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Wind force is one of the strong forces in this world. This truck video will show how dangerous a normal natural wind force can get, he got saved barely.
24 Nov 2017
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Racing cars are really fast thus generates a lot of wind pressure around. This lady standing by the fence was literally blown away.
6 Nov 2017
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25 Oct 2017
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2 Nov 2017
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Debolt Construction Svc St. Petersburg, FL, 33710 (727) 710-4034 Debolt Construction Svc LLC is a full service construction company specializing in fire, water, wind and structural repairs and restoration. All types of remodeling and renovations, additions and kitchen and bath upgrades. Handicap alteration specialist. Old or new we can do the job for you. Water Damage Restoration Company, Fire Damage Restoration, Wind Damage Repair, Fire Damage Repair, Water Damage Repair 5th Ave N / 50th St N, St Petersburg, FL Water Damage Restoration, Water Damage Repair Service, Fire Damage Repair Service, Fire Damage Restoration Service, Fire Damage Restoration Company Restoration - res com repairs, water damage, smoke damage, termite damage, wind damage, fire damage
16 Nov 2017
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Poor baby and his poor little brother. He was just giving the baby a nice ride, and who could expect that ride may turn into an explosion? To wind the mystery, you must watch this.
20 Nov 2017
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That wind will blow you away. Check out the guy in the back.
23 Apr 2006
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High winds in Denver have caused a window cleaning platform to repeatedly crash into the windows of the Plaza Tower. Firefighters eventually rescued two men working on the rigging, one of whom suffered minor injuries
27 Mar 2006
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Bam's wind tunnel stunt features a surprise ending thanks to his "friends".
9 Oct 2006
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Wind at my Back Trailer
8 Nov 2006
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Jericoacoara is the best place in the world to pratice wind surf, see amazing movements in this movie! My own vacation
26 Nov 2006
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This amazing thing moves entirely off of wind power.
4 Dec 2006
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