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15 Aug 2008
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this is what happens when you throw boiling hot water into the air in Wisconsin these days. Most of the water evaporates before it hits the ground! It got down to 30 degrees below zero with a forty five degree wind chill on this day, frosbite sets in within a half hour!
6 Feb 2007
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Ruka, Finland, Feb 8th, 2009, 2009 Finnish Lapland Resort of Ruka Welcomes The North Face® Ski Challenge Presented by Gore-Tex® For The Second Time In The Country Of The Flying Finns ! The North Face Ski Challenge presented by Gore-Tex continued its tour this year by going to Ruka, in the Finnish Lapland to once again admire freestyle skills of the Flying Finns. Chilly temperatures didn’t prevent 33 kids from throwing a major freestyle show and ski difficult blown snow in freeride. If there’s a country were our eyes are always turned to the skies, it’s Finland. This year again, we were amazed at the freestyle skills participants demonstrated! Their jumps and tricks in the air attracted a fascinated crowd in spite of the polar temperatures.This year again, and even if the Finnish winter vacations hadn’t started yet, 33 kids travelled sometimes more than 1000 kilometers to Ruka to participate in this year’s edition of the ski challenge. And temperatures didn’t rise in spite of the hot freestyle show: Järi, our snowmobile driver in the park, said: “ It’s only -22°C but with the wind chill factor, it’s more like -50°C in fact !” And on the freeride day, it got even colder with wind chilled temperatures of -60°C ! Confirmation of mature talents. Some of the young riders participating this year were already known to us and qualified again for the final in Val Thorens to be held at the end of March. Roppe Leppänen & Antijussi Heikkinen were two of the young skiers we knew would probably do well, as they demonstrated so much talent and skills last year. Roppe Leppännen: “ I clearly came here today to win and qualify for the final again. I was third last year in Val Thorens and when you see what happened to AJ Kemppainen, the first edition winner, it motivates you to come back and try to win”. For AJ Heikkinen, he has clearly come to qualify again and go back to the Alps. Impossible to determine winner If no girls showed up this year to participate, the Kings category was so competitive that the judges couldn’t determine who was the strongest skier between Roppe Leppänen and Aleksi Laitinen. Along with Ville Koskela and Juha Mourujärvi, who qualified in 3rd and 4th place, they will form a team that will come to the top of the Trois Vallées end of March with legitimate ambitions. Remains for them to train in more demanding snow conditions on steeper terrain to maybe win the ultimate prize: a sponsoring contract with The North Face, Dynastar and Lange. Record number of qualified riders ! The jury decided to qualify 11 young riders this year in Ruka, setting a new record for pre qualified riders of the event series. William Revenaz, our starter: “ The kids here are really above the field in freestyle. And given the mountain here, I can understand why. But they’ve also improved their skills in freeride. Young Anttijussi Heikkinen for instance, came to Val Thorens and discovered big mountain skiing there. This year, he won’t come back to discover only !” The North Face Ski Challenge presented by Gore-Tex now heads west to Âre next week end (Feb 14-15), located 1300 kms from Ruka. Then the young riders will come to Chamonix on Feb 28-Mar 1 before travelling to Jasna, Slovakia ( March 7-8). All qualified riders will then meet in Val Thorens, France on March 27-28 to determine who’ll win the ultilmate prize: a sponsoring contract with The North Face, Dynastar and Lange and become a pro rider ! More info and applications online on www.thenorthface****/skichallenge About The Competition The Ski Challenge idea came to life when J.P. Baralo, a former freeski team manager, realized that there was no European outlet to showcase the potential of young, undiscovered freeskiers. Baralo approached The North Face, and created a new, unique event in which unknown kids from across Europe could demonstrate their skills and have an opportunity to make a name for themselves. The North Face Ski Challenge presented by Gore-Tex is open to all European residents, boys and girls, aged 12-18 and tours Europe all winter. www.myspace****/thenorthfaceskichallenge
29 Aug 2010
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The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel is in Genesee, Colorado where wind chills are near zero.
1 Nov 2009
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With wind-chills around 2 degrees, the PETA ‘Lettuce Ladies', encouraged Tulsans to adopt a vegan diet by handing ToFurkey sandwiches.
8 Jan 2010
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*******www.fueldirect365****/555680 Xp3 Testimonilas "I have 2 Peterbilt Semi-Units that pull triple axel gravel trailers. I put Xp3 to the test this summer and was quite pleased with the results I found! My 475 horse-powered Caterpillar diesel runs a consistent 5.0 miles to the gallon and after several tanks with the Xp3 the 475 CAT had improved to 5.6 to 5.8 mpg consistently. The other unit is a 425 horse-powered mechanical CAT (and can be underpowered at times). In August hauling premeasured loads of asphalt along side a 475 horse-powered CAT the difference in fuel from the 425 with Xp3 compared to the 475 without Xp3 was $1,500 on the fuel bill in one month! We liked what we saw with the diesel treatment on the semis so we tried Xp3 on my son’s 2003 Chevy S.S. pick-up with the 6.0 liter engine. The best mileage the pick-up could get was 13 mpg and after several tanks using Xp3 it was 16 mpg! He also has a 1988 Chevy pick-up with a fuel injected 383 stroker that would get 20 mpg and after Xp3 the pick-up was getting 24 mpg. I have been using the #2 diesel fuel (summer fuel) when I commute back and forth to Canada in the winter months and have driven in – 30 F weather with the wind chill and haven’t had any gelling whatsoever using the – 50 Xp3 winter diesel. I also have a Honda street bike and a 4 stroke Yamaha snowmobile that I know burn regular gasoline, and with Xp3 in the tank they both perform perfectly. Prior to trucking I custom harvested for 16 years and I wish I would have known about this product then because I would have saved huge amounts of fuel using Xp3 and had a lot of green in my jeans not to mention the top end lubrication that goes along with this product. There is a jug of Xp3 in every vehicle I own. I wouldn’t be without it!" Garth "My first tank filled with Xp3 gave me an 11.34% increase from 45.84 mpg to 51.045 mpg on my 2002 VW Jetta Tubro Diesel with a 5-speed manual transmission. The best is yet to come! It pays to use Xp3, and it pays to share with others!" Allen, MO "I started using Xp3 in my tank the last week of January. I drive a 2005 Ford Freestyle (small SUV) with all wheel drive and was getting 14 miles per gallon. I drive 26 miles to my workplace and have at least 24 stops and/or braking points on that journey thru hilly central Ohio. Since using the fuel additive faithfully, the gas mileage has increased and now I am getting 22 mpg back and forth to work and 24 on the highway. That is a huge difference! Before I was pushing it to go 250 miles on a tank of gas and now I am able to drive 360-380 miles before filling up. Also the Freestyle had been struggling to climb those steep and/or lingering hills. Now, the car is running smoother, quieter and I constantly find myself cruising 5-10 miles over the speed limit because the vehicle is just purring and wanting to go! I no longer have to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor to climb a steep hill. I am thrilled that I am getting 100-130 extra miles from a tank of gas and I am saving $$ and time!" Deb, Ohio "I went from 12.8 mpg on my Ford pickup to 17.2 mpg after 6 tanks of gas using Xp3! Make sure you give it time to work. My first tank mileage was the same, but the performance increased. After that, I got better mileage with every tank! My service advisor at the dealership said they had never seen such complete combustion when they serviced my truck!" Kathy, MN "I am getting over 80 extra miles per tank of gas using Xp3. I just love the performance and extra power. I am saving $$ on every tank." Andrew S., MN "My diesel truck was performing poorly after only 30,000 miles. I added Xp3 and noticed a major power difference within the first tank. No more black smoke on acceleration. By the fifth tank, it was like I had a new truck and my mileage increased over 16%." Nathan, AR "I drive a Geo and was getting 31 mpg. I added another fuel enhancer for 6 months and moved it up to 37 mpg. When I put in Xp3 I went to 49 mpg! WOW this is exciting! " Bob Wilson, MN "When I started using Xp3, I noticed that my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis was riding smoother, there was more pep and the engine was much quieter. In fact, the engine was so quiet that I could only hear the engine fan when I was at a stop sign or red light. I had to keep checking the indicator lights to make sure the car was still running. Before using Xp3, my car would stall out on cool or humid days – within 3 days of using Xp3 that stopped! In addition, my mileage has increased from 18 to 23 miles per gallon. I’m thrilled about what Xp3 has done for my car and what it is doing for my business!" Dick, The Villages, FL "I drive on the Thruway every morning on the way to work. When I started using Xp3 in my 2001 Lexus, I noticed it had more pep than it ever had. It was much easier and smoother to accelerate and merge into traffic safely. By the third tank full of gas, I had gone from 19 to 25 miles per gallon. I’m thrilled with these results!" Andrew, Syracuse, NY I used to get between 280 to 310 miles per tank of gas. My first tank with Xp3 I got 350 miles, 2nd tank went to 365, 3rd tank went to 375, and now I am averaging over 400 miles per tank!! This is exciting because not only am I saving money, my engine runs smoother and I have cut my emissions over 40%. It feels great knowing I am doing my part in the green movement and you can too!! Mike, MN
6 Mar 2011
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Even though my toes and fingers were frozen on a day in which the wind chill temperature fell well below negative fourteen, my core was as warm as a hot dog cooker underneath the hood of a snowmobile. The Nightcap Parka by Eira is a job well done. I mention how warm it’s kept me, with 60 grams of Primaloft insulation, but it has kept me dry too. 20,000mm of waterproofing, sealed seams, and waterproof zips all help play into the dryness factor. And don’t worry because it also has a powder skirt for the days when you’re getting real deep. Are you a hippy? Because this jacket has recycled nylon linings, snaps, and stoppers. So you can “do your part” and look good too. Links Nightcap Parka by Eira: ******* More gear reviews: *******
21 Dec 2013
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Mount Washington is very close to the coast, which is why it has such unpredictable and changeable weather. The winter period is the worst in terms of weather fluctuations, when temperatures plummet. A temperature of -40 degrees Fahrenheit is quite common, but it often feels like -100 degrees F due to the wind chill factor.
18 Apr 2017
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