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Dorothy Malone standing behind a plane with her dress blowing in the prop wash.
18 Jun 2010
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EXTREME Corrosion Blocking. Here's Ol' Reliable - A 1970 Ford Pickup Truck completely covered from windblown snow under the hood during a snowstorm. The Truck starts right up and is running like it's out in hot dry New Mexico Desert. The engine doesn't even know the snow is there. The video clips from minutes later show the snow melting away and the engine revving up and gallons of water blowing out of the radiator over it and it doesn't even miss a beat. Fantastic. Also shown is the engine compartment in detail with the original battery terminals and wiring ALL covered in snow and ice which are now waterproofed and protected with StrongArm Sprays year after year with one application. This truck drives around with all this snow all under the hood too. It's Awesome..
7 Oct 2007
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The minilift has evolved from the short scar "S" lift. This facelift is reserved for early facial aging and produces a natural, not windblown, result. Find out more by visiting our Facial Surgery page at *******www.itbecomesyou****/content/facial.php
15 Dec 2008
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******* As our skin ages, it loses elasticity and collagen fibers in the dermal layer which can lead to wrinkles. A face lift can move and tighten tissue but does very little for eliminating wrinkles. Chemical and laser peels are the most effective way to remove wrinkles. A face lift, or technically a lower face-neck lift, is a complex procedure with more variations than almost any other operation in cosmetic surgery. All face lifts have a common goal of repositioning sagging jowls, removing excess fat in the face and neck, and tightening loose skin. We pride ourselves in producing natural results that age gracefully. Occasionally a face lift is combined with a chin implant to produce better facial balance to produce a more youthful, tight chin. It is surprisingly common to see an excessively done face lift that ends up with a startled and overstretched or a windblown look. If you want this La Jolla look, you are best going to a La Jolla surgeon. Chemical peels, laser peels and dermabrasions are variations of the same theme. By improving the skin texture, chemical peels and laser peels can produce some of the most dramatic results of any cosmetic surgery.
19 Feb 2009
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