Trouble .....
15 Nov 2009
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www.CaitlynRenee**** & Youtube****/CaitlynRenee Sonny Emory (Earth, Wind & Fire) has got to be the baddest drummer on the planet. Live performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1997
28 Nov 2009
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"Soul Sisters triumphant!": From Psychedelia to Funk, 1967-1975. The human race started from Africa. When drought hit, around 24 members of the Bushmen tribe set out into the unknown for food. The global journey of their generations seeded the entire planet over the next 50,000 years. These two dozen Africans created every one of us. We are all family, we've just forgotten it. In the 1950's, sparked by Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights movement challenged segregation. The resulting 60's Counterculture meant to free the mind, body, and spirit from any shackles. They embraced the tribal and the communal, the future and each other. The late 60's-early 70's was a golden age of connection and exploration opening the possibilities that created the best in the world we now live in. This is a story of our shared jouney we shouldn't forget. Here are many Soul Sisters who paved our path: LT. UHURA opened the future on "Star Trek"; the tribal Rock musical HAIR personified the re-evolution, which also gave us Melba Moore, Donna Summer, Leata Galloway, Marsha Hunt, Ben Vereen, Phillip Michael Thomas, and many more; all-inclusive music groups like BOOKER T & THE MG's, SLY & THE FAMILY STONE, ROTARY CONNECTION, JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, The Loading Zone, Santana, and The Chambers Brothers; new world couples like Jimi Hendrix and Devon Wilson, Brian Jones and Donyale Luna; activist singers like NINA SIMONE; Native American and African clothes and hairstyles were reborn; this opened the door for MIRIAM MAKEBA and other World Musics into the mainstream; MARSHA "Brown Sugar" HUNT set the template for Betty Davis and the next decade of Funk Rock women; MILES and BETTY DAVIS stirred Funk and Psychedelia into the Fusion Jazz of "Bitches Brew"; by '69, the Fashion industry was opened by JOLIE JONES, NAOMI SIMS, DONYALE LUNA, Carole La Brie, Beverly Johnson, Jane Kennedy, and African ELIZABETH OF TORO; as Feminism dawned in the early 70's, ELAINE BROWN took command of the generally sexist Black Panther Party while ANGELA DAVIS fought The Man; modern poet/authors like NIKI GIOVANNI, Toni Morrison, and Alice Walker inspired waves of new students; the new archetype of 'Soul Sister', with brains, class, style, and attitude, took its first proud strut; this modern amazon ruled the screens with actors like PAM GRIER, TAMARA DOBSON, CAROL SPEED (cutest eyes ever!), THERESA GRAVES, Vonetta McGhee, Jeane Belle, and Gloria Hendry; and in the comics with Wonder Woman's sister, NUBIA, and feiry STORM of the X-MEN. These women created: bohemian musicians like Ruth Copeland, Funkadelic, Joyce Kennedy (Mothers Finest), Parlet and Brides Of Funkenstein, Grace Jones, Prince & the Revolution, Public Enemy, the Native Tongues rappers, Lenny Kravitz, Cree Summer, Nenah Cherry, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Dionne Farris, Skin (Skunk Anansie), Erykah Badu, The Roots, Joi, Kelis, India Arie, Joss Stone, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Nikka Costa; World musicians like Osibisa, Fela, King Sunny Ade, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Mahotella Queens, Zap Mama, Cesaria Evora, Angelique Kidjo, and Antibalas; models like Naomi Campbell, Iman, Waris Dalie, and Alek Wek; activists like bell hooks, Sister Souljah, and Pam The Funkstress (The Coup); tough actors like Gina Torres (FIREFLY/ SERENITY), Halle Barry (CATWOMAN, X-MEN), and Jada Pinkett Smith (THE MATRIX); and superheroines like Vixen, Misty Knight, Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel), and Natasha Irons (Steel). About ROTARY CONNECTION: The Chess label parlayed modern blues (Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf) and Rock'n'roll (Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley) in the 50's. Young heir Marshall Chess stirred them into the psychedelic 60's with the RC. It combined a rock group with soul singers, all arranged by the radical Charles Stepney with jazz changes, operatic chorales, electronic dissonance, and sweeping strings. It also introduced Minnie Riperton, who went on to glory with "Loving You" later. Though Minnie has sadly passed, her daughter Maya Rudolph is a shining star on "Saturday Night Live". Stepney went on to arrange the great hits of Earth Wind & Fire. And Nuyorican Soul made "Black Gold" a modern standard with their 1997 remix hit. Who is the black gold of the sun? We all are. Check out: *******www.bradshawfoundation****/journey/ ******* *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Rotary_Connection *******www.myspace****/therotaryconnection *******www.myspace****/charlesstepney (All rights reserved. Fan-made video to promote the artist and awareness.) tym stevens
1 Dec 2009
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Setlist: 01. Manowar 02. Death Tone 03. Metal Daze 04. Fast Taker 05. Shell Shock 06. Dark Avenger 07. William's Tale 08. Battle Hymn 09. Warlord 10. Hatred 11. Revelation (Death's Angel) 12. Guitar Solo 13. Each Dawn I Die 14. Kill With Power 15. Hail To England 16. Army of the Immortals 17. Black Arrows 18. Bridge Of Death 19. Animals 20. All Men Play on 10 21. Guyana (Cult Of The Damned) 22. Thunderpick 23. Blow Your Speakers 24. Carry On 25. Violence And Bloodshed 26. Drums Of Doom 27. Master Of Revenge 28. Black Wind, Fire and Steel 29. Wheels of Fire 30. Kings of Metal 31. Pleasure Slave 32. Sting of the Bumblebee 33. Warrior's Prayer 34. Blood Of The Kings 35. Kingdom Come 36. Heart of Steel 37. Hail and Kill 38. Die With Honor 39. Warriors of the World United 40. Defender 41. Mila Rodino 42. The Crown and the Ring (Lament of the Kings) ----------------------------------------­----------------------- 43. Fighting the World 44. The Oath 45. Thor (The Powerhead) 46. Blood of My Enemies 47. March for Revenge (By the Soldiers of Death)
1 Mar 2010
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0:54 i no understand nothing from ksro....... legend 9 it should bee other....Ksro Legend 9 will come soon ,It will include Flame mountain, a new area south of Hotan. Flame mountain has a not that big outside area, but it also got a cave. There will be 30 mobs, level 80-110. So, the maximum level will be 110 and the 11th degree items will be added. Of course there will be 110 quests and skills too. Now here is the complete list of all new mobs at Flame Mountain: Dragon Fly Ghost Seopwooin (A flame zombie) Butterfly Ghost Yeomwooin (A flame zombie) Flame Monkey Pokwooin (A flame zombie) Seopwon (An other Flame Monkey) Water Demon Yomaenachal (Flame Nachal) Volcanic Mujigi Yomangnachal (Fire Nachal) Volcanic woojigi (Volcanic Ujigi) Yacha fairy (Fanfairy) Jeokanhwayeomma (Red Flame Ghost) Nachalseonnyeo (Fanfairy) Goeanhwasanma (Red Fire Ghost) Jeongdan jeopalgye (Pig Ghost) Wu hwayeomchung (Flame Bug) Nokryeokdaeoh (Wolf Ghost) Cheonbong jeopalgye (Pig Ghost) Wolf Ghost Dark sonohgong (Monkey Ghost) Horyeokdaeoh (Wolf Ghost) Monkey Ghost Small Flame Bug Small Monkey Ghost Bomul hwayeomchung (Flame Bug) Fan Princess King of the cows (Unique Mob) Arabian chars will bee added too First of all, general information about the Arabian chars The Arabians (Islamic characters) will have the ability to summon genies. The summoned genies will be able to battle and, through intensive training perform other feats of spirit magic. Islamic characters will be able to use the sword, blade, claw (Katar) and the chakoram (Chakram) as their weapons. The genies will be able to train in the 4 attributes of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. So, the chars will have - not like Europeans - physical and magical attack. There will be 8 skill masteries, for each weapon and each element one. I am not sure about it, but it could be, that the Genie can learn more abilities using special grey tablets. There will be 2 big new regions for the Islamic race. These are Sahara Desert and an other - still unknown - area. City: Tehran Located in a basin surrounded by mountains on a plateau, this town in the wilderness seems ordinary at first glance. But somewhere in this down is the secret base of the bandits. Dungeon: Tower of Babel An enormous tower built by ancient humans in defiance to God. Demolished by God's punishment, foolish humans have yet to forsake defiance and they seek to rebuild this tower. The city does really not like one we already got in the game, and in the background you see mountains which could be Flame Mountain. West of it there could be Sahara Desert and the Tower of Babel. In Sahara Desert will be Waterfalls and Dust-Falls. Mob names: Anubis Anubis Priest Imouthes Mummy Osiris Guard Statue Wind Priest Ksro www.silkroadonline***.kr
5 May 2010
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R.I.P. Credit BBC. Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil production platform operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd. The platform began production in 1976, first as an oil platform and then later converted to gas production. An explosion and resulting fire destroyed it on July 6, 1988, killing 167 men, with only 59 survivors. The death toll includes 2 crewmen of a rescue vessel. Total insured loss was about £1.7 billion (US$ 3.4 billion). To date it is the world's worst offshore oil disaster in terms both of lives lost and impact to industry. At the time of the disaster the platform accounted for around 10% of the oil and gas production from the North Sea. 9:55 p.m. Condensate (LPG) Pump A was switched on. Gas flowed into the pump, and because of the missing safety valve, produced an overpressure which the loosely fitted metal disc did not withstand. Gas audibly leaked out at high pressure, drawing the attention of several men and triggering six gas alarms including the high level gas alarm, but before anyone could act, the gas ignited and exploded, blowing through the firewall made up of 2.5 x 1.5 metre panels bolted together, which were not designed to withstand explosions. The custodian pressed the emergency stop button, closing huge valves in the sea lines and ceasing all oil and gas production. Theoretically, the platform would be then have been isolated from the flow of oil and gas and the fire relatively contained. However, because the platform was originally built for oil, the firewalls were designed to resist fire rather than withstand explosions. The first explosion broke the firewall and dislodged panels around Module (B). One of the flying panels ruptured a small Condensate pipe, creating another fire. 10:04 p.m. The control room was abandoned. Piper Alpha's design made no allowances for the destruction of the control room, and the platform's organisation disintegrated. No attempt was made to use loudspeakers or to order an evacuation. Emergency procedures instructed personnel to make their way to lifeboat stations, but the fire prevented them from doing so. Instead the men moved to the fireproofed accommodation block beneath the helicopter deck to await further instructions. Wind, fire and smoke prevented helicopter landings and no further instructions were given, with smoke beginning to penetrate the personnel block. As the crisis mounted, two men donned protective gear in an attempt to reach the diesel pumping machinery below decks and activate the firefighting system. They were never seen again. The fire would have burnt out were it not being fed new oil from both Tartan and the Claymore platforms, the resulting back pressure forcing fresh fuel out of ruptured pipework on Piper, directly into the heart of the fire. The Claymore continued pumping until the second explosion because the manager had no permission from the Occidental control centre to shut down. Also, the connecting pipeline to Tartan continued to pump, as its manager had been directed by his superior. The reason for this procedure was the exorbitant cost of such a shut down. It would have taken several days to restart production after a stop, with substantial financial consequences. Gas lines of 140 to 146 cm in diameter ran to Piper Alpha. Two years earlier Occidental management ordered a study, which warned of the dangers of these gas lines. Due to their length and diameter it would have taken several hours to reduce their pressure, so that it would not have been possible to fight a fire fuelled by them. Although the management admitted how devastating a gas explosion would be, Claymore and Tartan were not switched off with the first emergency call.10:20 p.m. Tartan's gas line (pressurised to 120 Atmospheres) melted and burst, releasing 15-30 tonnes of gas every second, which immediately ignited. A massive fireball 150 metres in diameter engulfed Piper Alpha, killing two crewmen on a fast rescue boat launched from the standby vessel Sandhaven and the six Piper Alpha crewmen they had rescued from the water. From that moment on, the platform's destruction was assured. When the pipeline burst it was releasing 1.5 times the consumption of gas in the entire UK at that moment.
6 May 2010
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Singer Jean Carne's career has had various incarnations, as well as a slight name change similar to Dionne Warwick's (adding an "e" to the end of her last name as Warwick did for a short time). Born Sarah Jean Perkins in Columbus, GA, she was raised in Atlanta. She began singing gospel music in the church choir at age four; she also took piano lessons and learned the clarinet and bassoon. Carne won a music scholarship to Morris Brown College and began her recording career in 1969 with her husband, keyboardist Doug Carn, on the Black Jazz label, where she was one of the last vocalists to work with jazz legend Duke Ellington before his death. Carne popped up several times during the early-to-mid-'70s, singing with Earth, Wind & Fire on two albums, recording several times with Norman Connors, and reaching the charts via George Duke's hit single "Reach for It." In 1977, Carne was signed to Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff's Philadelphia International Records; her debut album, Jean Carn, was a classy affair that merged the best of '70s soul and jazz with solid songwriting and tight instrumental support (MFSB, Instant Funk). The debut single "Free Love" went to number 23 R&B. Though the follow-up single didn't chart, several of the album's tracks received considerable radio airplay, and some tracks made the disco charts. In June 1978, her second album for the label was released; Happy to Be With You included the hit single "Don't Let It Go to Your Head." Carn's final Philadelphia International album, 1980's When I Find You Love, was more of a return conceptually (musically and sonically) to Jean Carn. Produced by Dexter Wansel, the album rates as one of Carne's best efforts. The smooth and halting "My Love Don't Come Easy" peaked at number 35 R&B. Released in August 1981, Carne's Sweet and Wonderful featured a remake of the Spinners' "Love Don't Love Nobody," which went to number 35 R&B. Carne moved to Motown Records in 1982, making her label debut with the album Trust Me. The single "If You Don't Know Me By Now," a cover of the Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes hit with backing vocals by the Temptations, went to number 49 R&B. By 1986, Carne signed to Omni Records; Closer than Close was released in July of that year and the title track that went to number one R&B. Her 1988 album You're a Part of Me included a hit cover of Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way." Carne later signed with Place One Entertainment, which reunited her with former Omni Records president Steve Bernstein, with her Love Lessons album being distributed by PPI/Peter Pan. Carne continues to tour with Connors, among others, and makes her home in Atlanta. ~ Ed Hogan, All Music Guide
17 May 2010
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I was listening to the Lloyd stereo/radio and reading the paper on the sculpted green living room carpet when this came on, I almost jumped out of my skin when this voice that sounded like he was in the room said something about "a solo" and it had my undivided attention. The title sure defines the song! Bright, uplifting, almost celestial with Philip Bailey' soaring vocals and Maurice Williams steady tones. Always reminds me of bright sunny days in the spring. This is not an Earth Wind & Fire single, they were backing Ramsey Lewis, but the sound is unmistakably theirs. A wonderful jazz funk trip into the blue sky.
28 May 2010
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Islamic characters can summon Genies. The genies can attack physically, or use the elemental magics of their nature. Islamic characters use four kinds of weapons: sword, ax, katar, and can summon genies whose magics are based on Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. City: Tehran Located in a basin surrounded by mountains on a plateau, this town in the wilderness seems ordinary at first glance. But somewhere in this down is the secret base of the bandits. Dungeon: Tower of Babel An enormous tower built by ancient humans in defiance to God. Demolished by God's punishment, foolish humans have yet to forsake defiance and they seek to rebuild this tower. Quote: Monster list with english translations Dragonfly Ghost Seopwooin (A flame zombie) Butterfly Ghost Yeomwooin (A flame zombie) Flame Monkey Pokwooin (Something like Gun Powder) Seopwon (An other flame monkey) Yuha saohjeong (A water demon) Yomangnachal (Flame nachal) Volcanic Mujigi (Flame Mujigi) Nachalseonnyeo (Fanfairy? A female mob) Goeanhwasanma (Red flame ghost) Cheonbong jeopalgye (Pig ghost) Horyeokdaeoh (Tiger of the Big Five, a wolf ghost?) Monkey Ghost Hwayeomchung lions (Small flame bug) Monkey Ghost Junior (Small monkey ghost) 0 shares cheolseon (Fanprincess?? Seems to be an other type of "Fanfairy") Daeryeokwoomawang (Vigorously cattle Beelzebub??? Something like "king of the cows") New items Monkey Ghost Scroll Water Demon Scroll Pig Ghost Scroll Mysterious Warp Monk Kaman (don't ask me what THAT is!!) Crimson's box Anger's box Hongyeom box Box of glory Summon Scrolls of: Dagger Guard (Islam/Defense) A command scroll available in fortresses in Islam only to summon dagger guards that do not patrol, but defend critical points. (Maximum allocation: Large = 30; small = 15) Chakram Guard (Islam/Defense) A command scroll available in fortresses in Islam only to summon guards armed with chakrams that do not patrol, but defend critical points. (Maximum allocation: Large = 30; small = 15) Dagger Guard (Islam/Patrol) A command scroll available in fortresses in Islam only to summon dagger guards that patrol about the fortresses. (Maximum allocation: Large = 30; small = 15) Chakram Guard (Islam/Patrol) A command scroll available in fortresses in Islam only to summon guards armed with chakrams that patrol about the fortresses. (Maximum allocation: Large = 30; small = 15) The Arabians (Islamic characters) will have the ability to summon genies. The summoned genies will be able to battle and, through intensive training perform other feats of spirit magic. Islamic characters will be able to use the sword, blade, claw (Katar) and the chakoram (Chakram) as their weapons. The genies will be able to train in the 4 attributes of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.
26 Jul 2010
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Grandes Clássicos dos anos 70 e 80: - Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It - Kc & The Sunshine Band - Please Don't Go - Jackson 5 - Ben - Chic - Le Freak - Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fihgting - Lipps Inc. - Funkytown - New Edition - Is This The End - Van McCoe - The Hustle - Patti Labelle - Lady Marmelade - Michael Sembello - Maniac - Diana Ross - Missing You - Viola Wills - Gonna Get Along Without You Now - Queen - I Wan To Break Free - Andrea True Connection - More More More - Barry White - Just The Way You Are - Jackson 5 - I'll Be There - Cindy Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Michael Jackson - Billy Jean - Minnie Riperton - Lovin You - Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing - Diana Ross - Upside Down - Earth, Wind & Fire - September - Irene Cara - What A Feeling - Roberta Flack - The Closer I Get To You - USA For Africa - We Are The World
5 Jan 2011
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