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Toyota has unveiled its Segway killer, the Winglet, so put on your seat belts. With a top speed of 3.6 mph, you're in for a wild ride.
14 Aug 2008
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Hoy en flashmotor television empezamos anunciando que llega la version descapotable de uno de los coches mas rápidos del mundo, el Bugatti Veyron. También os advertiomos que puede que el Volkswagen Scirocco no tenga techo solar panorámico en España. Segun parece, la crisi no ha impedido que aumente la venta de descapotable un 48%. Segun parece, Ford pasa dificultades económicas y se plante vender sus participaciones de Mazda. Para acabar, os dejamos con un video de un vehiculo de toyota bastante interesante para lo que no os gusta caminar, el Toyota Winglet.
26 Aug 2008
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When it comes to making delicious foods one of the easiest and most versatile types of meats you can use in your recipes is boneless chicken. It tastes great just about any way you know secret ingredients to prepare it. To explore more visit us at nature-gifts****/
22 May 2013
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Airbus A320-200 Lufthansa nearly crashed during a crosswind approach on the runway 23 at the airport Hamburg International (EDDH) on 1st march 2008 in Germany. Extreme landing or approach. Crash. Left wing touched the runway. Crazy. Hard and dangerous. Funny landing. Storm Emma 2008 in Germany (Hamburg EDDH). After the landing the left wing was destroyed. This first landing was a wingstrike. Pilots were able to go-around for a 2nd safe landing on runway 33. Damage to leading edge and left winglet.
8 Mar 2008
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Officially licensed by Cirrus Design, ElectriFly's 50.5" span sport-scale ARF reflects the same superior workmanship and appearance as it full-size inspiration. Perfect for any pilot with moderate low-wing stick time, this SR22 includes such fine details as a molded vertical fin, winglets, lightly tinted windshield, fiberglass wheel pants, and a sleek, lightweight fiberglass fuselage with decals for a scale trim scheme and modern instrument panel. Its two-piece, built-up wing simplifies transport — and comes with pre-hinged ailerons and expertly applied MonoKote® covering to reduce your assembly time. Due to its low weight, the model performs well with economical brushless components. ElectriFly recommends the RimFire™ .10 outrunner motor (GPMG4595) and Silver Series 35A ESC (GPMM1830). Precision, perfection and performance...the ElectriFly Cirrus SR22 Turbo lets you enjoy the R/C good life. Learn more about the ElectriFly Cirrus SR22 Turbo by visiting its product page at www.electrifly****/largeelectrics/gpma1166.html Join ElectriFly on Facebook at www.facebook****/pages/Champaign-IL/ElectriFly/275001488372 Wingspan: 50.5 in (1285 mm) Wing Area: 305 in² (19.7 dm²) Weight: 2.5-3 lb (1130-1360 g) Wing Loading: 19-23 oz/ft² (58-70 g/dm²) Length: 36 in (915 mm) Requires: Radio system with a minimum of 4 channels; 4 nano servos; .10 outrunner brushless motor; 35A brushless ESC; 11.1V 1500-3350mAh LiPo battery & charger Recommended Items: RimFire .10 Motor: *******www.electrifly****/motors/gpmg4595.html Silver Series SS 35A ESC: *******www.electrifly****/escs/silverseries.html Power Series 3S 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo: *******www.electrifly****/batteries/batteries-lipo.html
21 Jun 2010
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DigInfo - ******* **********.jp/en/news/08/0801_1.html *******www.carbodydesign****/archive/2008/08/06-toyota-winglet-robots/ Toyota developed the "Winglet" personal transport assistance robot as one of the "Toyota partner robots" now being developed by Toyota for supporting human activity. The new transport robot is designed to be ridden in the standing position. The robot body has a projected area that is equivalent to the size of an A3 sheet of paper, is light enough to be carried, and is controlled with sensors that constantly detect the rider's position to enable stabilized electric powered travel on two wheels. The robot also features a unique parallel linkage mechanism that allows the rider to steer the robot forward and back and to turn by merely shifting his or her weight. As a result, the robot can be comfortably used with peace of mind even in narrow or crowded locations. The Winglet is available in three different models, which include Type L, Type M, and Type S, and each model is achieved by changing the steering unit on the upper body to offer a different operation feeling that ranges from practical to a sporty, hands-free ride. The ideal model for the intended application can be selected from the three models. Toyota intends to achieve practical application of its "partner robot" within the next 10 years and intends to aggressively move forward with developments to meet that goal. Good Design Expo 2008
21 Jul 2010
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Toyota unveils "Winglet," a personal personal transport assistance robot, at Toyoto's showroom in Aomi, Tokyo, Aug. 1, 2008. For the accompanying story see *******search.japantimes***.jp/cgi-bin/nb20080802a5.html
10 May 2012
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*******www.tuvie****/toyota-winglet-personal-transport-asistant . Other cool future technology : *******www.tuvie****
16 Dec 2008
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Icelandair Boeing 757-200 on final approach into London Heathrow after leaving the Bovingdon Stack coming from Keflavik. August 2008 P.S. Listen to what the people in the row behind me were saying. Not a great idea to be talking about airplane bits falling off & crashes as we're in the final moments of
22 Jul 2009
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this was taken in iceland. amazing what can do a b752. enjoy it
6 Sep 2009
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[part2] Flight TK0143 From Ankara. Also added photos of the domestic CIP Lounge of Istanbul. (OWN photos!) Iyi Seyirler.. Enjoy.. PS: Click on the high quality button to watch it on (almost) HD-quality
28 Oct 2009
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Ferrari 599XX, while based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with the same transaxle layout and engine type, is an extreme track car. Ferrari's engineers have carried out extensive work on the engine's combustion chambers and inlet and exhaust tracts. These modifications, combined with the fact that internal attrition has been reduced and the maximum revs have been boosted to 9,000 rpm, helped achieve the target power output of 700 hp at 9,000 rpm. Particular attention was also paid to cutting the weight of the engine unit components. This was achieved both by optimising forms - as in the new crankshaft - and adopting exclusive materials, as in the carbon-fibre used for the intake plenums. A new gearbox shift strategy cuts overall gearchange times to 60 ms. The Ferrari 599XX is characterised by an innovative electronic concept called the "High Performance Dynamic Concept" which has been designed to get the maximum performance from the car by managing the combination of the car's mechanical limits with the potential of its electronic controls. The mechanical and electronic systems work together to get the maximum performance from the car under extreme high performance driving, for consistent lap times. The sporty handling has been improved thanks to the adoption of second generation SCM suspension system. Track usage is also made easier thanks to the new "virtual car engineer", a screen in the car that provides a real-time indication of the vehicle's efficiency. The Ferrari 599XX's aerodynamics were honed in numerous wind tunnel test sessions with the result that the car now boasts 280 kg of downforce at 200 km/h (630 kg at 300 km/h). The front underside of the body is completely faired-in and the vents that channel hot air from the engine bay have been moved to the bonnet. The "ActiflowT" system increases downforce and/or cuts drag depending on the car's trim cornering conditions, courtesy of the use of a porous material in the diffuser and two fans in the boot which channel the air flow from under the car out through two grilles next to the tail-lights. Winglets have been added to the rear buttresses to increase downforce. while synthetic jets have also been incorporated into the rear of the car to control and smooth the air flow and to reduce drag. Ferrari's engineers have also used F1-derived "doughnuts" which partly cover the brake discs and wheel rim. These have the dual function of improving both aerodynamics and brake cooling. In terms of the bodywork, composites and carbon-fibre have been widely used and the engineers drew on their experience in working with aluminium to reach the weight target. The development of increasingly high-performance materials has also benefited the carbon-ceramic material braking system. The brake pads are now made from carbon-fibre which means that the calipers are smaller whilst guaranteeing the same efficiency. The new racing carbon ceramic braking system also delivers shorter braking distances and is generally more efficient due to the weight saving. The Ferrari 599XX comes with slick tyres (29/67 R19 Front and 31/71 R19 Rear) specifically developed to maximise stability in cornering and increase lateral acceleration. They are fitted to 19 x 11J wheel rims at the front and 19 x 12J at the rear.
21 Jul 2009
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Here's three of the many airliners that cross the Atlantic from Manchester every day. Features US Airways A330, Continental 757 and the new Delta 767-400 service to JFK- watch how the 757 'bounces' across the runway as she taxies out. Her winglets look superb!
9 Oct 2009
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The classic 727 first flew in 1963 and still delivers superb performance in great style today. This very successful aircraft that employs a complex wing with high lift devices is still in service with several airlines around the world even today. 727 Captain has been developed exclusively for FSX (DirectX 9/10 compatible) by the legendary airliner specialists, Captain Sim, and is the ultimate 727 simulation, featuring unparalleled visual quality and realism. 727 Captain supplies the -100, -200 and freighter models as well as winglet and non-winglet variants along with the unique UDF (Un-Ducted Fan) version. 17 detailed liveries from around the world are included.
16 Aug 2010
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